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BolderBOULDER 1997


May 26, 1997 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,504
Number of Females:17,656
Number of Males:16,846
Average Time:1:11:38
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 30:43
2. Neji Makhlouf 31:07
3. Pedro Alvarez 31:17
4. Peter Fleming 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:40
Female Participants
1. Diane Gentry 34:59
2. Jane Welzel 35:29
3. Raquel Sanchez 36:05
4. Regina Joyce 36:58
5. Takako Yamada 37:15
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print A001 John Mirth M35 30:43
print A612 Dennis Leck M35 32:34
print A224 Scott King M35 34:08
print A080 Liam Murphy M35 34:59
print A531 Tarcisio Cruz M35 36:15
print A121 Thomas Kehoe M35 36:39
print AA322 Kurt Reynolds M35 37:45
print A371 Howard L Johnson M35 37:48
print A073 Jeff Hartlage M35 37:53
print A410 John Bullock M35 38:07
print G415 Wally Robertson M35 38:26
print A303 Stephen Camp M35 38:29
print A677 Bob VanLangenhoven M35 38:33
print A818 Javier Burciaga M35 38:50
print A334 Randy Evans M35 38:55
print A137 Tom Hahn M35 38:56
print A837 Rick Auer M35 39:12
print AA438 Ron Michaels M35 39:15
print A277 Paul Eppard M35 39:27
print AA658 Charles Hugo M35 39:35
print A310 Luke Breedlove M35 39:40
print A467 Mike Brower M35 39:46
print A827 Lonny Granston M35 39:50
print A399 Detlev Helmig M35 39:59
print A705 Monte Wells M35 40:00
print A029 Marty Duey M35 40:03
print A149 Doug Balzer M35 40:11
print A266 Jordan Chaney M35 40:13
print A148 Amos Gibson M35 40:27
print AA446 Reynaldo Martinez M35 40:31
print A342 Warren Lammert M35 40:32
print A695 Chris Schmolze M35 41:05
print A404 Bill Wright M35 41:07
print A640 Joseph Zepeda M35 41:07
print AA429 Joe Bakel M35 41:08
print AA454 Grant Frost M35 41:14
print AA490 Tim Hackett M35 41:26
print AA278 Tom Seamans M35 41:41
print AA317 Marshall Parks M35 41:48
print A653 James Fisher M35 41:49
print AA082 Cooper Cowart M35 41:51
print A035 Danny Shea M35 42:09
print A053 Brian Henderson M35 42:13
print A693 Graeme Hartley M35 42:18
print AA648 Roger Hughes M35 42:19
print B432 Don Hutcheson M35 42:27
print J214 David Bratt M35 42:37
print AA541 Jim Johnson M35 42:40
print DD162 Sven Tice M35 42:44
print DD526 Frank Segrave M35 42:49
print A178 Derek Gassen M35 42:55
print AA274 Paul Wolf M35 42:56
print E274 David Kaufman M35 42:56
print B034 Trey Leins M35 42:59
print H572 Jeff Bieber M35 43:08
print DD536 Mike Lynch M35 43:12
print AA219 Brad Price M35 43:12
print BB712 Jim Boselli M35 43:15
print AA778 Michael Benson M35 43:19
print B771 Nicholas Hoslein M35 43:20
print AA494 Chris Kurker M35 43:22
print J149 Jack McDonald M35 43:25
print B306 John Northnagel M35 43:27
print BB050 Rob Maher M35 43:39
print B377 John Routa M35 43:39
print AA629 Tom Hyland M35 43:54
print CC875 Joe Wathem M35 43:58
print JJ879 Michael Gallagher M35 44:06
print B743 Rob Newsom M35 44:07
print B728 Thomas Rebman M35 44:09
print AA570 Peter Tonsits M35 44:09
print F286 Bradley Vogt M35 44:13
print C334 George Barker M35 44:15
print CC358 Michael Cardall M35 44:17
print B643 William Archuleta M35 44:34
print LL589 Bob Aspinwall M35 44:38
print C753 Craig Peterson M35 44:39
print AA876 Dan Olson M35 44:40
print EE707 Michael Brittain M35 44:42
print CC093 Frank Visconti M35 44:48
print JJ001 Rich Blaylock M35 44:54
print BB716 Richard Burcher M35 44:57
print BB142 David Dickson M35 45:06
print B543 Tim Fischer M35 45:07
print C068 Nicholas Ethen M35 45:11
print F766 Bill Wolsky M35 45:14
print B150 Bill McLaughlin M35 45:15
print EE232 Marcus Bailey M35 45:16
print B222 David Reinhard M35 45:16
print B085 Ian Gerber M35 45:17
print E195 Nick Moody M35 45:27
print I729 John Gardner M35 45:27
print CC657 Steve Wyant M35 45:29
print D284 Andrew Brown M35 45:31
print B173 John Anderson M35 45:33
print B241 Brian Hickey M35 45:36
print F435 Tracy Garvey M35 45:42
print BB666 Richard Gonzales M35 45:43
print D692 Joe Hoffman M35 45:44
print BB060 Steve McClung M35 45:47
print BB650 Paul Sparks M35 45:47
print E188 John Peters M35 45:55
print BB498 Randy Culver M35 45:55
print CC066 Phil Sotiros M35 45:57
print C027 John Schierloh M35 45:57
print BB254 Kurt Smith M35 45:58
print BB563 John Kirkpatrick M35 46:01
print B601 Tim Gould M35 46:04
print B068 Keith Massey M35 46:11
print C617 Mike Crader M35 46:14
print CC738 Ronald Tew M35 46:16
print C663 Robert Burns M35 46:19
print OO133 Daniel Gonzalez M35 46:23
print BB766 John Gilbert M35 46:26
print FF422 Tyrone Carter M35 46:27
print B067 Tim Borst M35 46:27
print CC571 Frank Zang M35 46:30
print C519 Steve Revis M35 46:31
print BB286 Michael Mastalski M35 46:35
print BB265 Mike Blaha M35 46:37
print F735 Wes Autrey M35 46:42
print B090 Rod Stephens M35 46:48
print BB259 Tracy Prestien M35 46:51
print B048 Scott O'Connor M35 46:53
print AA744 Mark Monette M35 47:02
print D509 David Jekel M35 47:06
print F187 Larry Kaylor M35 47:12
print H739 Robert Bawn M35 47:19
print BB354 Gary Bennett M35 47:20
print TT555 Wes Hill M35 47:20
print CC342 Jack Eberhardt M35 47:23
print CC276 Robert Concienne M35 47:23
print BB380 Chris Cerveny M35 47:26
print C593 Kerry McDowell M35 47:29
print I381 Michael Juran M35 47:33
print KK569 Albert Threlfall M35 47:36
print C591 Leonard Aragon M35 47:41
print C769 Daniel Martin M35 47:42
print C427 James Zafarana M35 47:48
print G117 Brian Ehlers M35 47:52
print J189 Daniel Kastelelic M35 47:59
print BB711 Michael Steele M35 48:04
print BB174 Peter Knott M35 48:04
print F079 David Robinson M35 48:05
print BB852 Doug Lee M35 48:06
print JJ360 Stewart Loewenstein M35 48:09
print BB674 Warren Prouty M35 48:10
print D156 Randy Kapushion M35 48:10
print BB415 Tim Kellogg M35 48:20
print R249 Jim Strouse M35 48:21
print G773 Joe Lucero Jr. M35 48:22
print BB138 Thomas Schreiner M35 48:23
print J470 Steve Hureau M35 48:29
print C035 Pete Tozer M35 48:30
print G100 Steve Summers M35 48:32
print B081 David Wiens M35 48:34
print BB442 Gary A. Mickey M35 48:39
print D723 Alan Taylor M35 48:43
print EE830 Fred Kirschbaum M35 48:43
print DD243 Kent Dinkel M35 48:48
print BB886 Scott Ciemniecki M35 48:51
print D506 Tom Burkhardt M35 48:53
print BB630 John Cline M35 48:53
print J234 Todd Wilson M35 48:54
print F716 Dean Hilker M35 48:55
print F797 Peter Zimmermann M35 48:58
print P118 Brent Eggleston M35 49:00
print G370 Stuart Kitashima M35 49:03
print DD416 Ron Martin M35 49:05
print EE745 George Beneck M35 49:06
print BB332 Scott Seawell M35 49:09
print G249 Kevin Schwartz M35 49:11
print E426 Miks O'Brian M35 49:12
print D501 Greg Barfoot M35 49:15
print CC257 B J Wakely M35 49:17
print FF767 Lance Flake M35 49:19
print P505 Tony Hurt M35 49:20
print E753 Bradlee Hunter M35 49:23
print BB405 Calvin Abila M35 49:23
print BB184 Thomas Yukman M35 49:29
print R296 Rick Dutner M35 49:34
print GG446 Pat Hester M35 49:43
print J701 Paul Montgomery M35 49:48
print BB035 Douglas Brown M35 49:55
print CC086 Roger Kampman M35 50:03
print BB868 James Acomb M35 50:06
print JJ365 John Noto M35 50:08
print LL536 David Delahayr M35 50:10
print JJ573 John Froyd M35 50:10
print EE538 Barry Beck M35 50:19
print F254 Rudi Eschment M35 50:23
print D495 James Yost M35 50:23
print PP519 Gary Field M35 50:30
print GG369 Bill Balkovatz M35 50:40
print FF821 Kurt Gilson M35 50:44
print E679 Gary Yates M35 50:48
print EE471 Andy Sorensen M35 50:49
print L094 Mark Scherer M35 50:50
print CC783 Robert Vau Pelt M35 50:52
print FF318 Mike Perkins M35 50:52

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