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BolderBOULDER 1997


May 26, 1997 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,504
Number of Females:17,656
Number of Males:16,846
Average Time:1:11:38
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 30:43
2. Neji Makhlouf 31:07
3. Pedro Alvarez 31:17
4. Peter Fleming 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:40
Female Participants
1. Diane Gentry 34:59
2. Jane Welzel 35:29
3. Raquel Sanchez 36:05
4. Regina Joyce 36:58
5. Takako Yamada 37:15
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print A613 Steve Cathcart M32 32:06
print A002 Darren DeReuck M32 32:11
print A631 Charl Mattheus M32 32:31
print A200 Jerry Rief M32 33:49
print A614 Forrest Newman M32 34:23
print A776 Scott Walschlager M32 34:53
print A665 Peter Hegelbach M32 35:19
print A347 Tim Sandell M32 35:51
print A173 Kenn Seibel M32 35:57
print A893 Kraig Vanderbeek M32 36:50
print AA476 Jimmy Ward M32 37:04
print A878 Robert Joyce M32 37:08
print A809 Kelly Pasco M32 37:25
print A858 John Nichols M32 37:30
print A780 David Torres M32 38:02
print A172 Gary Dotzler M32 38:09
print A754 Brett Rose M32 38:46
print A235 Daniel Vasquez M32 38:51
print AA526 Bob Engelsman M32 39:09
print A741 Will Wyckoff M32 39:11
print A086 Michael Williams M32 39:17
print H893 Mark Power M32 39:18
print I827 Peter Van Genderen M32 39:30
print AA038 Timothy Barnes M32 39:32
print A688 Lavon Shelton M32 39:38
print A628 Brian Hicke M32 39:56
print A629 Torin Dewey M32 40:05
print DD229 Kevin Belden M32 40:22
print G009 Rob Hipwood M32 40:48
print D242 John Howes M32 40:55
print A415 Peter Kalesz M32 41:00
print AA294 Rodger Wagner M32 41:02
print AA681 Mark Fink M32 41:14
print AA316 David Boylan M32 41:21
print B622 John Lane M32 41:28
print AA748 Robert Andrew M32 41:29
print AA106 Tim Reid M32 41:30
print AA488 Alan Fenn M32 41:35
print E032 John Bogus M32 41:36
print B813 Yoichi Yokoyama M32 41:54
print E461 Stephen Barron M32 41:56
print JJ300 Stephen Sullivan M32 42:06
print AA802 Robert Fan M32 42:09
print B144 Kent Redding M32 42:21
print DD712 Jerry Anderson M32 42:31
print C496 Mario Pasquale M32 42:35
print AA419 Rob Winter M32 42:38
print GG711 Peter Rast M32 42:45
print AA580 Eric Ashcroft M32 42:49
print AA761 James Robinson M32 42:58
print E696 Craig Johnson M32 43:01
print MM613 Ron Speaker M32 43:04
print AA591 Charles Nelson M32 43:05
print EE292 John Hutchinson M32 43:17
print D641 David Hund M32 43:21
print AA620 Christian Sherry M32 43:24
print A368 Ashley Middleton-Davis M32 43:30
print DD370 Russ McClung M32 43:30
print I224 Todd Lofstedt M32 43:33
print G145 Jan Maes M32 43:35
print B264 Kevin Jones M32 43:46
print BB069 Jerry Goetsch M32 43:47
print FF222 Michael Nelson M32 43:51
print B584 Hans Deutsch M32 43:51
print BB510 Matt Armitage M32 43:53
print GG064 Michael Steinbach M32 43:58
print AA401 Jeff Iannella M32 44:12
print B599 Ron Bauer M32 44:13
print AA779 Tom Wyman M32 44:22
print C639 Jason Kiser M32 44:40
print B661 Tim Allen M32 45:05
print AA808 Mark Bordeau M32 45:09
print BB116 Ken Sullivan M32 45:11
print BB754 Michael Donohoe M32 45:13
print B001 Monty Meduna M32 45:22
print HH731 Didi Leibfried M32 45:26
print C514 Mark O'Connor M32 45:28
print C031 Michael Warshaw M32 45:32
print BB820 Phil Aumiller M32 45:36
print G796 Mark Culver M32 45:37
print D763 James Boctin M32 45:42
print BB567 Michael Lakos M32 45:51
print B128 Thomas Beckett M32 45:52
print H853 Jim Tooley M32 45:55
print F238 Nolan Atkins M32 45:56
print C477 Michael McManus M32 45:58
print D699 Tom Doyle M32 45:59
print D247 Dan Pfannenstiel M32 46:01
print BB827 Charles Casale M32 46:04
print C735 Thomas Smidt M32 46:10
print BB387 Mitch Wright M32 46:12
print B747 Frank MCGILL M32 46:17
print C611 Scott Crader M32 46:22
print H687 John Dana M32 46:23
print GG391 Olaf Deroos M32 46:25
print B136 Oscar Felix M32 46:28
print C719 William Teasdale M32 46:29
print AA065 Dove Hanna M32 46:30
print C528 Todd Mitchell M32 46:31
print DD450 Harold Sponheim M32 46:37
print AA755 Dan Craig M32 46:48
print EE699 Ben Kuster M32 46:50
print BB235 Kurt Cholak M32 46:57
print BB540 Greg Woskow M32 46:59
print D458 Peter Walsh M32 46:59
print AA425 Brad McKendry M32 47:00
print FF234 Brad Schildt M32 47:10
print B063 Charley Lewis M32 47:13
print J145 Richard Marchbanks M32 47:13
print B703 Tim Bliss M32 47:14
print BB110 Troy Duckels M32 47:34
print B566 Charles E. Haywood M32 47:36
print FF692 Steve Arendt M32 47:48
print B087 Scott Pepple M32 47:50
print GG239 Dwayne Montrose M32 47:56
print FF346 Ebrahim Asadishad M32 48:05
print GG793 Eric Armbruster M32 48:12
print J700 Joseph Joyce M32 48:14
print F620 Mike Siers M32 48:14
print C050 Ken Witherell M32 48:23
print CC695 Ryan Martens M32 48:29
print MM771 Daniel Steitz M32 48:35
print L708 Scott Taylor M32 49:02
print EE522 John Funk M32 49:03
print C751 Ed Vining M32 49:03
print HH897 Tim Woods M32 49:05
print I571 Matt McEltiney M32 49:06
print FF558 Todd Siems M32 49:13
print J022 Gregory Sauter M32 49:20
print L728 Steve Wacker M32 49:28
print EE432 Eamon O'Regan M32 49:33
print CC160 Chris Vayo M32 49:37
print D310 Henrik Sommer M32 49:39
print F410 Jim Krause M32 49:39
print G814 Steven Meints M32 49:49
print J895 Dave Krueger M32 49:49
print FF330 Bradley Queen M32 49:50
print MM772 David Steitz M32 49:56
print JJ358 Scott Gustlin M32 49:56
print FF306 Brock Myers M32 49:58
print LL681 Michael Tarsa M32 50:01
print CC593 Scott Brownlee M32 50:05
print K083 Kevin Chadwick M32 50:07
print H659 Michael Miller M32 50:12
print E282 Jeff McConie M32 50:12
print EE672 Robert Bottelsen Jr. M32 50:16
print F773 Joe Howard M32 50:23
print JJ152 Michael Bryan M32 50:25
print CC517 Curtis Ollila M32 50:34
print FF683 Steve Stolt M32 50:37
print PP205 Bruce Johnson M32 50:40
print K213 Wesley Tone M32 50:40
print QQ347 Charles Lake M32 50:41
print E447 Stuart Miller M32 50:42
print BB430 Gregory Shusta M32 50:47
print G518 Jock Kallsen M32 50:57
print GG856 Craig Tiedman M32 50:58
print H632 Todd Dunning M32 51:07
print B440 Brad Strong M32 51:10
print N122 Bob Argentino M32 51:14
print DD788 Matt Gorsuch M32 51:26
print F412 Michael O'Donnell M32 51:31
print PP612 Jon Golden-Dubois M32 51:32
print CC424 Arne Esp M32 51:36
print P523 Dan Schwab M32 51:45
print FF310 Michael McDonnel M32 51:45
print P537 James Wallace M32 51:46
print RR347 Jeff Cole M32 51:49
print HH722 Brad Nichols M32 51:52
print FF368 Andrew Powell M32 51:55
print I212 Rick Dutson M32 51:55
print G304 Ken Sheridan M32 51:59
print KK447 Todd Thibodeau M32 52:04
print F475 Charles Hayes M32 52:05
print F639 Dan Reinhardt M32 52:12
print CC795 Andy Kulina M32 52:13
print EE746 Kevin McCalmon M32 52:14
print N198 Charlie Roy M32 52:15
print E550 Robert Cordero M32 52:19
print G849 Rick Scheuring M32 52:23
print N199 Victor Guadagno M32 52:23
print I499 John Burishak M32 52:27
print GG289 Doug VanDerZwang M32 52:29
print GG339 Garth Simmons M32 52:29
print GG683 Robert Moon M32 52:35
print E200 John Young M32 52:41
print BB289 Lee Coomes M32 52:42
print CC803 James DeSordi M32 52:43
print HH713 Scott Thomas M32 52:44
print QQ273 Konnery Kennedy M32 52:45
print D633 Patrick Montgomery M32 52:46
print NN335 Jim Tiernan M32 52:49
print H686 Steve Boselli M32 52:50
print C049 Janaka Ford M32 53:14
print K736 William Heuston M32 53:22
print EE297 David Myers M32 53:23
print HH579 William Brummett M32 53:25
print KK601 Ari Carol M32 53:30
print P708 Carlos Del Pozo M32 53:31
print QQ398 Matthew Ogren M32 53:31

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