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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A210 Peter Williams M37 31:45
print A211 Tim Jones M37 32:07
print A370 Douglas Hugill M37 34:50
print A178 Rick Ames M37 34:58
print A215 David Terry M37 35:32
print A203 Jim Elwell M37 35:41
print A047 Keith Golding M37 35:51
print AA267 Daniel Kurschner M37 35:54
print A035 Robert O'Donnell M37 37:23
print AA258 Timothy Allison M37 38:02
print A468 Rob Erlich M37 38:50
print A087 Thomas Runyan M37 39:00
print A030 Kurt Spears M37 39:11
print AA232 Bill Myrick M37 39:11
print B270 Rick Oden M37 39:14
print AA625 Don Hutcheson M37 39:14
print AA118 Larry Davis M37 39:22
print AA249 Paul Zetocha M37 39:25
print A354 Rick Cone M37 39:28
print AA499 James Perry M37 39:34
print A313 Gary Hellenga M37 39:36
print AA872 Craig Dayberry M37 39:38
print AA094 Michael Shanahan M37 39:45
print AA411 Alfredo Catheriano M37 39:51
print A168 Brent Friesth M37 40:00
print AA529 Mark Lauriha M37 40:14
print AA581 Dean Heerdt M37 40:30
print B219 Adalberto Rodriquez M37 40:56
print AA276 Steve Bonham M37 40:58
print AA406 Brooks Washburn M37 41:01
print B561 Liam Bierney M37 41:10
print AA460 Stephen Soler M37 41:31
print A069 Dyrone Minors M37 41:33
print B692 David Crosby M37 41:35
print RR018 Joe Gillespie M37 41:44
print AA567 David Briney M37 41:45
print B085 Todd Johnson M37 41:46
print B716 Luiz DeAssis M37 42:00
print AA369 Don Mandel M37 42:04
print F449 Robert Edwards M37 42:05
print AA514 Andrew Johanos M37 42:24
print B836 John Seibert M37 42:50
print BB356 Sam Owen M37 42:57
print BB491 Dean Behrens M37 43:04
print G590 Dean Tucker M37 43:16
print AA654 Ray Dow M37 43:17
print C492 Punit Kalra M37 43:19
print B602 Brad Derthick M37 43:20
print DD505 Tony Campbell M37 43:20
print B281 Ron Peterson M37 43:30
print B189 Drew Geer M37 43:33
print B763 James Lynch M37 43:48
print AA851 Tom Rezzarday M37 43:58
print BB821 Monte Magill M37 44:00
print B723 Mike Digan M37 44:09
print B336 Frank Larosa M37 44:12
print B450 Josh Marks M37 44:18
print B349 Brian Olson M37 44:25
print B306 Michael Fall M37 44:26
print B328 George Revels M37 44:30
print BB485 James Woods M37 44:35
print CC398 Tom Murray M37 44:40
print CC354 Steve Kastrul M37 44:45
print BB844 Brian Wilcox M37 44:47
print FF297 Floyd Trujillo M37 44:54
print A068 John Dickinson M37 44:56
print B447 Thomas Hart M37 45:00
print BB242 Kurt Bethke M37 45:03
print B286 Brad Pattison M37 45:04
print GG639 Craig O'Connor M37 45:05
print C449 David Lock M37 45:09
print E581 Tom Klaess M37 45:12
print B103 Patrick J. Ryan M37 45:17
print DD209 Craig Flewell M37 45:18
print KK840 Anthony Jojola M37 45:29
print B150 John Munsch M37 45:32
print BB536 Jim Horvath M37 45:37
print J382 John Hamilton M37 45:45
print C754 Greg Kern M37 45:46
print BB182 Gary Linden M37 45:59
print DD875 Chris Smith M37 45:59
print B610 John McGann M37 46:06
print MM429 Jon Leitz M37 46:07
print D847 Ray Nutt M37 46:11
print FF121 Graham Davis M37 46:12
print BB254 Eric Sunderwirth M37 46:14
print HH152 Kelly Steiner M37 46:19
print BB206 Alan Smith M37 46:20
print B341 Gary James M37 46:21
print F799 George Dillon M37 46:23
print I776 Bob Fattor M37 46:33
print Q255 David Plummer M37 46:43
print CC244 Dan Quigley M37 46:48
print BB448 Mark Herbst M37 47:02
print C470 Dean Bonney M37 47:08
print B614 Robert Howard M37 47:08
print EE700 Craig Davis M37 47:11
print CC558 David Harms M37 47:12
print E025 Mark Suane M37 47:14
print HH474 Nathan Vasquez M37 47:16
print MM007 Neal Morlan M37 47:18
print EE427 Jon Allen M37 47:21
print D453 John Troeltzsch M37 47:24
print C609 Alan Muramoto M37 47:24
print BB399 Rob Corkran M37 47:27
print FF761 Bob Tomas M37 47:30
print CC336 Brad VanBuskirk M37 47:32
print CC784 Jeff Esses M37 47:33
print S891 Barry Brewster M37 47:39
print CC358 Paul Bolton M37 47:40
print BB479 Galen Requist M37 47:47
print DD041 Ed Lowery M37 47:49
print E672 Mark Rotman M37 47:51
print CC363 Rob Nichols M37 47:52
print BB519 Craig Arnold M37 47:56
print HH876 Dan Matsch M37 47:57
print D612 Tom Linton M37 47:58
print CC248 Craig Moellenberg M37 48:04
print D827 James Falloon M37 48:05
print KK687 Dennis Snow M37 48:07
print BB383 Dennis Rears M37 48:19
print CC156 Steve Thompson M37 48:20
print B359 Andy Puszman M37 48:23
print EE479 Bernie Orsini M37 48:24
print EE128 Bruce Orlowitz M37 48:24
print KK149 Gary Bechtold M37 48:35
print E486 Mel Flores M37 48:37
print FF340 Todd Belden M37 48:39
print D181 Michael Dwyer M37 48:40
print SS863 Daniel Young M37 48:44
print BB881 Perry Johnson M37 48:44
print FF880 John Brehmer M37 48:49
print DD681 Gary Sebastian M37 48:58
print EE553 Bret Swanson M37 48:59
print HH388 Timothy C Johnson M37 49:02
print J009 Randy Barnes M37 49:03
print DD843 Shaun Ramirez M37 49:04
print BB778 Michael Artunian M37 49:15
print C728 Steve Luciano M37 49:15
print FF687 Don Weeks M37 49:16
print D593 Todd Bremner M37 49:17
print D522 James Walker M37 49:21
print FF839 Martin Heckes M37 49:32
print I433 Dave Driscoll M37 49:34
print HH538 David Knoshaug M37 49:39
print CC509 Thom DeFranco M37 49:40
print D538 Mark Grubbs M37 49:41
print CC788 Jon Dodson M37 49:43
print KK174 Patrick Ryan M37 50:00
print CC583 Jim Zafarana M37 50:01
print CC795 Gregory Weiss M37 50:09
print CC309 Michael Padgett M37 50:11
print JJ190 Paul Knighton M37 50:17
print D053 Tom Gibbons M37 50:19
print EE385 Milton Young M37 50:20
print G811 Bradley Eigsti M37 50:21
print N831 Louis Cordova M37 50:22
print OO711 Kevin Zapp M37 50:28
print S616 Patrick Peppelaar M37 50:30
print DD597 John Wilson M37 50:37
print I215 David Warrender M37 50:37
print H594 Chuck Fish M37 50:37
print P122 Stephen Geary M37 50:39
print D674 Mark Markley M37 50:41
print GG508 Andy Anderson M37 50:44
print FF420 John Conley M37 50:47
print DD831 Robert Wehner M37 50:49
print F591 Jeff Hahnke M37 50:52
print TT569 Mark Horton M37 50:54
print E403 Shawn Schneider M37 50:57
print DD613 Jonathan Beene M37 50:57
print FF581 Matthew Whitcomb M37 50:58
print DD655 Glen Wilcox M37 51:04
print CC223 Chip Bennett M37 51:04
print DD489 Kevin Sandrock M37 51:04
print GG869 Kevin Coyne M37 51:08
print E529 David Wickett M37 51:09
print SS453 Michael Ruger M37 51:11
print HH684 Michael Holm M37 51:14
print HH019 Mark Andreatta M37 51:17
print LL009 Michael Giller M37 51:22
print H112 Bradley Hall M37 51:26
print GG529 Scott McPhail M37 51:34
print EE573 Wayne Lesser M37 51:37
print G867 David Spatz M37 51:43
print R161 Steve Sokolik M37 51:45
print K112 Mark Carlson M37 51:48
print D096 Stephen Montz M37 51:49
print HH879 Dan Doran M37 51:50
print F570 Eric Schultz M37 52:00
print K440 Anthony Bata M37 52:01
print EE460 Spencer King M37 52:05
print JJ788 Dana Silva M37 52:06
print E615 Stephen Robertson M37 52:14
print GG721 Corbin Darling M37 52:14
print HH320 Michael Kultgen M37 52:16
print EE088 Brad Davis M37 52:24
print CC752 Wesley Brazelton M37 52:29
print I168 Paul Underwood M37 52:30
print SS482 Michael Brody M37 52:33

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