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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A157 Richard Dissly M32 32:39
print A102 - Laubster M32 32:52
print AA420 Antonio Holguin M32 33:28
print A439 Matthew VonThun M32 33:46
print A321 Rusty Collins M32 34:13
print A300 Klages Detlef M32 35:50
print A291 Daniel Bisque M32 35:52
print A120 R.L. Smith M32 36:33
print A123 Rich Lundeen M32 36:39
print A142 Stephen Fether M32 36:56
print A039 Mark Miller M32 37:06
print A027 Mark Roberts M32 37:26
print A400 Jim Franklin M32 37:38
print A385 Brian Hunter M32 37:46
print AA197 David Rand M32 37:54
print AA732 Will Burkhart M32 38:16
print A077 Kraig Koski M32 38:55
print AA363 Greg McClure M32 38:57
print AA405 Philip Biggs M32 39:12
print AA679 Brad Cooper M32 39:21
print AA669 Don Sims M32 39:22
print B293 Paul Butterly COMMA Jr. M32 39:41
print AA526 Brian Johnson M32 39:41
print AA684 Christopher Johnston M32 40:02
print AA329 Neil Forrest M32 40:06
print AA063 Stuart Proffit M32 40:11
print BB556 Scott Dailey M32 40:12
print B311 Matt Bridenbaugh M32 40:18
print AA151 Hilario J Vargas M32 40:18
print B727 Michael VanDerBosch M32 40:24
print B613 John Sieker M32 40:25
print AA773 Tim Hjellum M32 40:29
print AA543 Peter Cannici M32 40:33
print AA475 David Finn M32 40:33
print AA415 Peter Mandell M32 40:44
print AA388 Chris Poulet M32 40:52
print AA897 Alex Hill M32 41:10
print OO893 Gerald Fincken M32 41:22
print AA770 Kyle Kolakowski M32 41:42
print AA582 Anthony Gardunio M32 41:46
print B324 Rob Hahn M32 41:59
print C541 Steve Bueche M32 42:07
print AA345 David Daer M32 42:11
print BB133 Steve Wozniak M32 42:17
print BB437 Michael Carter M32 42:18
print J184 Brett Nickal M32 42:19
print BB798 Jeff Deisch M32 42:27
print B410 C J Davis M32 42:27
print FF712 Ted Harris M32 42:36
print B073 Michael Steinbach M32 42:45
print AA850 Andre McKnight M32 42:48
print BB243 Craig Nockels M32 42:50
print H569 Charles Bidinger M32 42:53
print B710 Shaun McDonough M32 42:53
print B065 Glen Delman M32 42:53
print B166 Derek Brouwer M32 42:57
print BB353 Bob Kettenhofen M32 42:59
print K120 Steve Loose M32 43:17
print B475 Chris Herdie M32 43:22
print C489 David Edwards M32 43:30
print C467 Rich Brown M32 43:35
print K219 Brad Atchison M32 43:37
print BB203 Scott Livingstone M32 43:58
print B509 Bruce Denton M32 44:09
print I558 Fletcher Stone M32 44:10
print B820 Halsey Hall M32 44:12
print CC561 Scott Smallwood M32 44:14
print GG410 Clay Kark-French M32 44:16
print BB302 Eric Hippe M32 44:16
print BB175 Marc Hoyle M32 44:19
print B205 Mike Hankins M32 44:20
print DD643 John Vanderlaan M32 44:39
print D210 Steve Cassidy M32 44:42
print KK505 Rad Arner M32 44:48
print KK871 Chris Nichols M32 44:51
print C286 Jerardo Reyes M32 44:52
print K569 Monty Cavanagh M32 44:56
print C565 Michael Wenk M32 44:57
print LL356 Bill Cooper M32 44:57
print EE188 Glen Kice M32 45:07
print DD293 David Kirk M32 45:13
print BB681 Dean Palmquist M32 45:27
print HH783 Richard Tan M32 45:40
print BB330 Howard Solomon M32 45:42
print CC092 Kevin Baker M32 45:50
print F061 Dave Kresl M32 45:54
print BB316 Darren Moffitt M32 46:01
print C204 Robert Shapiro M32 46:01
print HH889 Paul Koenig M32 46:12
print C463 James Trainor M32 46:17
print C280 Robert Sander M32 46:19
print C782 Earl Seeger M32 46:24
print C696 Chris Duran M32 46:37
print BB872 Gerald Kissinger M32 46:44
print CC582 Phil Robins M32 46:50
print D278 Marcel Hunter M32 47:01
print C453 John Hamilton M32 47:04
print C475 Miller Schuck M32 47:10
print QQ170 Joseph Martin M32 47:13
print I376 Mike Briare M32 47:20
print BB845 Brian Hoffmann M32 47:21
print I356 Paul Choate M32 47:28
print BB210 Paul Sommer M32 47:34
print MM600 Michael Anthony M32 47:37
print D803 Vince Doerr M32 47:44
print L412 Steve Stewart M32 47:46
print D068 Paul David M32 47:50
print C644 Dan Finnerty M32 48:01
print FF897 Robert Glowczewsky M32 48:02
print DD283 Tarik Taybi M32 48:06
print D510 Hoyt Brown M32 48:18
print CC380 Michael Snow M32 48:21
print B837 Roger Miller M32 48:21
print C713 Chuck Lee M32 48:25
print C359 Steve Young M32 48:25
print I363 Bart Writer M32 48:28
print C555 John Hatch M32 48:31
print GG745 Michael McNamara M32 48:32
print FF049 Daniel Wade M32 48:35
print N700 Scott Kleski M32 48:35
print C681 Norman Schultz M32 48:40
print B264 Rob Cervantes M32 48:44
print L099 Craig Pearson M32 48:46
print HH282 Tom Celano M32 48:53
print F072 Bruce Cook M32 48:56
print EE469 Granville Lloyd M32 49:00
print D667 Amy Siefert M32 49:01
print G809 Greg Benz M32 49:02
print K841 Rob Kelly M32 49:07
print BB838 Joe Peterson M32 49:13
print GG715 Dave Novak M32 49:15
print D675 Chris Watson M32 49:16
print BB654 Ray Churgovich M32 49:21
print BB898 S. Raghavan M32 49:21
print HH151 Dave Johnson M32 49:21
print GG480 Tom Doyle M32 49:22
print DD051 David Graham M32 49:22
print K662 Patrick Ericsson M32 49:23
print CC660 Todd Gathright M32 49:23
print EE211 Paul DeLong M32 49:25
print T166 Marc Ladygh M32 49:26
print SS263 Drew Bolin M32 49:28
print D029 John Pezzuti M32 49:36
print J398 Bill Whelan M32 49:39
print EE127 Eric Hilty M32 49:42
print T686 Chris Walsweer M32 49:43
print BB805 Cameron Feir M32 49:48
print SS295 Blake Bradshaw M32 49:48
print H194 Paul Berberion M32 49:50
print GG372 Kelly Leid M32 49:54
print FF354 Brian Smiley M32 50:00
print LL544 Ken Last M32 50:02
print N293 Christopher Kennedy M32 50:06
print OO015 Bob Everson M32 50:08
print Q829 Dariusz Wiecha M32 50:16
print CC606 Patrick Hoey M32 50:18
print OO189 John Raby M32 50:19
print JJ664 Patrick Libra M32 50:21
print I895 Don Backstrom M32 50:38
print J148 Junichi Aiboshi M32 50:40
print FF122 Craig Wittenbrink M32 50:40
print H547 Jerry Regan M32 50:52
print HH251 Thomas Kearns M32 50:53
print HH556 Matthew Evans M32 50:55
print D328 Ryan Benine M32 50:55
print F193 Jeff Lee M32 51:01
print P797 Joe Benvegnue M32 51:02
print AA687 Charles Riley M32 51:02
print CC494 Darren Miller M32 51:03
print OO125 Chad Kraske M32 51:04
print MM588 Dave Fish M32 51:07
print EE526 Sergio Colmenero M32 51:11
print H843 Eric Brummond M32 51:14
print DD870 Frank Lambertus M32 51:19
print GG094 Norbert Teufelberger M32 51:25
print G252 Craig Davis M32 51:29
print P763 Spencer Dietrich M32 51:30
print N047 Kurt Breitenstein M32 51:33
print FF104 John Nichols M32 51:38
print DD859 Daniel Ortega M32 51:40
print R478 David Strauss M32 51:41
print J645 Steven Shelanskey M32 51:44
print EE656 Eric Lentz M32 51:46
print H689 Bob Little M32 51:59
print FF099 Albert Ioppolo M32 52:00
print LL839 Tyler Christensen M32 52:01
print JJ189 Bernard Hershfeldt M32 52:02
print U163 Casey R. Brown M32 52:11
print GG142 James Walther M32 52:14
print L352 Scott Brooks M32 52:28
print QQ211 Andy Bell M32 52:32
print I038 Tom Doland M32 52:33
print EE463 Tim Mahoney M32 52:36
print SS001 Phil Gustafson M32 52:38
print R678 Van Boudreau M32 52:46
print CC395 James Ferranto M32 52:50
print EE518 Douglas Snyder M32 52:50
print N860 Greg Woodward M32 52:54
print EE652 Andy Kulina M32 53:00
print Q630 Dean Flora M32 53:04

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