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BolderBOULDER 1997


May 26, 1997 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,504
Number of Females:17,656
Number of Males:16,846
Average Time:1:11:38
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 30:43
2. Neji Makhlouf 31:07
3. Pedro Alvarez 31:17
4. Peter Fleming 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:40
Female Participants
1. Diane Gentry 34:59
2. Jane Welzel 35:29
3. Raquel Sanchez 36:05
4. Regina Joyce 36:58
5. Takako Yamada 37:15
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print A756 Pedro Alvarez M28 31:17
print A380 James Johnson M28 32:49
print A337 Chris Rodriquez M28 33:26
print A406 Barry Logan M28 33:39
print A341 Darrell Roberts M28 34:41
print A580 Wes Broeder M28 35:21
print A819 Genaro Pena M28 35:44
print JJ124 Jason Herrle M28 35:51
print A272 Robinson Noble M28 36:24
print A454 Scott Cook M28 36:37
print A655 Peter Valentyik M28 36:53
print A382 Lance Larivee M28 36:54
print A026 Olan Young M28 36:59
print AA842 Steve Cox M28 39:03
print A238 Philippe Giguere M28 39:10
print A692 Erik McKean M28 39:18
print A363 Jeff Kirwood M28 39:29
print A808 Daniel Price M28 39:30
print A074 Chris McDonald M28 39:47
print AA108 Michael Hane M28 40:00
print AA109 Stephen Salerno M28 40:19
print AA715 Adolph Guerrero M28 40:25
print E674 Kent Bristol M28 40:34
print A087 Michael Thurston M28 40:41
print C437 Daniel Koen M28 40:51
print B677 Matthew Oliver M28 40:51
print AA782 Hitoshi Kanazawa M28 40:53
print AA680 Mark Ruscin M28 40:58
print AA763 Mark Collen M28 40:59
print B225 Kevin Short M28 41:00
print B765 Dave Rich M28 41:10
print A861 Robert Berube M28 41:38
print AA792 Stephen O'Halloran M28 41:38
print A728 Gerald Rhodes M28 41:43
print DD379 Matthew Helm M28 41:46
print AA700 Scott Fink M28 41:49
print FF738 Darren Weiner M28 41:50
print C557 Jeff Jarrett M28 41:56
print H856 Eric Berns M28 41:56
print AA805 Eric Fisher M28 41:59
print AA074 Roger Serrettes M28 42:02
print E034 Ted Leach M28 42:04
print BB500 John Kitching M28 42:06
print AA788 John Sleeper M28 42:09
print AA204 Geoffrey Lawton M28 42:19
print AA212 Steve Becker M28 42:19
print B749 Mathew Mutiso M28 42:32
print B492 Dale Willard M28 42:35
print A642 Tim Perdion M28 42:38
print B789 Brian Ladd M28 42:41
print AA396 Paul Upsons M28 42:43
print B057 Adam Griff M28 42:47
print B704 Lance Thompson M28 42:50
print AA659 David Hart M28 42:51
print AA575 Richard Field M28 43:00
print FF015 Andy Mitchell M28 43:08
print B812 Scott Rayphottz M28 43:16
print I849 Michael Sullivan M28 43:30
print AA737 Francis Kelly M28 43:35
print B258 Bob Possehl M28 43:39
print B086 Ken Altshuler M28 43:49
print GG258 Whit Bisseu M28 44:06
print J143 Dave Jansik M28 44:08
print E684 Tim Harrington M28 44:11
print B738 Larry Boroff M28 44:13
print CC243 Mark Tameler M28 44:35
print AA701 Darrin Miller M28 44:36
print I151 Alex Moll M28 44:44
print H221 John Woodhull M28 44:48
print G118 Robert Perry M28 45:03
print BB546 Kenny McRostie M28 45:06
print B117 Paul Dopp M28 45:06
print D716 William Murphy M28 45:07
print BB114 Eric Wiener M28 45:09
print BB735 Peter Kazlas M28 45:15
print G541 Jeff French M28 45:27
print H333 Larry Nylander M28 45:30
print K728 Noel Bennett M28 45:31
print N700 Rob Rieger M28 45:32
print I648 Michael Schmit M28 45:35
print G837 Chris Molison M28 45:40
print DD762 Blaine Warkentire M28 45:54
print C487 Richard Klusman M28 45:54
print E394 Chris Sheehan M28 46:01
print JJ244 Patrick Branch M28 46:09
print F335 Garret Wyman M28 46:16
print DD682 Jason Grasser M28 46:16
print EE539 John Siled M28 46:18
print GG275 Rich Lawson M28 46:19
print F010 Jeff Borne M28 46:22
print I448 Peter Kelly M28 46:31
print BB728 Andrew Drummond M28 46:32
print E148 Doug Ellis M28 46:39
print CC309 Tony Mandic M28 46:42
print EE091 Tim Straube M28 46:47
print C582 Joel Johnson M28 46:47
print FF694 Diego Casabianca M28 46:53
print B617 Darren Sonderman M28 46:54
print GG699 Mark Poinsett M28 46:55
print G148 David Rahbany M28 47:03
print J268 Craig Agnor M28 47:15
print K153 Ken Jenner M28 47:22
print E745 David Kutcipal M28 47:26
print I407 Jon Baribeau M28 47:31
print C451 Matthew Bailis M28 47:33
print B734 Paul Kropinak M28 47:35
print CC572 Justin Prochnow M28 47:35
print I200 Eddie Farrell M28 47:36
print GG160 Grant Brunner M28 47:38
print H399 Scott Ellsworth M28 47:38
print BB280 Timothy Adams M28 47:42
print D286 James Nora M28 47:46
print D290 Bob Badalucco M28 47:49
print GG670 Chad Thompson M28 47:50
print FF612 Burns Blaxall M28 47:50
print G296 Juan Blyde M28 47:55
print I809 Mike McCall M28 47:56
print H272 Mark Stevens M28 48:00
print J083 Jamie Hendren M28 48:00
print BB871 Thomas Nun M28 48:01
print GG415 George O'Kelley M28 48:04
print E158 Peter Zorba M28 48:06
print D746 Dean Arriens M28 48:13
print GG706 John Jugl COMMA Jr. M28 48:17
print J387 Randy Koehn M28 48:27
print D136 Terry Pickering M28 48:33
print I114 Evan Redman M28 48:38
print DD708 D.R. Green M28 48:41
print P231 Anand Rao M28 48:43
print DD434 Michael Bennett M28 48:48
print H224 Perry Davies M28 48:56
print M091 Jackson Sunahara III M28 48:58
print G267 Parker Lofgren M28 49:00
print H862 Scott Bonner M28 49:06
print F504 Brian Spafford M28 49:10
print F781 David Stumm M28 49:10
print E642 Joe Meagher M28 49:10
print D172 Alan Switzer M28 49:17
print GG436 Rob Crawford M28 49:22
print CC883 Neng Xiong M28 49:31
print MM489 Ian Loughlin M28 49:33
print LL380 Tim Schmollinger M28 49:42
print BB406 Tim Kellogg M28 49:43
print D085 Mark Skrdla M28 49:45
print M705 Nathan Silver M28 49:52
print D712 Dan Conser M28 49:56
print H211 John Brennan M28 50:00
print LL344 Robert VanDePol M28 50:05
print K135 Joe Madden M28 50:06
print JJ762 John Parton M28 50:10
print D109 Timothy Dobbs M28 50:12
print G157 Jeff Guerra M28 50:20
print JJ072 Eric DeRuyter M28 50:21
print D309 Andy Schulz M28 50:25
print JJ161 Jeffery Donnelly M28 50:30
print GG610 John Hayes M28 50:40
print BB574 David Weaver M28 50:43
print D106 David R. Miller M28 50:47
print J773 Brian Lu M28 50:51
print NN016 Charles Saltzman M28 50:51
print N731 John Harness M28 50:56
print BB855 Craig Weich M28 51:01
print G752 Jeffrey J. Smith M28 51:07
print H288 Cesar Gellido M28 51:11
print GG163 Harald Arnesen M28 51:18
print DD428 Jerry Culp M28 51:19
print F810 Jeff Benner M28 51:24
print JJ660 David Johnson M28 51:25
print DD140 Philip Lidov M28 51:27
print HH266 Leroy Duran M28 51:29
print BB591 David Schneider M28 51:36
print FF009 David Bervig M28 51:37
print PP547 Scott Darragh M28 51:50
print I155 Dale Hubbard M28 51:51
print B811 John Farrar M28 51:53
print FF846 James Pinto M28 51:54
print F392 Douglas Goldman M28 52:02
print DD622 David Sudimak M28 52:02
print CC715 Brad Norton M28 52:05
print I122 John Hoss M28 52:07
print N146 John Hayward M28 52:08
print G547 Scott Zimbelman M28 52:11
print N177 Andrew Nickodemus M28 52:14
print R138 Dave Sittner M28 52:14
print NN419 Abel Pena M28 52:15
print R350 Steve Scholz M28 52:17
print G380 Dean Teuber M28 52:22
print F166 Timothy Mills M28 52:24
print L136 Keith Mikule M28 52:31
print J890 Eric Chekal M28 52:31
print F026 Greg Smith M28 52:40
print J620 Jeffrey Oraker M28 52:42
print CC792 Todd Michel M28 52:45
print EE544 Kevin Darrah M28 52:50
print H716 Mark Potts M28 52:53
print FF626 Joseph Darschewski M28 53:09
print J195 Jeff Saxton M28 53:09
print I562 Steve Christenson M28 53:10
print M520 James Kozlowski M28 53:12
print H238 Chris Ley M28 53:13

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