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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A155 James Giveans M28 31:53
print A184 Gabino Toledo M28 32:00
print A217 Stan Emery M28 33:25
print A322 Geoffrey Douglas M28 33:32
print A446 Andre Raveling M28 34:19
print A194 Anthony Prenni M28 34:34
print A053 George Zack M28 34:42
print A417 Matt Maske M28 34:47
print A213 Matt Kretchmar M28 35:08
print A294 Greg Walters M28 35:19
print A061 James Faeder M28 35:33
print A435 Doug Agne M28 36:37
print A393 Scott Glenn M28 37:19
print AA340 Zack Spencer M28 37:35
print A032 Dan Thorson M28 37:47
print A428 Michael Ryan M28 37:49
print AA823 Jeff Hildebrandt M28 37:59
print B688 Neal Oseland M28 38:56
print A082 Jason Kaminski M28 39:19
print AA855 Curt Nuncio M28 39:21
print AA671 Mark Ruth M28 39:23
print C320 Brad McLean M28 39:35
print B190 Duane Primozich M28 39:43
print AA032 Ed Gille M28 39:44
print A144 Robert Wood M28 39:56
print AA393 Dean Prok M28 40:00
print B596 Travis Victory M28 40:06
print A216 Brian Taladay M28 40:19
print B624 Eric Buxman M28 40:20
print AA467 Paul Collins M28 40:22
print AA541 Mike Trueblood M28 40:25
print U471 Daniel Hall M28 40:38
print F345 Alex Hess M28 40:42
print BB581 Paul Armstrong M28 40:53
print AA817 John Ganiere M28 41:02
print A192 Hitoshi Kanazawa M28 41:24
print F085 Flip Herndon M28 41:36
print AA125 Rob Fagan M28 41:43
print C569 Kevin Heinicke M28 41:44
print R440 Daniel O'Brien M28 41:53
print C610 John Novak M28 41:55
print B895 Gary Stevens M28 42:12
print SS294 Mark Alvarado M28 42:15
print BB584 Dean Klingner M28 42:23
print BB444 Tony Bleuze M28 42:29
print B076 Joshua Robinson M28 42:29
print F199 Shannon Peck M28 42:31
print B555 Chris Huyer M28 42:36
print I167 Brian Barrett M28 42:40
print BB857 Patrick Dowd M28 42:42
print DD600 Chris Jacobson M28 42:47
print HH396 Ian Williamson M28 42:48
print B061 Seth Portner M28 42:50
print FF561 Jeff Teplitz M28 43:14
print C500 Randall Preble M28 43:20
print BB855 Karl Meier M28 43:21
print B161 Damon Craft M28 43:24
print BB670 Luke Bemis M28 43:45
print B839 Todd Haavind M28 43:48
print F457 Charles Shafer M28 43:48
print AA764 Keith Arnold M28 43:52
print BB634 Gavin Gillette M28 43:54
print KK407 Cory Schmidt M28 43:55
print D224 Kline Kelly M28 44:01
print D583 David Coldiron M28 44:02
print D221 Kevin Seeman M28 44:09
print P816 Troy Herrera M28 44:15
print DD212 Robert Cornman M28 44:17
print L317 Terry Hall M28 44:25
print B162 Chris Shaffer M28 44:28
print D457 Joel Spencer M28 44:35
print C756 Stephen Fater M28 44:38
print OO354 Scott Schroff M28 44:38
print BB307 Tracy Kugle M28 44:41
print C724 David Reeves M28 44:43
print AA824 Francis Kelly M28 44:48
print CC823 Tom Quinn M28 44:57
print CC159 Michael Scholl M28 45:06
print FF533 Brian Adams M28 45:31
print C796 Micah Loring M28 45:31
print H107 Stan Gajda M28 45:34
print CC225 Scott Filion M28 45:38
print BB702 Donald Lopezi M28 45:48
print F002 Robb Heaton M28 45:57
print G523 Dan Ericson M28 46:00
print FF197 Joe Clark M28 46:01
print QQ251 Craig Jarvis M28 46:04
print FF752 Scott Spaulding M28 46:08
print E690 Kurt Brocko M28 46:14
print FF632 Stephanie Lecomte M28 46:21
print D864 Steve Majors M28 46:26
print SS899 Michael Connolly M28 46:26
print GG468 Dave Dombrowski M28 46:33
print D033 Alan Sanfey M28 46:39
print HH793 Drew Davis M28 46:46
print D042 Steve Wimmer M28 46:47
print KK404 Glenn Smith M28 46:50
print F359 Paul Gildersleeve M28 46:58
print F543 T.J. O'Rourke M28 47:03
print C596 Paul Wisniewski M28 47:08
print CC765 Gavin Pritchard M28 47:09
print FF806 Bryan Allen M28 47:10
print OO609 Mitch Behm M28 47:13
print BB896 Ken Black M28 47:16
print DD591 Corey Rodriguez M28 47:22
print P024 Erik Anderson M28 47:24
print QQ124 Kurt Frank M28 47:25
print C633 Scott Starr M28 47:30
print CC659 Daniel Inman M28 47:39
print B649 Scott Below M28 47:49
print BB453 Craig Dorroh M28 47:53
print JJ460 Keith Lepsch M28 47:54
print EE497 Nathan Tolzmann M28 47:57
print C090 Tim Wieland M28 47:57
print FF012 Jonathan Nixon M28 47:59
print J268 Andy Ruben M28 48:04
print BB077 Todd Cramer M28 48:04
print CC007 Lester Bowen M28 48:10
print D533 Skip Gardner M28 48:10
print DD030 Travis McKercher M28 48:14
print GG363 Paul Breckon M28 48:15
print DD832 Calgary Jackson M28 48:21
print FF252 Zackary Paben M28 48:21
print I003 John Ennis M28 48:24
print B053 Brian Geraghey M28 48:27
print I364 Hal Writer M28 48:29
print KK272 Kip Kuhn M28 48:29
print C367 Joe Jennings M28 48:29
print FF302 Bryan Smith M28 48:30
print T003 Clint Henderson M28 48:32
print LL354 Andreas Chizzali M28 48:33
print J674 Darren Kurpecky M28 48:39
print D151 Brent Fassett M28 48:39
print B223 Jason McHugh M28 48:39
print D335 Michael Bleier M28 48:45
print Q834 Jim Wnorowski M28 48:46
print N111 Chris Carbino M28 48:46
print CC506 Darin Snow M28 48:48
print QQ360 Steve Thilker M28 48:50
print D894 Shaun Carmody M28 48:51
print GG466 Peter Anno M28 48:58
print BB586 Jason Hevelone M28 48:59
print DD450 Geoff Ochsner M28 48:59
print H251 Kevin Densmore M28 49:05
print R262 J Dreyer M28 49:07
print D218 Frederico Valdez III M28 49:14
print HH772 Samuel Turney M28 49:19
print EE877 Coleman Wise M28 49:21
print F874 Jeff Sorkness M28 49:23
print D254 Mark Eilers M28 49:24
print FF033 Wade Branstetter M28 49:27
print L570 Noel Franklin M28 49:28
print CC205 Craig Maxwell M28 49:34
print JJ554 Timothy Kulick M28 49:37
print CC543 Chad Crawford M28 49:38
print D450 Paul Skach M28 49:44
print GG631 Gary Wheeler M28 49:51
print CC392 Jon Branch M28 49:56
print EE060 Charley Pinkerton M28 49:58
print HH555 Matt Armbrustmacher M28 50:01
print H844 Todd Thomas M28 50:06
print DD873 Erich Martin M28 50:08
print ZZ132 Ray Freeman M28 50:09
print CC789 Greg Anderson M28 50:10
print E357 Jamie Redmond M28 50:11
print SS867 Nick Rizzo M28 50:16
print J807 Erik Anderson M28 50:16
print H505 Gary Worthley M28 50:16
print D245 Shannon Clute M28 50:19
print D634 Alan Switzer M28 50:21
print R015 Tracy Wilcox M28 50:21
print I749 Brad Jensen M28 50:22
print P170 Terence Ott M28 50:28
print MM708 Cameron Strobel M28 50:30
print T632 Chris Howson M28 50:36
print D892 Timothy Sheehan M28 50:43
print D462 Andrew Diamond M28 50:45
print Q218 Dave Garcia M28 50:48
print MM397 Marc Paolino M28 50:50
print BB463 Dennis Burkhardt M28 50:50
print D412 Andy Finney M28 50:51
print HH477 Christopher Wilshire M28 51:10
print FF822 Matthew Hibbard M28 51:13
print HH896 Kent Stephens M28 51:19
print CC724 James Moss M28 51:24
print D855 Doug Tollin M28 51:24
print F468 Dave Rosen M28 51:25
print K393 Douglas Gibb M28 51:28
print F534 Brian Weber M28 51:28
print H236 Scott Bailey M28 51:39
print NN391 Drew Wallace M28 51:46
print Y689 Brett Beard M28 51:48
print F754 Brian Taracena M28 52:04
print MM265 Steve Anist M28 52:08
print OO222 Daniel Yamagish M28 52:10
print C085 Jason Kingham M28 52:13
print J446 Roland Fortin M28 52:19
print K349 Nick Schandoncy M28 52:30
print R563 Jeff Hager M28 52:31
print U617 John Karsten M28 52:35

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