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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A164 Dave Roberts M19 32:32
print A334 Trent Briney M19 33:58
print B704 Ben Johnson M19 34:58
print A227 Joe Packard M19 34:59
print A160 Michael Brouillette M19 35:08
print A395 Mark Stenbeck M19 35:17
print A314 Tracy Jex M19 35:24
print A169 Matt Frost M19 35:40
print A166 Chris McGuire M19 35:44
print AA890 Scott Schneider M19 36:34
print A427 Brian Oliver M19 37:05
print AA609 Nathan Herschberger M19 37:16
print FF008 Bryan Leone M19 38:08
print AA605 Joshua Engelbert M19 38:10
print A084 Mike Callor M19 38:31
print A264 Mark Cielinski M19 38:35
print AA675 Brad Bouley M19 38:58
print GG012 Steve Walker M19 39:33
print AA308 Bradford Williams M19 39:46
print AA598 Steve Johnston M19 40:03
print AA291 Shaun Burns M19 40:22
print I875 Tim Thompson M19 40:56
print A060 James Coca M19 40:59
print F641 Bryan LaRoche M19 41:00
print AA179 Dan Malino M19 41:03
print QQ878 Jeremy Ballenger M19 41:15
print AA314 Jonathan Allen M19 41:25
print FF534 Manuel Montano M19 41:27
print N389 Wes Ellerington M19 41:32
print BB194 Brandon Wilcox M19 41:46
print AA288 Travis Francis M19 42:05
print AA769 Charlie Gruber M19 42:20
print AA504 Jeremy Geer M19 42:21
print DD888 Sean Patter M19 42:29
print AA464 Kevin Schmid M19 43:08
print AA750 Jeff Ruzas M19 43:15
print AA357 Jim Morrison M19 43:18
print F023 Micah Tibbetts M19 43:21
print I388 Ryan Kaiser M19 43:22
print AA664 Jason Olson M19 43:25
print B221 David Benson M19 43:28
print AA880 Travis Keating M19 44:23
print H068 Scott McCulloch M19 44:29
print F684 Jason Harris M19 44:31
print AA154 Aaron Shalosky M19 45:12
print GG429 Ryan Farina M19 45:26
print S359 Nathan Ellingwood M19 45:37
print B229 Benjamin Leach M19 45:58
print F444 Chris Hahn M19 46:02
print R715 Michael Monti M19 46:04
print AA892 Kevin Baldermann M19 46:06
print C141 Bryan Gullette M19 46:19
print SS119 Micah Risher M19 46:23
print MM341 Chris Krajicek M19 46:34
print L440 Ewen Callaway M19 46:35
print B351 Cory Pawleska M19 46:38
print CC579 Seth Steele M19 46:42
print KK435 Erik Sandstrom M19 47:02
print D863 Emmit Hancock M19 47:07
print JJ150 Aaron Monteer M19 47:20
print J536 Jason Bourassa M19 47:42
print C764 Joshua Stearns M19 47:44
print Z167 Winter Ball M19 47:45
print DD633 Matthew Gonzales M19 48:01
print F822 Nathan West M19 48:26
print SS300 Adam Botterill M19 48:48
print P474 Henry Yu M19 49:01
print HH228 Nathaniel Hope M19 49:08
print F765 Daniel Lambert M19 49:11
print E519 Ben Liu M19 50:15
print BB672 David DiGiacomo M19 50:19
print K762 Jonathan Kreutzer M19 50:30
print G803 Ryan Downey M19 50:42
print I067 Bert Schultes M19 50:43
print E520 Patrick Calvert M19 50:43
print B817 John Hatcher M19 50:49
print L766 Andy Hoo M19 50:51
print J829 Benjamin Hey M19 50:54
print FF500 Thud Wong M19 51:20
print CC736 Jonathan Erickson M19 51:28
print I833 Daniel Farnbach M19 51:29
print I039 Dell Foster M19 51:40
print R014 Joel Watson M19 51:42
print S261 Daniel Adams M19 51:47
print I079 Daniel Ferry M19 51:48
print FF510 Zach Gault M19 52:00
print RR458 Arron Alexis M19 52:03
print L383 Lance Iantorno M19 52:05
print L411 Josh Perlman M19 52:07
print NN170 Gabe Casas M19 52:48
print S262 Tommy Giomi M19 52:55
print D822 Scot Mattson M19 53:26
print MM520 Eric Pacheco M19 53:51
print L879 Jason Spears M19 54:03
print S426 Aaron Reyes M19 54:13
print J043 Dustin Thomas M19 54:19
print EE728 Aaron Kipp M19 54:40
print N693 Ryan Lee M19 54:41
print M550 Ty Cashen M19 54:41
print Q297 Brandon Martinez M19 55:14
print K665 James Gibson M19 55:35
print GG687 Mason Wiebe M19 55:42
print U379 Ryan Grashow M19 56:24
print SS881 Jake Cunningham M19 56:46
print RR307 Charlie Huddleston M19 57:10
print J285 Elijah Philipp M19 57:26
print S703 Chris Watson M19 57:51
print EE047 Aaron Konetski M19 58:11
print EE445 Zachary Baer M19 58:13
print GG206 Greg Rybczynski M19 58:19
print RR424 Ryan Gerni M19 58:28
print K785 John Poehler M19 58:48
print R791 Nicacio Luna M19 58:49
print U010 Forrest Buckner M19 59:16
print HH866 Todd Cruise M19 59:21
print R605 Ryan Firth M19 59:27
print K042 Lance King M19 59:34
print E494 Tetsuya Ogawa M19 59:51
print QQ694 Brian Russell M19 1:00:06
print L898 Joseph Herrera M19 1:00:49
print KK220 Marc Crecelius M19 1:01:02
print KK078 Gabe Glinsky M19 1:01:09
print MM157 Brian Funk M19 1:01:19
print K576 Matt Bourke M19 1:02:12
print JJ852 Dave Sharman M19 1:02:31
print HH011 Paul Pankonin M19 1:03:16
print Q879 Mike Bowers M19 1:03:22
print Y121 Alvaro Torrico M19 1:03:30
print LL405 Torrin Hultgren M19 1:04:02
print R489 Mike Piscarcik M19 1:04:09
print H780 Hunter Mortensen M19 1:05:00
print QQ006 Raul Rodriguez M19 1:05:15
print N038 Ron DeForest M19 1:05:32
print T221 Brian Troccoli M19 1:05:52
print ZZ532 Ryan Goodwin M19 1:06:06
print WW616 Brandon Crouch M19 1:06:17
print H367 Tony Ariniello M19 1:06:26
print S163 Zach Hahn M19 1:09:05
print N016 Hoctabiano Campos M19 1:09:26
print TT279 Josh Berman M19 1:09:36
print PP592 Nick Curzio M19 1:10:46
print N136 Tony Williams M19 1:11:58
print MM833 Paul Covell M19 1:13:07
print OO053 Joe VanCourt M19 1:14:09
print B640 Adam Valdes M19 1:18:51
print Q588 Brandon Williams M19 1:20:30
print WW416 Toru Fukaya M19 1:20:50
print PP796 Mike Zadigian M19 1:20:52
print OO174 Phillip Held M19 1:22:54
print Q885 Phil Willey M19 1:23:16
print R200 Michael Fiorella M19 1:25:08
print W853 Matt Kevan M19 1:27:11
print OO399 Robert Matindale M19 1:27:18
print QQ672 Seth Thornton M19 1:27:57
print NN195 Adam Trapani M19 1:29:05
print U135 Joseph Eichenauer M19 1:30:41
print F821 Michael Sandoval M19 1:33:31
print ZZ090 Jay Mountjoy M19 1:33:44
print XX666 Hardik Khatri M19 1:35:50
print Z228 Justin Rende M19 1:36:27
print Y742 Greg Brennan M19 1:47:47
print NN269 Mark Miller M19 1:50:09
print XX416 Brendan Connolly M19 1:53:02
print S176 Abelulleh Alshaiji M19 1:54:51
print QQ661 Abe Denmark M19 2:04:14
print S100 Mohammed Altourah M19 2:09:01
print Y019 Jason Foos M19 2:19:53
print G285 ASHEESH AHUJA M19 2:59:40

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