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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A176 Rie Kudo F25 39:21
print BB059 Erika Lichter F25 42:46
print AA339 Stacy Huser F25 43:35
print C594 Carolina Barthelson F25 44:09
print I468 Megan Williams F25 44:12
print GG018 Jennifer Anderson F25 44:24
print FF142 Heidi Gabalski F25 45:38
print C310 Kateri Mydland F25 45:43
print D547 Sarah Jacobi F25 46:03
print B400 Carrie Gleason F25 46:06
print C203 Carrie Caren F25 46:20
print FF864 Rachael Ayers F25 46:24
print SS795 Jen Hamdorf F25 46:39
print N100 Ruth Hansen F25 46:51
print SS529 Annie Merz F25 46:57
print CC798 Jill Gregory F25 46:59
print B576 Erin McKenna F25 47:11
print FF057 Dori Lynchard F25 47:31
print CC686 Wendy Stevens F25 47:36
print C706 Jennifer Priboth F25 47:42
print CC208 Jennifer Jepsen F25 47:43
print GG212 Mary Watry F25 48:04
print LL252 Leigh Pezzicara F25 48:22
print H892 Jennifer Jensen F25 48:30
print LL043 Amy Carmichael F25 48:31
print EE431 Colleen Schlenke F25 48:47
print FF397 Mendy Tuhtan F25 48:52
print D295 Carolyn Martus F25 48:53
print CC366 Donna Billek F25 48:58
print CC759 Maggie Gitin F25 48:59
print C132 Sarah Dotson F25 49:05
print M760 Kristin Banner F25 49:07
print LL271 Diane Brunner F25 49:21
print DD292 Jennifer Sullivan F25 49:28
print D446 Kara Plese F25 49:29
print FF191 Karen deBruin F25 49:29
print D764 Christina Collins F25 49:31
print H225 Cynthia Kiehn F25 49:32
print G859 Elizabeth LaGuardia F25 49:34
print KK867 Sonja Radvilla F25 49:37
print Q013 Helen Eady F25 49:41
print CC146 Julie Gabriel F25 49:42
print EE103 Jennifer Hummer F25 49:55
print H161 Cara White F25 50:05
print FF185 Stacy Johnson F25 50:16
print GG818 Kami Knoell F25 50:17
print EE502 Janet Halliday F25 50:25
print GG060 Lisa Donahue F25 50:25
print Q670 Amy Starrett F25 50:26
print J062 Bobi Anderson F25 50:31
print EE171 Barbara Anderson F25 50:35
print DD296 Donna Andrews F25 50:38
print S655 Jenni LeBlanc F25 50:49
print B835 Heidi Dennehy F25 50:50
print D633 Amy Switzer F25 50:57
print FF216 Mary Sughroue F25 51:06
print C369 Shara Simmons F25 51:09
print C621 Heather Day F25 51:12
print E532 Greta Hart F25 51:17
print DD457 Shelby Downs F25 51:34
print SS230 Paige Kaiser F25 51:36
print OO846 Holly Lorr F25 51:39
print D115 Sarah Adams F25 51:42
print I444 Shelli Helms F25 51:47
print DD884 Sally Anderson F25 51:48
print SS318 Reba Buteyn F25 51:55
print Q848 Terra Krieger F25 51:57
print F413 Jamie Fiest F25 52:10
print CC816 Erica Simon F25 52:10
print I117 Kristin Wheeler F25 52:12
print L468 Suzanne Bastable F25 52:17
print D071 Angela Flynn F25 52:19
print FF604 Emily Berg F25 52:27
print DD029 Amy Maziarz F25 52:27
print GG110 Jane Sinclair F25 52:29
print B308 Kris Veltri F25 52:33
print EE582 Wendy Seebohar F25 52:48
print EE592 Molly DiZerega F25 52:58
print HH459 Shaye Samora F25 53:03
print MM350 Lori Lopez F25 53:04
print E476 Heather Kasun F25 53:12
print LL220 Mary Laber F25 53:22
print SS667 Katie Breckel F25 53:23
print EE286 Erin Klitz F25 53:26
print L084 Heather Fedor F25 53:29
print SS509 Sue Wilson F25 53:37
print OO650 Vickie Emmons F25 53:40
print OO221 Shannon Haley F25 53:41
print QQ374 Jenny Harrington F25 53:42
print QQ394 Diana Pults F25 53:42
print I411 Krissa Soboleski F25 53:45
print G395 Ann Hodge F25 53:51
print S800 Mary Henry F25 53:52
print FF307 Pamela Mandell F25 53:56
print Q523 Jenny Lin F25 54:00
print HH642 Bridgette O'Brien F25 54:00
print T665 Krista Halling F25 54:07
print J361 Annaleen Vermeulen F25 54:09
print LL893 Maria Aguirre F25 54:12
print DD294 Laura Slovic F25 54:21
print J638 Kelly Schreiner F25 54:31
print J599 Beth Norman F25 54:31
print OO545 Lisa Chilles F25 54:35
print NN540 Shannon Bishop F25 54:39
print HH439 Erin Johnson F25 54:43
print Q407 Heather Shand F25 54:46
print MM408 Cammie Muller F25 54:50
print KK646 Erin Keenan F25 54:58
print L638 Michelle Casper F25 54:58
print KK297 Elizabeth Coffey F25 55:18
print F753 Heidi Taracena F25 55:19
print L487 Amanda Wallen F25 55:20
print K333 Rachel Larue F25 55:22
print QQ865 Marnie Sloan F25 55:29
print MM003 Kelly Ann Laird-Gillespie F25 55:30
print KK130 Jennifer Baldwin F25 55:30
print MM339 Tracy Stancil F25 55:37
print GG441 Wendy Verity F25 55:38
print C603 Teresa Garza F25 55:41
print Q316 Sara Bixler F25 55:45
print H582 Cate Withrow F25 55:51
print QQ483 Ashley Giles F25 55:52
print FF092 Kate Weber F25 55:59
print G494 Debra Gregg F25 56:01
print Q315 Diana Bieber F25 56:05
print G159 Kirstin Anderson F25 56:12
print FF643 Mendy Scholz F25 56:14
print FF027 Melissa Bennett F25 56:16
print KK769 Amy Bradsby F25 56:22
print H382 Melanie Denmark F25 56:26
print I760 Jenny Hamilton F25 56:29
print P420 Caroline Burke F25 56:32
print SS696 Sarah Hardy F25 56:32
print J832 Lisa Haas F25 56:39
print L868 Kavonne Baker F25 56:44
print L867 Kelly Sokol F25 56:46
print N024 Terry Wenzinger F25 56:46
print OO202 Melissa Meagher F25 56:48
print KK258 Erin Henderson F25 56:53
print KK731 Angela Waldon F25 56:56
print D823 Wendy Lane F25 56:57
print I872 Vicki Beaver F25 56:58
print MM680 Vicki Powell F25 57:00
print K865 Patricia Brown F25 57:06
print OO747 Valarie Morris F25 57:11
print YY675 Angela Zayata F25 57:19
print TT658 Lynn Ansher F25 57:21
print T351 Nancy McDonald F25 57:32
print I359 Teri Fox F25 57:32
print G645 Jessica Anderson F25 57:36
print G016 Margo Hamilton F25 57:39
print NN003 Janice Cashman F25 57:40
print I473 Amy Kolquist F25 57:41
print L780 Sandy Fershee F25 57:42
print TT261 Kai Tao F25 57:42
print HH739 Adina Nack F25 57:44
print KK446 Jennifer Johnson F25 57:48
print Y720 Hollie Ortega F25 57:50
print FF523 Denise Carmosine F25 57:50
print LL886 Debbie Camp F25 57:50
print KK492 Patricia Torres F25 57:51
print H896 Gayle Fischer F25 57:53
print NN464 Lisa Crowley F25 57:58
print I569 Kristen Hyde F25 58:00
print LL091 Karen Fidelak F25 58:03
print J656 Rebecca Penner F25 58:08
print SS389 Liz Schlev F25 58:09
print MM888 Kimberly Blair F25 58:09
print L346 Tara Steffans F25 58:09
print GG560 Aimee Ahlers F25 58:09
print Q339 Amanda Siegenthaler F25 58:19
print DD683 Krista Bertz F25 58:20
print S593 Stephanie Fenton F25 58:20
print KK823 Jodi LaPenna F25 58:21
print N431 Mara Pierro F25 58:23
print J659 Nancy Klein F25 58:24
print K473 Julie Busch F25 58:28
print J347 Cherie Mitchell F25 58:31
print D174 Jenifer Catalina F25 58:37
print K742 Kristi Denny F25 58:38
print MM693 Chris Hage F25 58:38
print S579 Dawn Jurado F25 58:38
print TT563 Nicole Sheets F25 58:39
print G860 Maggie Rogers F25 58:41
print Q675 Deni Trujillo F25 58:56
print L486 Amy Ralmundo F25 58:58
print MM830 Laura Nunnelly F25 59:00
print P327 Linda Lane F25 59:04
print MM173 Jenifer L. Vasquez F25 59:07
print P534 Tina Knauss F25 59:08
print M520 Lynn Seagren F25 59:11
print NN071 Holly Wiese F25 59:18
print P031 Erika Ohl F25 59:19
print Q590 Marisa Golaboski F25 59:23
print T729 Jeannie Bromley F25 59:23
print U683 Jean Freres F25 59:29
print UU199 Heather McGuire F25 59:38
print OO022 Catherine Wasden F25 59:46
print S717 Samantha Lentz F25 59:47
print L828 Amy Cannon F25 59:52

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