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BolderBOULDER 1997


May 26, 1997 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,504
Number of Females:17,656
Number of Males:16,846
Average Time:1:11:38
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 30:43
2. Neji Makhlouf 31:07
3. Pedro Alvarez 31:17
4. Peter Fleming 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:40
Female Participants
1. Diane Gentry 34:59
2. Jane Welzel 35:29
3. Raquel Sanchez 36:05
4. Regina Joyce 36:58
5. Takako Yamada 37:15
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print AM004 Craig Young M40 31:40
print AM014 Herb Lindsay M40 33:31
print A546 Thom Vernon M40 35:04
print A090 Timothy Dolen M40 35:34
print A460 Jeff Ogren M40 35:54
print A230 John Delmez M40 36:25
print A465 Thaddeus Noll M40 36:41
print A453 Bob McAnany M40 36:42
print A192 Stephen Bergen M40 36:43
print A535 Tom Carminati M40 36:58
print A438 Ronald Lund M40 37:00
print A079 Carlos Vera M40 37:37
print A719 Jerry L. Stephenson M40 37:39
print A859 Brian King M40 37:47
print A569 Kevin Berg M40 37:50
print A596 Juan Silva M40 37:53
print A411 Russ Miller M40 37:53
print B758 Scott Meyers M40 37:54
print A195 Ernie Port M40 37:56
print A010 Scott Deitler M40 38:20
print A349 Shawn Farrell M40 38:22
print A701 Milt Brown M40 38:34
print A804 Bob Brown M40 38:34
print A697 Rick Morris M40 38:37
print A530 Joe Glynn M40 38:38
print A321 Tom Siekmeier M40 38:40
print A144 Ray Blum M40 38:40
print A486 Peter Scanniello M40 38:57
print A469 Martin Pierre-Yves M40 39:00
print A251 Ulrich Kopitz M40 39:10
print A657 Gavin Slater M40 39:22
print A082 Larry Dreyer M40 39:26
print AA757 John Conrad M40 39:33
print AA619 Dan Davies M40 39:41
print A369 Scott Chamberlin M40 39:44
print FF665 George Franklin M40 40:01
print A462 Steven Miller M40 40:05
print A534 John Miller M40 40:14
print AA262 Mike Wooldridge M40 40:15
print A052 Paul Weaverling M40 40:24
print A396 Jack Zuzack M40 40:35
print I835 Michael Thomas M40 40:42
print A358 David Taylor M40 40:46
print A054 Jonathan Skripko M40 40:55
print AA762 Bryan Helstad M40 40:56
print AA054 Ralph Wappel M40 40:59
print B027 Jordan Stoll M40 41:25
print A810 William Webb M40 41:26
print AA300 Randy Haupt M40 41:38
print B321 David Waldner M40 41:43
print B582 Mark Brockie M40 41:51
print A169 Mike Flores M40 41:51
print B571 John Porterfield M40 41:57
print A497 David Albo M40 42:09
print AA057 Richard Welch M40 42:15
print J115 Ken Hodge M40 42:16
print AA491 Bob Casey M40 42:19
print B113 Robert Stanley M40 42:27
print AA089 Tom Revitte M40 42:30
print DD485 George Vadakin M40 42:41
print AA436 Bill Padilla M40 42:53
print B629 Jeffrey Dean M40 42:53
print AA244 George Jackson M40 42:57
print DD394 Paul Kovach M40 42:57
print C623 John Horak M40 43:05
print C344 Joe Lowrey M40 43:21
print B214 Walters Peeples III M40 43:29
print B228 Dave Yanchek M40 43:31
print E074 Paul Packard M40 43:46
print BB369 Rodney Hart M40 43:50
print FF290 Steve Hein M40 43:51
print B595 David Duran M40 43:53
print B203 Richard Director M40 43:54
print B659 Leonard Meilvennan M40 43:55
print B029 Brad Pattison M40 44:07
print D473 Stanley Dyer M40 44:14
print B809 Jeff Clarke M40 44:18
print BB419 Mike Osborn M40 44:28
print BB584 Bill Suter M40 44:34
print DD604 Douglas Shepherd M40 44:36
print B098 Roger Trudell M40 44:38
print FF216 Tom Geren M40 44:47
print B251 Mick Will M40 44:51
print B770 Bob Rosenthal M40 45:08
print G894 Richard Lieber M40 45:09
print BB737 Richard Griego M40 45:10
print D155 Dan Harbour M40 45:19
print BB361 David Carlson M40 45:22
print BB375 Greg Graham M40 45:28
print BB847 Chris Belting M40 45:34
print C546 Kenneth Walker M40 45:34
print C568 David Faragher M40 45:35
print B603 Lloyd Michell M40 45:37
print AA426 Thomas Siller M40 45:46
print B392 Laurent Cote M40 45:47
print H148 Steve Ackman M40 45:48
print CC024 Jim Hecker M40 45:48
print FF734 Norman Andrews M40 46:02
print BB545 Hank Thomas M40 46:06
print C541 Jeffrey White M40 46:09
print BB158 Jeff Fehrman M40 46:14
print DD627 Scott Nakauch-Hawn M40 46:19
print EE899 Dan Green M40 46:24
print BB321 Brian Higgins M40 46:28
print AA060 Bob Fraley M40 46:32
print B198 Dave Luckey M40 46:32
print BB799 Craig Vaughn M40 46:37
print AA039 William Tugman M40 46:40
print E563 Harold Stokes M40 46:44
print E391 Scott Smith M40 46:44
print CC840 John Bonvouloir M40 46:44
print F388 Stephen Lakowske M40 46:52
print JJ522 Jim McGuire M40 46:57
print D452 Lowell Spackman M40 46:57
print GG184 Rusty Rorie M40 47:02
print J292 Thane Davis M40 47:02
print LL449 Robert Stern M40 47:06
print B176 Ken Andrus M40 47:07
print JJ114 Stephen Bradford M40 47:08
print C095 Hardy Bramley M40 47:21
print BB040 Phil Scheik M40 47:24
print BB384 John McLaughlin M40 47:29
print CC453 John Shea M40 47:29
print EE851 Dale Stetina M40 47:37
print C691 Bob Perkins M40 47:40
print F442 Fred Waugh M40 47:41
print CC067 Mark Brunner M40 47:46
print D505 Kelly Grogan M40 47:46
print B791 Ross Hansen M40 47:53
print D625 John Jancik M40 47:55
print EE835 Grant Kirksey M40 47:55
print CC258 Steve Sobolik M40 47:56
print C449 Chuck Skinner M40 47:58
print H326 Reuben Ybarra M40 47:59
print CC068 Lyle Tucker M40 48:06
print DD722 Gary Davis M40 48:14
print DD600 Brian Greffe M40 48:16
print D648 Peter Ornstein M40 48:19
print DD381 Mark Euwema M40 48:23
print R058 Jim Kauffman M40 48:25
print EE865 Ron Wood M40 48:30
print D082 Tim Rodgers M40 48:32
print C057 Dan Chitwood M40 48:35
print EE541 Steven Bellio M40 48:35
print CC353 Pat Wiesneske M40 48:41
print BB412 Scott Packer M40 48:44
print D438 Norton Ewart M40 48:47
print CC574 Mark Nass M40 48:48
print EE893 Kenneth Larkin M40 48:57
print B054 Jeff Wolny M40 49:02
print J154 Watson Galleher M40 49:08
print CC503 Rick Lerner M40 49:21
print D175 Willia Jackson M40 49:24
print BB501 Gerald Shioshita M40 49:24
print CC869 Sam Greco M40 49:33
print R384 James Reitz M40 49:34
print D717 Mark Brissenden M40 49:51
print CC240 Donald Evans M40 49:51
print JJ720 Greg Antolak M40 50:04
print HH886 Harvey Hicks M40 50:07
print C765 Herb Siegel M40 50:15
print D683 Walter Kordziel M40 50:18
print EE489 Terry Rettele M40 50:20
print E280 Glenn Streeter M40 50:21
print PP222 Rich Sachs M40 50:25
print CC165 Greg Giesen M40 50:28
print JJ407 Scott Whitlock M40 50:37
print GG537 Mark Miller M40 50:39
print CC359 Fred Boettcher M40 50:43
print CC020 John Ellwood M40 50:45
print CC141 Wayne Hykan M40 50:49
print QQ471 David Buckley M40 51:04
print F240 Jeff LaPlace M40 51:07
print GG863 John Hill M40 51:12
print CC337 Mark Bishop M40 51:13
print A590 Nick Wolf M40 51:17
print I012 Mark Snyder M40 51:22
print G141 Cory Grandrud M40 51:29
print GG586 John Mager M40 51:32
print FF083 Craig Scott M40 51:32
print CC809 Bill Miller M40 51:33
print FF563 Scott Loe M40 51:38
print DD534 Keith Walser M40 51:39
print FF502 Gil Hamilton M40 51:40
print H261 Diego Gonzales M40 51:41
print CC334 Jim Lamb M40 51:53
print EE650 Victor Kolouch M40 51:53
print CC138 Chris Painter M40 51:55
print EE814 Richard Bagley M40 51:56
print CC637 David W. Jackman M40 52:00
print FF647 Douglas Brown M40 52:12
print D557 Chris Hunter M40 52:15
print H539 Mark Limbach M40 52:17
print CC536 Dan Lowry M40 52:19
print CC237 Thomas Kremer M40 52:22
print EE235 John Nichols M40 52:22
print J502 David Merrick M40 52:23
print E688 Steven Anderson M40 52:28
print EE164 Chris Tuey M40 52:34
print FF608 Eric Jones M40 52:36

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