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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A158 Andy Ames M35 31:53
print A352 James Wooldridge M35 32:52
print A416 Lawrence Alesch M35 34:37
print A048 Troy Pickett M35 35:00
print A182 Glynde Mangum M35 35:03
print A289 Kevin Bax M35 35:37
print A279 Steve Krebs M35 35:50
print A079 Rob Runkel M35 36:16
print A312 Peter Hopkins M35 36:23
print A265 Mitch Schieffer M35 36:25
print A262 Scott Bainbridge M35 36:26
print A173 Tim Mickelborough M35 36:38
print A116 Charles Bolster M35 37:32
print FF078 Dean Frease M35 37:38
print AA354 Ross Stelljes M35 38:01
print A151 Brian Sperry M35 38:15
print A146 Henk Moorlag M35 38:16
print AA325 Russel Stark M35 38:29
print A133 Jeff Recker M35 38:41
print AA401 Dan Tomlin M35 38:54
print AA147 Mark Larter M35 39:00
print G210 Sam Callan M35 39:06
print A409 Dan Daly M35 39:11
print A064 Steve Roch M35 39:22
print AA603 Stuart Siekmeier M35 39:22
print AA123 George Frushour M35 39:26
print AA062 Mark Long M35 39:40
print AA328 Joseph Piccoli M35 39:42
print AA617 Ron Michaels M35 39:44
print AA498 Jeff Sweetman M35 39:52
print AA815 Richard Boyan M35 40:04
print AA869 Robert Kennedy M35 40:26
print GG629 Brent Christensen M35 40:30
print B683 Henry Galleher M35 40:37
print AA820 Stephen Prefontaine M35 40:58
print AA738 Bryant Samson M35 41:18
print B569 Hamid Zanjani M35 41:18
print C568 George Mullen M35 41:25
print B106 Douglas Dillard M35 41:26
print AA173 Eric Erickson M35 41:36
print AA169 Bill Bertsch M35 41:54
print AA489 Jeffrey Smith M35 41:57
print BB062 David Jensen M35 41:58
print B501 Leonard Allen M35 42:10
print I629 Steven Slotter M35 42:12
print C051 Robert Kanick M35 42:16
print MM365 John Reynolds M35 42:16
print B152 Ben Wachob M35 42:22
print B078 Michael Birdsong M35 42:37
print B695 Robin East M35 42:38
print C135 Victor Cohen M35 42:41
print AA172 Paul Hooge M35 42:47
print BB270 Brett Daugherty M35 42:51
print B407 Ken Harrison M35 42:59
print AA585 Joel Duttera M35 43:01
print DD867 Antony Valentine M35 43:11
print AA667 Greg Sekera M35 43:20
print A423 Richard Prenderville M35 43:20
print B822 Mike King M35 43:24
print DD449 Steven Toot M35 43:27
print DD590 Kevin Fitzpatrick M35 43:30
print B088 Christopher Davis M35 43:33
print BB520 Thomas Bradfield M35 43:35
print BB263 Michael Kokes M35 43:52
print C284 Gregory Moran M35 44:10
print B107 Ken Foley M35 44:12
print D192 Dudley Emmert M35 44:20
print D525 Tom MacKenzie M35 44:23
print D084 Renato Eccher M35 44:26
print B295 Thomas Hoffman M35 44:27
print I845 Thomas Hooyer M35 44:41
print BB258 Richard Einhellig M35 44:46
print CC228 Bernard Masterson M35 44:46
print L015 Roy Ziegler M35 44:59
print GG516 Tom Ritz M35 45:03
print B408 James Samuel M35 45:11
print AA538 Ben Litoff M35 45:16
print BB042 Kris Schoech M35 45:17
print B299 Brian Kidnay M35 45:23
print CC415 Ramon Roth M35 45:23
print AA367 David Cannon M35 45:25
print BB337 James Knoll M35 45:31
print BB318 Kevin Kinnear M35 45:32
print C312 Kerry Monroe M35 45:34
print BB117 Paul Dohrmann M35 45:35
print F811 Allan Parr M35 45:36
print BB676 Charles Garcia M35 45:37
print DD632 Robert Ronzio M35 45:41
print D653 Greg Gruba M35 45:50
print B488 Oscar Rangel M35 45:52
print C362 Pete Dauphinais M35 45:54
print BB188 Michael Wrzos M35 45:55
print BB104 Robert Pyle M35 46:01
print C479 David Scheele M35 46:04
print BB089 Craig White M35 46:04
print BB636 Derek Passarelli M35 46:14
print GG724 Derrick Baloo M35 46:15
print C552 Steve King M35 46:16
print C769 David Castro M35 46:24
print BB609 Karl Van Hook M35 46:24
print J273 Andrew Graziano M35 46:27
print CC721 Roger Powell M35 46:30
print CC065 Duane Kerr M35 46:33
print FF321 Brent Dix M35 46:33
print D836 Drew Goodman M35 46:37
print CC448 Merritt Deeter M35 46:43
print BB386 Kevin Rieden M35 46:47
print D385 Doug Gail M35 46:48
print J202 Blair McNea M35 46:48
print D414 Mark Snyder M35 46:56
print D081 Gregory Krauth M35 46:58
print B777 Jeff Waterhouse M35 46:59
print BB180 Greg Pestka M35 47:03
print KK167 Cris Silverberg M35 47:04
print CC043 John Thelen M35 47:09
print BB606 Jerry Teague M35 47:20
print FF838 Stephen Singer M35 47:21
print G417 Philip Simmons M35 47:24
print C670 Ian Vail M35 47:28
print SS866 Ray Carvso M35 47:33
print C676 Wentzell Hamner M35 47:33
print KK427 Nick Mastronardi M35 47:35
print C786 James Tatten M35 47:36
print C478 Jim Boehmler M35 47:41
print BB287 Rob Bloomquist M35 47:43
print R758 Mitchell Friedman M35 47:44
print R375 Bill Faragher M35 47:48
print BB790 Chris Mueser M35 47:55
print M109 Richard Freigang M35 47:58
print G592 Robert Curtis M35 48:00
print D267 Thomas Alvarado M35 48:00
print LL616 Jon Hans M35 48:01
print BB096 Dennis Shartz M35 48:02
print B366 Jim Camerlo M35 48:03
print D537 Matthew Perkins M35 48:05
print F336 Doug Van Riper M35 48:05
print C537 Mark Dinkel M35 48:06
print BB380 Doug Beltman M35 48:07
print D630 Rod Lucero M35 48:11
print BB286 Matt Voss M35 48:12
print D587 Curtis Newell M35 48:18
print FF651 Jim Johnston M35 48:20
print BB664 Joe Gance M35 48:26
print BB048 Frank Shafer M35 48:27
print BB061 Andy Mirkis M35 48:29
print BB888 Gary Counts M35 48:29
print D256 Ty Carroll M35 48:39
print D837 Phil Bolstad M35 48:42
print D089 Thomas Felt M35 48:42
print BB007 James Lane M35 49:04
print BB673 Mike Stano M35 49:07
print D467 Bill Troy M35 49:10
print CC899 Michael Marcotte M35 49:13
print F148 Paul Sorenson M35 49:21
print Q591 Jim Green M35 49:22
print C468 Shad Mehl M35 49:22
print K717 Phil McCoy M35 49:23
print EE733 Jim Faris M35 49:25
print HH074 David Greenwood M35 49:29
print DD376 Martin Smith M35 49:33
print CC783 Ralph Quan M35 49:34
print C365 Frank Chrisbens M35 49:37
print I432 Matthew Driscoll M35 49:37
print QQ315 John Adams M35 49:37
print FF899 Maurice Atkin M35 49:47
print DD830 Scott Schneider M35 49:50
print D799 John Rigg M35 49:53
print DD610 Larry Young M35 49:54
print BB167 Mitchell Silver M35 49:57
print L863 Philip Hicks M35 49:57
print GG625 Mark Dillingham M35 49:59
print CC722 Mark Kooser M35 50:02
print CC522 Charles F. Auten M35 50:03
print D090 David Heard M35 50:04
print KK400 Jim Bryant M35 50:05
print H767 Torsten Wiegand M35 50:06
print GG188 Carlos Garcia M35 50:08
print F323 James Cacari M35 50:13
print HH864 Joseph Walser M35 50:14
print D449 Michael Warner M35 50:14
print MM742 Randy Repola M35 50:14
print D175 Sam Benz M35 50:20
print BB518 Abe Jr. Plummer M35 50:22
print I701 Tom Wetzel M35 50:22
print MM096 Juan Alvarado M35 50:29
print G516 Steven Ruff M35 50:38
print K508 Gilberto Salazar M35 50:40
print JJ500 Brad Kusick M35 50:44
print K728 Meers Oppenheim M35 50:48
print CC086 Roger Brooks M35 50:55
print F319 Dave Bell M35 50:58
print D132 Robert Brown M35 51:00
print SS525 Scott Cherek M35 51:02
print CC766 Donald Van Anne M35 51:06
print QQ850 Ivan Jackson M35 51:10
print OO869 Jon Tattershall M35 51:14
print EE624 Joe Grimm M35 51:14
print P016 Ted Stockburger M35 51:15
print CC388 Mark Hemmeter M35 51:16
print CC771 Michael Harris M35 51:18

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