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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A208 Chad DiPrince M22 32:21
print A281 Chris Borton M22 34:16
print AA672 Robert Bouws M22 34:29
print A497 James White II M22 35:51
print SS147 Dustin Ence M22 36:24
print A500 Alan Trites M22 36:41
print AA455 Joel Fetter M22 36:59
print AA741 Noe Perez M22 37:14
print AA399 Doug Friman M22 37:41
print AA476 John Eurighe M22 38:02
print A496 Jeff Becker M22 38:23
print AA622 Scott McRae M22 38:58
print AA457 Danny Lopez M22 39:32
print BB365 Kyle Jensen M22 39:44
print MM849 Tim Jenkins M22 40:06
print AA883 Jayson Bass M22 41:26
print BB451 Ben Hadwen M22 41:51
print FF363 Christian Hendrickson M22 42:23
print BB577 BJ Candella M22 42:31
print B412 Michael Ingram M22 42:33
print AA624 Ryan Siebert M22 42:53
print AA195 Damien Spikereit M22 43:03
print R359 Patrick Hayes M22 43:04
print DD891 Rob Goodwin M22 43:09
print K849 Chris Ryan M22 43:40
print F785 Daniel Calley M22 43:46
print N359 William Welcher M22 43:51
print CC035 David Ryerson M22 44:02
print BB764 Jason Meck M22 44:19
print F792 Ralph Gomez M22 44:19
print BB060 David Bragg M22 44:55
print D281 Douglas Sgt. Cuneo M22 45:16
print P768 Michael Dickinson M22 45:34
print OO510 Larry Robinson COMMA Jr. M22 46:00
print MM847 Robert McCoy M22 46:07
print AA503 Ken Work M22 46:12
print FF117 Matthew Schnoor M22 46:14
print HH256 Jason Schmidt M22 46:14
print KK010 Greg Eynon M22 46:18
print D386 Lhakpa Sherpa M22 46:19
print BB108 Jeff Bohl M22 46:20
print J016 Brock Johnson M22 46:32
print C292 Andrew Wiener M22 46:44
print GG130 Dax Chenevert M22 46:46
print B310 Brian VanBuskirk M22 47:05
print SS810 Seth Wheeler M22 47:07
print I074 Paul E. Soulier M22 47:14
print CC034 Jason McGlaughlin M22 47:18
print B616 Jeff Trohkimoinen M22 47:27
print MM850 Jeff Robinson M22 47:34
print D709 Michael Dickinson M22 47:34
print FF380 Justin Herring M22 47:36
print GG430 Todd Atanasoff M22 47:40
print CC335 Scott Welch M22 47:47
print DD218 Eric Melander M22 47:58
print J350 Daren Crosby M22 48:03
print H779 Ryan Schendzielos M22 48:10
print FF450 Jonathan Sackheim M22 48:11
print GG891 Chris Hall M22 48:30
print BB183 Don Olguin COMMA Jr. M22 48:49
print T399 Joshua Mitchell M22 49:00
print C366 Christopher Vogelsong M22 49:04
print HH601 Joseph Austin M22 49:10
print E301 Brandon Henry M22 49:13
print F669 Tim Jones M22 49:28
print NN808 Erik Phillips M22 49:34
print D763 Eugene Huffine M22 49:38
print RR014 Travis Valentine M22 49:40
print EE170 Andrew Nickerson M22 49:47
print EE073 Chad Greedy M22 50:00
print GG259 Paul Glanz Jr. M22 50:14
print KK057 T.J. Giuli M22 50:14
print I133 Shawn Chavez M22 50:17
print D027 David Grattan M22 50:23
print R528 Max Morel M22 50:32
print GG155 Jason Ortiz M22 50:43
print OO293 Philip Staib M22 50:44
print C729 Ryan Fandrich M22 50:57
print GG665 Keith Holley M22 51:00
print P820 Michael Caulkins M22 51:05
print BB817 Gavin Tierney M22 51:06
print FF312 Chris Pfaff M22 51:13
print ZZ145 Kris Padilla M22 51:25
print E528 Abel Corral M22 51:51
print HH803 Marcos Carvalho M22 52:11
print D137 Matthew Shaw M22 52:24
print GG052 Brett Sanders M22 52:37
print KK351 Brian Methner M22 52:39
print F450 Ryan Jack M22 52:41
print Q816 Matthew Leavitt M22 52:42
print K365 Jonathan Pacic M22 52:56
print P594 Steven Mosher M22 53:03
print QQ450 James Geer M22 53:09
print R529 Joe LaRue M22 53:15
print OO813 Chris Voehl M22 53:17
print SS521 Justin Nittman M22 53:21
print H890 Will Farrell M22 53:37
print MM788 Jeff Groves M22 53:42
print K068 John Holderman M22 53:57
print M511 Steven McKenzie M22 54:01
print RR855 Jim Krzyzaniak M22 54:04
print KK142 Christopher Williams M22 54:11
print T586 Jeremy Phillips M22 54:42
print S437 Brandon Markgraf M22 54:54
print H321 Corey Jones M22 54:58
print Q783 Scott Gilpin M22 55:04
print N631 Jeremy Wescoat M22 55:10
print EE499 Jason Boyd M22 55:26
print G820 Jeff Bishop M22 55:45
print H276 Max Weber M22 55:46
print Q289 John Jackson M22 55:54
print H783 Seung Lee M22 55:59
print S183 Eric Redinger M22 56:17
print S367 Aaron Fries M22 56:28
print TT627 Scott Bennion M22 56:39
print OO295 Rob Hale M22 56:40
print LL221 Jjoseph Laber M22 56:40
print U151 Patrick Fowler M22 56:55
print P227 Eric Barendsen M22 57:29
print FF451 Daniel Hernandez M22 57:35
print F625 Adam Bishop M22 57:52
print MM277 Richard Bair M22 58:15
print P308 Nathan Kuhl M22 58:23
print HH632 Evan Harris M22 58:50
print M771 Jonathan Keller M22 58:55
print QQ823 Douglas Faulkner M22 59:06
print TT660 Dane Jessen M22 59:11
print H332 Greg Bartels M22 59:58
print JJ242 Toby Morehead M22 1:00:20
print P868 Mike Pereira M22 1:00:26
print LL257 Michael Melanson M22 1:00:30
print RR435 Erik Rissler M22 1:00:37
print JJ866 Seth Bohart M22 1:01:07
print JJ804 Brad Hogan M22 1:01:37
print LL162 John Pearson M22 1:02:04
print I220 Marc Robinson M22 1:02:19
print OO273 Jarrod Bruner M22 1:02:24
print OO274 Chris Eastway M22 1:02:31
print I720 Chris Miller M22 1:02:34
print P598 Joshua Fields M22 1:02:43
print S391 Michael MacDonald M22 1:02:59
print QQ622 Chris Tomeo M22 1:03:32
print R718 Bob Dittman M22 1:03:46
print L428 Ben Graves M22 1:03:49
print QQ286 Ted Bakanel M22 1:03:50
print OO321 Brian Barker M22 1:04:00
print P412 Tom Doust M22 1:04:14
print MM085 Tom Rushing M22 1:04:56
print N232 Matt Douville M22 1:05:03
print LL161 Travis Doris M22 1:05:23
print N231 Donald Sarno M22 1:05:30
print Q472 Michael Israelson M22 1:05:35
print OO159 Robert Sousa M22 1:05:50
print R098 Joshua Jensen M22 1:06:22
print FF347 Patrick Higgins M22 1:07:05
print S196 Chris Vigil M22 1:07:19
print VV004 Damian Modorado M22 1:07:25
print VV015 James Wiager M22 1:07:44
print RR171 John Sieg M22 1:07:51
print Q461 Jonathan Wong M22 1:08:12
print P449 Andrew Clyne M22 1:08:52
print L246 Max Turner M22 1:09:06
print PP516 Nathan Mondragon M22 1:10:05
print LL290 David Gregory M22 1:10:11
print HH602 Kimberly Austin M22 1:11:05
print R720 Derek Steinhagen M22 1:11:47
print M027 Nathan Fritzler M22 1:11:54
print OO735 Harry Bash M22 1:12:10
print T759 Michael Prough M22 1:12:50
print GG269 Rob Timmons M22 1:13:00
print H667 Ross Douglas M22 1:13:11
print RR784 Fred Jackson M22 1:14:48
print PP606 Bradley Broecker M22 1:14:48
print R463 Matthew Haley M22 1:15:17
print MM290 Richard Bair M22 1:16:41
print MM283 Wallace Powell M22 1:16:43
print QQ623 Matthew Moore M22 1:18:17
print N652 Kevin Daly M22 1:18:43
print QQ088 Peter Cieslar M22 1:21:35
print R099 Ross McClenahan M22 1:23:28
print X801 Michael Walter M22 1:24:45
print NN230 Dan Hoppe M22 1:25:36
print W264 Joshua Meyer M22 1:33:25
print NN222 Arthur Cupps M22 1:34:08
print TT648 Brian Williams M22 1:34:32
print X122 Chad Rangel M22 1:36:07
print YY469 Gabriel Castaway M22 1:42:20
print W900 Mike Jochim M22 1:48:45
print G491 Paul Beattie M22 1:50:54
print VV872 Jim Karolak M22 1:53:33
print L702 Greg Hendrick M22 1:57:19
print D288 Matthew Biedon M22 2:30:05
print N660 Tom Worrall M22 2:59:00

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