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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A006 Sammy Ngatia M38 31:51
print A130 Rick Bruess M38 34:09
print A129 Dan King M38 34:49
print A109 Ted Benning M38 35:49
print A222 Alan Lind M38 36:10
print A029 Hal Hansen M38 36:47
print A218 Raymond Goure M38 36:55
print AA555 Dale Schoolmeester M38 37:09
print A463 Ernesto Garcia M38 37:13
print A486 Thomas McKernan M38 37:25
print A135 Daniel Greer M38 37:56
print AA217 Charles Myers M38 38:29
print A188 Manuel Barrientos M38 38:43
print AA465 Stu Schwartz M38 38:49
print AA371 Kevin Karst M38 38:49
print AA153 Brake Tomkinson M38 38:54
print A153 Carlos Garcia M38 39:05
print A464 Gerardo Martinez M38 39:09
print AA132 Nick Krull M38 39:32
print AA759 Blake Wilson M38 39:35
print AA321 Jim Gillman M38 39:35
print AA212 Kirk Kemp M38 39:47
print A195 Stan Trier M38 40:30
print A337 Robert Cottrell M38 40:42
print AA358 Almis Ledas M38 40:45
print B301 Steve McDonaldl M38 40:58
print AA658 Chuck Berghoefer M38 40:59
print AA565 Tony Coleman M38 41:03
print AA634 Carl Vogel M38 41:06
print AA161 Kevin Schehrer M38 41:17
print B200 Bruce Hoylman M38 41:19
print FF184 Randy Wojno M38 41:20
print B676 Steve Pollock M38 41:54
print A099 Pete Dempsey M38 41:56
print AA133 Jim Mechalke M38 42:02
print B594 Joseph Ontiveros M38 42:02
print B481 David Selden M38 42:19
print FF030 Milton Saffry M38 42:46
print DD892 Patrick Hyde M38 42:46
print Q432 David Smith M38 42:47
print AA642 Marcey Gibson M38 42:53
print B651 Scott Ryder M38 42:54
print B289 Daniel Workman M38 42:56
print FF220 Bob Volkmer M38 43:01
print BB158 Michael Doenlen M38 43:08
print B678 Timothy Raup M38 43:18
print C493 Eric Ort M38 43:25
print BB869 David J. Young M38 43:26
print AA225 John Deutschbein M38 43:29
print C660 Chris Biondolilo M38 43:41
print BB701 John Gratz M38 43:44
print P015 John Kuehls M38 43:49
print BB557 Gerald Bruce M38 44:03
print C412 Laurence Greene M38 44:04
print BB495 Edward Garcia M38 44:09
print BB306 David Leiker M38 44:11
print BB649 Mark Jaeger M38 44:21
print BB837 Nebojsa Janjic M38 44:25
print BB107 Paul Bremser M38 44:29
print DD636 Kevin Johnson M38 44:31
print BB100 Bill Skamarock M38 44:32
print B291 Duncan Baker M38 44:32
print C068 Paul Anderson M38 44:36
print Q427 Stephen Rudolph M38 44:39
print CC068 Brit Banks M38 44:40
print D602 James Kennedy M38 44:41
print BB740 Gregory Jefferson M38 44:43
print CC898 Greg Gravenites M38 44:52
print B218 Craig Marshall M38 44:55
print C303 Jon Bluhm M38 44:59
print GG147 Brent Robbins M38 45:00
print BB561 Gordon Koury M38 45:06
print BB637 Eldon Larson M38 45:08
print B079 Robert Heiberger M38 45:09
print FF330 Tom Viskocil M38 45:11
print B500 Tom Peterson M38 45:14
print C355 Tim Padilla M38 45:14
print F867 Mike Devereux M38 45:14
print BB582 Steve Deeb M38 45:16
print BB525 Robert Gill M38 45:22
print BB655 Richard Nicholson M38 45:22
print I029 Chris Roach M38 45:31
print B660 Mark Martin M38 45:32
print B487 Jay Littlepage M38 45:32
print C504 Jim Luethye M38 45:35
print BB820 Thomas Kinder M38 45:35
print B192 Jim Veraldi M38 46:04
print B048 Tim Hughes M38 46:05
print J376 Douglas Tymins M38 46:11
print I505 Sean Bendel M38 46:12
print BB590 Peter Hasvold M38 46:16
print BB856 Jon Ehrlich M38 46:23
print CC830 Keith MacPhail M38 46:23
print D180 Dan Dwyer M38 46:30
print D557 Paul Urtz M38 46:30
print F376 Kevin Lash M38 46:31
print BB332 Van Wurst M38 46:31
print C138 James Fung-A-Fat M38 46:32
print N300 Joseph Cor M38 46:35
print CC025 Gary Hawley M38 46:40
print BB222 Brad Holland M38 46:40
print FF305 Dan DeHaan M38 46:45
print BB109 Sam Sotiros M38 46:48
print CC627 Richard Chidester M38 46:51
print BB779 Lane Anderson M38 46:52
print BB552 Jeff Olson M38 46:52
print BB686 James Bailey M38 47:01
print FF060 Daniel Holt M38 47:07
print D399 William Okubo M38 47:10
print D819 Timothy Pingree M38 47:12
print OO330 Gerald Jefferis M38 47:13
print I375 Jerry Jackson M38 47:19
print CC111 Jim Ginley M38 47:21
print CC510 Dan Shaw M38 47:23
print CC780 Don Anderson M38 47:29
print BB080 Michael Ritter M38 47:31
print CC368 Kyle Callahan M38 47:32
print BB889 David Randall-Bodman M38 47:34
print G157 Chris Maulsby M38 47:35
print D752 John Phinney M38 47:39
print D534 Joe Snyder M38 47:45
print FF858 Mike O'Connor M38 47:45
print DD210 Michael Freiheiter M38 47:47
print N317 Tom Hermsen M38 47:51
print LL232 Mark Lamb M38 47:54
print CC868 Gregor Moe M38 47:55
print GG533 Norman Desrochers M38 47:59
print R486 Hans-Guenter Wagner M38 48:05
print GG892 Steve Packard M38 48:06
print HH314 Jeff Nelson M38 48:09
print G213 Fred Gerretzen M38 48:18
print BB613 Pat Plampin M38 48:19
print I115 Jean Harano M38 48:20
print N065 James Hicks M38 48:21
print BB181 Matt Forbes M38 48:25
print R837 Rod Schuster M38 48:32
print C553 John Finnegan M38 48:33
print DD860 Mark Wright M38 48:36
print D346 Tyler Moore M38 48:39
print I071 Scot Miller M38 48:46
print QQ491 Martin Bench M38 48:49
print DD407 David Wroblewski M38 48:55
print DD881 Eric Kloor M38 48:55
print D002 Paul Kulas M38 48:56
print H741 Steve Larson M38 48:57
print F453 Tom Bockes M38 49:01
print FF593 Dave Pierce M38 49:02
print CC221 Brian Hake M38 49:06
print G121 John Hamm M38 49:08
print EE816 Kurt Wiesen M38 49:15
print CC807 Joe Brooker M38 49:15
print I899 Fred Ireland M38 49:18
print FF760 Toshi Shinoda M38 49:29
print CC572 Michael Richards M38 49:33
print NN840 Dave Fitzgerald M38 49:36
print F617 Donavan Reeder M38 49:45
print H733 Brian McCudden M38 49:51
print D201 Clifton L. Highman M38 49:53
print CC462 Eric Besch M38 49:54
print DD898 Malcolm Boshier M38 49:54
print QQ764 Dan Ostrowski M38 49:56
print EE637 Dan Eason M38 49:57
print Q555 John Seymour M38 49:59
print EE769 Greg Colmone M38 50:00
print EE162 Sheldon Brown M38 50:05
print RR597 Russ Gehling M38 50:06
print EE546 Jeff VanGulick M38 50:11
print CC568 Carl Martinez M38 50:12
print R022 Marty Murphy M38 50:14
print OO270 Randy Hadden M38 50:25
print BB366 Michael Cone M38 50:27
print BB567 John Dixon M38 50:28
print P397 Robert Weems M38 50:39
print D093 Steve Brown M38 50:42
print EE810 Nassim Usman M38 50:45
print OO533 James Cortinaz M38 50:47
print D387 Phil Delamere M38 50:49
print D561 David Gale M38 50:51
print CC540 Bernard Condenaux M38 50:51
print FF890 Ken McPhaul M38 50:53
print H169 Mark Wozniak M38 51:00
print C308 Raymond Rocho M38 51:03
print CC222 Gary Shea M38 51:03
print CC842 Craig Townsend M38 51:11
print H707 Gregory Julian M38 51:13
print E617 John Wennes M38 51:15
print CC062 David Bachrach M38 51:17
print D220 Thomas Lear M38 51:20
print CC775 Jim Theiss M38 51:26
print FF107 Richard Waal M38 51:30
print CC871 Jeff Server M38 51:31
print N430 Jay Farnham M38 51:32
print GG177 Hector Montero M38 51:32
print G345 FRED MUNGER M38 51:36
print KK798 Mark Schaff M38 51:37
print F481 Laird Verbeck M38 51:39
print RR563 Craig Halper M38 51:39
print F801 Tony Longhurst M38 51:42
print FF857 Robert Taplin M38 51:43
print CC484 Patrick Butler M38 51:43

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