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BolderBOULDER 1997


May 26, 1997 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,504
Number of Females:17,656
Number of Males:16,846
Average Time:1:11:38
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 30:43
2. Neji Makhlouf 31:07
3. Pedro Alvarez 31:17
4. Peter Fleming 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:40
Female Participants
1. Diane Gentry 34:59
2. Jane Welzel 35:29
3. Raquel Sanchez 36:05
4. Regina Joyce 36:58
5. Takako Yamada 37:15
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print A514 Peter Fleming M36 31:24
print A625 Timothy Jones M36 31:56
print A611 Peter Williams M36 32:54
print A344 Douglas Hugill M36 33:54
print A340 Rick Ames M36 34:02
print A393 Jim Elwell M36 34:55
print A662 Hans Funke M36 35:40
print A171 David Perry M36 35:42
print A466 Robert Forister M36 36:25
print A828 Timothy Webb M36 37:09
print A398 Peter May M36 37:34
print A505 Dean Wager M36 37:48
print A541 Robert O'Donnell M36 37:50
print A543 Gonzo Faust M36 38:04
print A156 Rick Shoulberg M36 38:07
print AA611 Tom Runyan M36 38:11
print A599 Kurt Coonrod M36 38:13
print A417 Brent Friesth M36 38:22
print A737 Don De Blieux M36 38:25
print A690 Juan Perez M36 38:39
print A175 Bill Myrick M36 38:46
print AA250 Salvador Greg Chavez M36 38:58
print AA848 Dan Knight M36 39:12
print A384 Rob Erlich M36 39:20
print B324 Larry Davis M36 39:30
print F788 Luiz De Assis M36 39:33
print A494 Mike Schuh M36 39:49
print A430 Rick Cone M36 39:53
print A570 Theodor Hanekamp M36 39:54
print A407 Dave Harris M36 39:56
print AA566 Craig Dayberry M36 40:06
print AA704 James Perry M36 40:13
print AA609 Dean Heerdt M36 40:16
print A463 Mark Lauriha M36 40:24
print A600 Edwin Herd M36 40:27
print A584 John Kathrein M36 40:30
print AA599 Todd A Johnson M36 40:44
print DD442 Martin Shumway M36 40:52
print A182 Terry Milby M36 41:09
print G642 Jeff Sherwood M36 41:20
print JJ004 Paul Stevenson M36 41:24
print BB795 John Seibert M36 41:40
print A206 Rickie Oden M36 41:46
print AA237 Frank La Rosa M36 41:51
print AA621 Liam Bierney M36 41:52
print AA226 Brian Olson M36 41:57
print AA579 Harold Cunningham M36 42:01
print A876 Matt Huber M36 42:21
print B127 Gary James M36 42:24
print B178 Brad Pattison M36 42:37
print AA160 Ronald Petersen M36 42:40
print AA478 Andrew Johanos M36 42:46
print AA031 Robert Heiberger M36 42:47
print H540 Akim Malik M36 42:55
print B714 Michael Manley M36 42:58
print B262 Mike Digan M36 43:08
print E495 Steve Bonham M36 43:21
print BB212 Michael Fall M36 43:21
print B333 Alfredo Matheus M36 43:29
print I848 Brian Cork M36 43:40
print B408 Bill Stalhuth M36 43:43
print AA077 Dale Barlow M36 43:49
print AA030 Drew Geer M36 43:53
print G098 Brian Wilcox M36 44:12
print G253 Robert Howard M36 44:14
print AA547 Ray Dow M36 44:15
print DD391 David Briney M36 44:16
print B310 Alan Smith M36 44:22
print K557 Daniel Alley M36 44:31
print B760 Mel Flores M36 44:35
print AA120 Gary Linden M36 44:36
print AA735 Mark Herbst M36 44:37
print BB161 James Woods M36 44:45
print C435 Greg Kern M36 44:48
print AA214 Benny Yih M36 44:51
print CC174 Michael Peak M36 44:55
print HH152 George O'Clair M36 44:56
print B462 Josh Marks M36 44:56
print B527 Todd Fenimore M36 45:03
print C585 Rick Hamilton M36 45:03
print B286 Doug Pousma M36 45:05
print BB632 Jim Dwyer M36 45:07
print B456 Tom Wolford M36 45:12
print BB341 Johannes Meier M36 45:18
print FF257 Martin McCracken M36 45:28
print BB170 Dave Kwas M36 45:30
print BB784 Robert Otto M36 45:31
print B079 Matt McMullen M36 45:42
print H721 Peter Bockenthien M36 45:50
print BB319 Kurt Bethke M36 45:52
print JJ141 James Warden M36 45:55
print E533 Paul Konik M36 46:04
print B093 John Munsch M36 46:17
print BB844 Janus Johnston M36 46:20
print F710 Brett Swier M36 46:28
print CC348 Michael Cone M36 46:31
print BB703 Galen Requist M36 46:35
print F813 David Lock M36 46:38
print B799 Jim Buderus M36 46:43
print G485 Donald West M36 46:44
print D254 Eric Sunderwilth M36 46:46
print C655 Mark Miller M36 46:47
print BB733 Roy Coringrato M36 46:48
print BB123 Guy Lansdown M36 46:49
print D457 Matt Walsh M36 46:49
print EE540 Philip Bellio M36 46:49
print C430 James Falloon M36 46:52
print E185 Mark Soane M36 46:57
print CC873 Burke Gilbertson M36 47:01
print AA734 Thomas Hart M36 47:07
print B135 Larry Dirks M36 47:16
print CC211 Bob Bush M36 47:22
print CC611 Jim Horvath M36 47:22
print DD029 Rick Waneka M36 47:32
print I169 Monte Magill M36 47:40
print BB359 Craig Arnold M36 47:41
print CC383 Rob Corkran M36 47:42
print B737 Paul Bolton M36 47:45
print DD540 Raymond Nutt M36 47:45
print B701 Daniel Snare M36 47:49
print G513 Geoffrey Johnson M36 47:50
print JJ842 Greg Weiss M36 47:53
print BB727 Jeff Esses M36 47:59
print BB202 David Cunningham M36 48:00
print C744 Craig Chamberlain M36 48:02
print BB092 Steve Thompson M36 48:03
print GG305 Jeff Stone M36 48:06
print S674 Tony Campbell M36 48:06
print BB180 Eric Johnson M36 48:09
print CC625 Mark Nilsson M36 48:10
print B573 Jim Managlia M36 48:13
print B670 James Harvey M36 48:15
print G278 George Keesler M36 48:16
print J353 Gary Sebastian M36 48:18
print BB200 Craig Moellenberg M36 48:25
print CC222 Jim O'Donnell M36 48:26
print BB627 Alan Muramoto M36 48:26
print FF551 Todd Bremner M36 48:30
print DD368 Steve Kastrul M36 48:32
print G190 Tom Murray M36 48:38
print BB240 Donald W. Friesen M36 48:41
print E559 Brian Mark M36 48:42
print EE553 Mike Padgett M36 48:45
print EE606 Daniel Quigley M36 48:45
print AA480 Kevin Sandrock M36 48:46
print P334 Dale Colgan M36 48:48
print D774 Austin Randall M36 48:55
print CC631 Brad VanBuskirk M36 48:56
print BB160 Ray Mueller M36 48:58
print G250 Manley Frisbie M36 48:58
print CC851 Wesley Brazelton M36 49:05
print C614 Robert Ingram M36 49:06
print H417 Ed Lowery M36 49:06
print CC506 Mark Grubbs M36 49:07
print I646 Robert Sauder M36 49:09
print PP492 David Harms M36 49:12
print BB700 Stephen Montz M36 49:13
print C595 Steve Luciano M36 49:25
print HH399 Ramon Gameros M36 49:28
print D139 Craig Davis M36 49:29
print CC419 Dick Klein M36 49:35
print BB407 C.J. Hescheles M36 49:38
print CC046 Scott Burton M36 49:42
print S093 John Spartz M36 49:42
print B805 Jon Allen M36 49:43
print CC108 Stewart Jones M36 49:46
print CC864 Wade Scherer M36 49:49
print F357 Mark Van Den Abbeele M36 50:00
print CC508 Glen Wilcox M36 50:01
print D513 Andy McClure M36 50:03
print JJ134 Clif Miskell M36 50:12
print DD129 Guy Degerstedt M36 50:15
print H069 David Plummer M36 50:21
print D426 Mark Markley M36 50:23
print G783 Chuck Tish M36 50:29
print FF065 Mark Mathewson M36 50:36
print GG562 Bradley Eisiti M36 50:37
print GG107 Phil Mason M36 50:38
print E285 Burke Kaltenberger M36 50:38
print D884 Tom Linton M36 50:43
print JJ158 Randy Acevedo M36 50:44
print EE054 David Walden M36 50:44
print MM229 Steve Ericksen M36 50:45
print DD233 Bryan Royer M36 50:49
print CC094 Chip Bennett M36 50:51
print F428 Michael Kultgen M36 50:54
print F737 James Walker M36 51:06
print L461 Jonathan Tschetter M36 51:09
print F347 Rob Nichols M36 51:10
print TT552 Brian Manning M36 51:17
print GG315 David Wickett M36 51:28
print G391 Larry Pama M36 51:37
print D146 Art Hoxworth M36 51:40
print J047 Mark Reaves M36 51:41
print F486 Martin Hartley M36 51:43
print J557 Robert Wehner M36 51:49
print E553 Jim Bright M36 51:54
print CC835 Thom DeFranco M36 51:58
print LL400 Bret Swanson M36 52:00
print J392 Dean Smith M36 52:06

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