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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A223 Fred Stepan M40 34:41
print A360 Michael Sandrock M40 35:10
print AA074 Paige Bodine M40 35:12
print A209 Paul French M40 35:16
print A229 Juan Carrizales M40 36:49
print A107 Bill Gail M40 37:07
print A090 David Roddenberry M40 37:11
print A152 Rick Seibert M40 37:16
print A238 Jeff Lindemann M40 38:01
print A376 Tracy Johnson M40 38:16
print AA061 Thomas Carr M40 38:59
print AA620 David Huner M40 39:05
print A477 Kevin Edwards M40 39:15
print AA105 Robert Ames M40 39:29
print B643 Bret Crock M40 39:31
print AA776 Mark Bishop M40 39:39
print D425 Brooke Chesnut M40 39:40
print B179 Don Hoelskin M40 39:48
print B706 Alex E. Alvarez M40 40:04
print AA198 Paul Packer M40 40:48
print AA156 Bruce Bauer M40 40:50
print AA746 Scott Johnson M40 40:52
print B415 William Spencer M40 41:01
print B057 Brian Jordan M40 41:03
print DD895 James Ruger M40 41:21
print GG844 Robert Lien M40 41:22
print AA272 David Baker M40 41:35
print H055 Eldon Vohs M40 41:39
print AA859 Bill Rodgers M40 41:49
print AA112 Ron Bolton M40 41:58
print BB687 Kile Chubick M40 42:08
print B056 Scott Honsaker M40 42:20
print B469 Robert Telfer M40 42:40
print BB164 Denis Maugain M40 42:41
print B725 Scott Dayberry M40 42:43
print BB124 Peter Chamberlain M40 42:54
print AA120 Greg Henry M40 42:59
print B543 Greg Capaul M40 43:00
print BB645 John Grubbs M40 43:11
print AA576 Bob Louden M40 43:12
print BB484 Michael MacDonald M40 43:12
print AA531 Charles F. Davis M40 43:14
print TT037 Jim McDonnell M40 43:34
print AA027 Steve Chenoweth M40 43:38
print B343 Rick Roberts M40 43:43
print B304 Stephen Cowen M40 43:59
print AA337 Bill Veges M40 44:06
print F360 Tim Novak M40 44:09
print AA657 Scott Redus M40 44:13
print B779 Jerry Lujan M40 44:19
print BB527 Claude Brachfeld M40 44:21
print B300 Edward Harry M40 44:21
print B154 Stanley Gill M40 44:23
print BB620 Ron Uhle M40 44:25
print B331 Dan Beck M40 44:30
print BB336 Doug Lampshire M40 44:31
print BB887 Joel Miller M40 44:36
print C042 Bob Thunselle M40 44:36
print B406 Joe Gordon M40 44:45
print BB097 Jimy Dudhia M40 44:46
print FF559 Thomas Milani M40 44:51
print CC169 Mark Chall M40 45:05
print B259 William Moore M40 45:14
print BB679 Allen Matzke M40 45:16
print C538 Daniel Thompson M40 45:19
print B126 Carey Pinkowski M40 45:20
print BB352 Steve Hernandez M40 45:22
print B178 Josh Kahn M40 45:26
print I195 Gregg Perry M40 45:45
print BB684 Jeff Riley M40 45:50
print C488 John Combs M40 45:51
print BB211 Karl Reinig M40 46:02
print C462 Brad Young M40 46:03
print BB633 Tom Price M40 46:07
print BB251 Tim Royston M40 46:12
print DD594 Joe Davis M40 46:12
print BB475 Timothy Kingston M40 46:14
print B208 Robi Robichaud M40 46:16
print GG328 James Daley M40 46:18
print CC536 Ben Miller M40 46:25
print D555 James McCann M40 46:29
print FF628 Bill Schneider M40 46:31
print F157 Stuart Bedoll M40 46:37
print BB313 Steve Johnson M40 46:50
print E536 Efren Camberos M40 46:50
print CC900 Steve Dorner M40 46:53
print G093 William Ward M40 46:57
print BB515 Steve Shefte M40 46:57
print BB729 Dan Zippay M40 46:57
print CC316 Bud Rockhill M40 46:58
print FF028 Jim Milne M40 46:58
print D043 Mitch Higgins M40 47:01
print BB324 Douglas Tangel M40 47:07
print I810 Ken Johnston M40 47:07
print BB641 Scott Taylor M40 47:13
print C288 John Aramovich M40 47:15
print D437 Peter Strebe M40 47:16
print DD520 Jay McAvoy M40 47:25
print BB197 Ovidio Evangelista M40 47:39
print CC704 Gary Dice M40 47:53
print SS274 Blaine Dwyer M40 47:58
print B451 Mark McLinden M40 47:59
print C709 Tim Costello M40 47:59
print F862 Peter Steege M40 48:01
print FF824 Vance Campos M40 48:04
print BB291 Toby Derloshon M40 48:05
print BB728 Art Horn M40 48:05
print G538 Daniel Wilson M40 48:06
print D454 Mark Szymanowski M40 48:13
print I336 Dennis D McCloud M40 48:16
print E358 Leonard Kalm M40 48:19
print D123 Milt Hammerly M40 48:20
print D858 Keith Beeman M40 48:24
print PP019 Bill Zisch M40 48:27
print FF291 David Wheeler M40 48:29
print D460 Peter Ornstein M40 48:33
print P770 Richard Fox M40 48:37
print B686 Maury Brochstein M40 48:38
print BB165 Bill Yesberger M40 48:39
print EE581 Daniel B. Taylor M40 48:52
print BB862 Brian Hanns M40 49:00
print EE803 David Hogenson M40 49:01
print GG785 John Puterbaugh M40 49:02
print CC389 Greg Fruhwirth M40 49:04
print D479 Keith Hurdle M40 49:04
print D400 Phil Griffin M40 49:04
print G444 Douglas Berling M40 49:13
print CC294 Scott Stromatt M40 49:17
print F635 Matt Dumford M40 49:18
print C588 Ed O'Loughlin M40 49:26
print CC528 Brad Lam M40 49:27
print EE442 Doug Johnson M40 49:33
print E130 Ed Howard M40 49:36
print D447 Joel Smith M40 49:37
print QQ650 Keith Stockton M40 49:37
print DD519 Joe Simonson M40 49:44
print FF163 Jeff Miller M40 49:44
print CC058 Patrick Kouba M40 49:50
print E720 Patrick McKenzi M40 49:51
print T162 John Rosen M40 49:55
print C133 Jeff Elliott M40 49:57
print C076 Joseph Nissim M40 50:03
print E684 Bill Hunt M40 50:08
print I777 Daniel Kamlet M40 50:12
print D048 Derek Smith M40 50:24
print CC861 Eric Olson M40 50:25
print BB392 Pablo Sandoval M40 50:29
print J041 Glen Snider M40 50:40
print CC140 Randall Bowen M40 50:41
print EE670 Craig Barger M40 50:43
print D424 Marty Zemcik M40 50:46
print CC769 Stephen Belmont M40 50:49
print QQ223 Brent Yanagida M40 50:51
print H777 Robert Ball M40 50:53
print C087 Brian Nazarenus M40 50:54
print QQ162 Matthew Smith M40 50:55
print CC165 Jack Trejo M40 50:56
print KK755 Jimmy Levy M40 50:59
print KK810 Steve Contreras M40 51:04
print H296 Dale Bridgmon M40 51:05
print RR689 Doug Harness M40 51:08
print D073 Doug Scheve M40 51:17
print EE808 Mark Rode M40 51:18
print PP013 Randy Williams M40 51:22
print G068 Daniel Collins M40 51:40
print Y570 Lee Keyt M40 51:42
print DD603 Eric Matthews M40 51:42
print D640 Ron Lambert M40 51:45
print J038 Douglas L Berg M40 52:02
print J830 Bill Hughes M40 52:05
print H878 Greg Feasel M40 52:14
print EE638 Paul Worthman M40 52:19
print N746 Brian Fahrenholtz M40 52:23
print CC649 Jim Hadden M40 52:27
print FF310 Dale Louder M40 52:28
print QQ314 Alan Whitman M40 52:29
print CC521 David Kielek M40 52:33
print RR663 Jim Brantley M40 52:33
print FF283 Rolf Munson M40 52:36
print S428 Mark Miller M40 52:36
print EE081 Ernest Schneider M40 52:45
print F524 Terrence Prince M40 52:45
print EE277 Bill Simmons M40 52:47
print EE677 Rick Siegfried M40 52:50
print DD727 Jeffery Woehrle M40 52:50
print K248 Grant Kennedy M40 52:53
print EE789 Mike Bloise M40 52:56
print QQ889 Will Meehl M40 52:57
print P743 Mike Lendacki M40 53:00
print BB146 Don Harris M40 53:01
print MM056 Bruce Shafer M40 53:08
print Z784 Ken Smith M40 53:10
print HH582 Mark Johnson M40 53:10
print L072 Charles Howard M40 53:13
print FF520 Ray Mora M40 53:13
print N064 Anthony Diaz M40 53:13
print SS849 Michael Smith M40 53:14
print E634 Greg Hanna M40 53:18
print F079 Mark Govett M40 53:20
print EE859 Mike Griebel M40 53:22

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