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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print F155 MaryLee Withers F54 47:13
print GG792 Jessie Quintana F54 54:18
print G641 Georgia Blum F54 54:52
print GG373 Trish Woodruff F54 55:23
print G741 Mary Street F54 55:41
print H429 Sue Collard F54 55:45
print EE619 Julie Bretz F54 55:45
print I469 Susan Prenger F54 55:48
print SS620 Sylvia Thorsland F54 56:13
print GG044 Varda Tzur F54 56:14
print G619 Sandy Ksir F54 56:33
print I655 Carol Shonka F54 56:35
print GG349 Sharon Matherly F54 56:44
print H626 Lynn Cressy F54 57:26
print K264 Lila Koch F54 58:19
print G168 Joanne Ashley F54 58:33
print P565 Mary Greer F54 58:56
print KK714 Judy Fox F54 59:13
print K455 Frieda Holley F54 59:41
print G546 Jan Adamson F54 1:00:50
print H775 Mary Louise Garcia F54 1:01:15
print JJ806 Sharon Wentworth F54 1:01:17
print JJ249 Carol Dewell F54 1:01:22
print QQ632 Sandra Landes F54 1:01:31
print GG546 Gail Griffin F54 1:01:32
print GG646 Nancy Newson F54 1:01:49
print GG512 Peggy Beverly F54 1:02:59
print M813 Carolyn Freece F54 1:03:59
print Q412 Elizabeth Haskew F54 1:05:08
print K678 Barb Behmer F54 1:05:32
print JJ505 Pam Whelden F54 1:06:00
print JJ305 Reggie Gray F54 1:08:04
print L458 Lou Ann Dixon F54 1:08:45
print P872 Barbara Buchman F54 1:08:48
print NN339 John O'Shea F54 1:09:48
print M687 Carol Nies F54 1:10:11
print MM626 Linda Frey F54 1:10:13
print VV580 Janet Youngberg F54 1:10:14
print JJ560 Janet E. Bare F54 1:10:23
print LL033 Sandee Swanson F54 1:10:29
print OO336 Virginia Martinez F54 1:12:40
print SS483 Irene Seaman F54 1:13:08
print MM378 Carolyn Johnson F54 1:13:09
print V445 Deanna Held F54 1:14:02
print V444 Sheila Zoller F54 1:14:04
print NN502 Judy Peterson F54 1:14:18
print RR325 Leslie Miles F54 1:14:43
print XX684 Ann Martin F54 1:15:59
print S451 Christina Kauffman F54 1:16:24
print WW771 Sari Keilman F54 1:16:53
print QQ615 Michele Steckel F54 1:17:08
print QQ501 Carolyn Bates F54 1:17:13
print NN248 Kathy Mazone F54 1:17:17
print NN197 Dana Bowen F54 1:17:49
print OO598 Ellen Bareiss F54 1:18:29
print N447 Louise Cass F54 1:20:07
print KK389 Linda Matthews F54 1:20:47
print UU406 Anne Burkholder F54 1:21:00
print QQ416 Janet McCabe F54 1:21:51
print UU860 Paula Byrne F54 1:21:53
print M632 Rosanne Minson F54 1:22:50
print RR718 Carole Cassio F54 1:23:14
print R125 Susan Martin F54 1:23:33
print T655 Judith Asherin F54 1:23:37
print UU109 Joyce McDaniel F54 1:23:55
print PP025 Elaine Tribelhorn F54 1:24:04
print M148 Peggy Arnold F54 1:24:18
print N597 Ann Shannon F54 1:24:21
print UU340 Marilyn Nonnweiler F54 1:24:46
print GG693 Jenny Hoffman F54 1:24:50
print YY196 Beverly Totten F54 1:24:56
print VV526 Damonte Pierson F54 1:26:13
print OO802 Marie Romero F54 1:26:28
print L813 Penny Triggs F54 1:26:39
print Z526 Carol Wise F54 1:27:31
print S081 Lucy Warner F54 1:27:53
print WW145 ViVi Keeton F54 1:27:59
print S751 Jane Anthony F54 1:28:11
print Y160 Diana Smith F54 1:28:55
print UU197 Marcia Mead F54 1:29:12
print PP285 Ellen Johnson F54 1:29:25
print UU015 Ann Duey F54 1:29:26
print MM019 Lonna Bloom F54 1:29:27
print NN152 Susan Stern F54 1:29:53
print QQ721 Mary Howe F54 1:30:10
print TT698 Nancy Admire F54 1:30:17
print M515 Mary Hutson F54 1:30:44
print VV455 Bernadette Rouyer F54 1:31:37
print YY880 Linda Caschette F54 1:31:38
print Z762 Barbara Peglow F54 1:31:45
print Y662 Ginny Scheideman F54 1:32:10
print U505 Joanie Kuczwara F54 1:32:37
print Q527 MaryAnn Peterson F54 1:32:46
print Q796 Irene Matthews F54 1:33:05
print V626 Kathryn Holladay F54 1:33:15
print V793 Barb McCracken F54 1:33:38
print VV472 Kay Moreland F54 1:33:44
print WW142 Ann Clarke F54 1:34:04
print UU358 Claudia O'Neill F54 1:34:26
print W129 Beverly Nix F54 1:34:48
print SS694 Emma DeRosa F54 1:35:14
print WW528 Sandra Horst F54 1:35:23
print Y890 Karen Carleton F54 1:35:39
print YY807 Linda Franzen F54 1:36:46
print T356 Sharon Conlan F54 1:37:04
print VV863 Jane Cambridge F54 1:37:51
print PP268 Ruth Tollin F54 1:38:00
print W635 Jolene Orkin F54 1:39:09
print T479 Louise Dungan F54 1:40:05
print Z608 Nancy Maley F54 1:40:09
print Y723 Marian Ruge F54 1:40:17
print W185 Fran Middleton F54 1:40:50
print Y090 Trudi Albertine F54 1:40:57
print Y660 Sheila Furman F54 1:41:25
print UU691 Jeanie Williams F54 1:41:44
print WW702 Nancy Brown F54 1:42:02
print YY297 Carol Hughes F54 1:42:09
print PP312 Marilyn Nagler F54 1:42:23
print JJ823 Julie Jones F54 1:42:25
print V053 Susan Dumm F54 1:42:46
print UU748 Diana Hinton F54 1:42:55
print Z306 Sara Larson F54 1:43:24
print V507 Susan Brayshaw F54 1:43:36
print X577 Carroll Biddle F54 1:43:42
print X418 Susan Oliver F54 1:43:56
print UU308 Diane Ceynar F54 1:44:49
print X022 Karen Proven F54 1:44:58
print V603 Phyllis Kalish F54 1:45:47
print T592 Lorraine Mabazza F54 1:45:51
print VV082 Kathy Naimon F54 1:46:18
print V717 Ann Orr F54 1:46:42
print NN064 Barb Gambon F54 1:47:14
print U571 Jan Heimer F54 1:47:49
print W516 Mikki Rainey F54 1:48:00
print U179 Tina Deptula F54 1:48:04
print W677 Joan O'Brien F54 1:48:06
print Y073 Toni Bond F54 1:48:16
print V750 Mary Davidson F54 1:48:19
print XX456 Marsha Kahn F54 1:49:36
print V662 Phyllis Bunting F54 1:49:42
print V342 Karen Hammel F54 1:49:44
print XX054 Maggie Putnam F54 1:49:49
print Y848 Laura Garwood F54 1:50:25
print YY189 Paula Crosby F54 1:50:56
print Y374 Helen Johnson F54 1:51:00
print YY156 D.J. John F54 1:51:50
print WW313 Linda Malm F54 1:51:51
print XX068 Patricia Taylor F54 1:52:00
print V542 Gigi Owens F54 1:52:02
print X315 Susan Hubbard F54 1:52:56
print UU675 Bonnie Farb F54 1:53:03
print WW397 Patricia Laird F54 1:53:29
print U307 Neita Christopherson F54 1:53:37
print WW340 Jill Martin F54 1:53:43
print Z713 Donna Slavik F54 1:54:46
print YY387 Stephanie Wrotny F54 1:54:47
print Z833 Pamela Simpkins F54 1:54:59
print VV682 Loretta Tharp F54 1:55:19
print VV519 Linda Sponholtz F54 1:56:27
print UU111 Judy Hersh F54 1:57:34
print Y671 Paula Hudson F54 1:58:42
print VV003 Sharon Rouse F54 1:58:52
print UU645 Sherry Smith F54 1:59:28
print VV518 Carole Hemphill F54 2:00:19
print VV158 Carol Dunnack F54 2:00:41
print WW323 Bonnie Fairchild F54 2:01:28
print XX848 Sue Pierce F54 2:01:36
print YY028 Mary Richardson F54 2:01:51
print VV855 Janet Zietz F54 2:01:59
print WW414 Linda Tuenge F54 2:03:50
print WW738 Nancy McDonald F54 2:03:54
print X052 Jan Arney F54 2:04:45
print VV641 Jan Costas F54 2:04:52
print Y155 Joy Surdam F54 2:05:59
print V545 Rita Moriarty F54 2:07:14
print Z516 Kathy Tynan F54 2:07:53
print Y857 Susan Osborne F54 2:08:20
print WW150 Sandra Blake F54 2:09:38
print X139 Kay Pinkham F54 2:14:28
print UU010 Carolyn Brown F54 2:14:34
print X638 Linda Blake F54 2:23:18
print I218 Fran drozdz F54 2:33:52

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