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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A419 Craig Young M41 31:31
print A369 Matt Haugen M41 34:43
print A306 John Delmez M41 35:22
print A009 Michael Barnes M41 35:35
print A293 Thaddeus Noll M41 36:35
print A338 Mike Messick M41 36:39
print A350 Gavin Slater M41 36:50
print A469 Thom Vernon M41 37:11
print A224 Tom Carminati M41 37:29
print AA896 Dan Davies M41 37:43
print AA665 Kevin Berg M41 37:47
print A066 Russ Miller M41 37:54
print AA623 Shawn Farrell M41 38:06
print A493 Juan Silva M41 38:26
print A309 Jeff Ogren M41 38:31
print AA304 Ray Blum M41 38:41
print AA067 Jesus Montoya COMMA III M41 38:56
print A480 Gregg Rubin M41 39:06
print AA556 Rick Morris M41 39:19
print A126 Carlos Vera M41 39:29
print AA199 Peter Scanniello M41 39:30
print AA618 Daryl Stolte M41 39:35
print A122 Scott Meyers M41 39:37
print A138 Ernie Port M41 39:43
print A041 Scott Deitler M41 39:44
print AA586 Bill Morris M41 39:45
print AA743 Gilbert Phifer M41 39:48
print AA520 Frank Rivera M41 39:55
print A221 John D. Miller M41 40:11
print AA158 Jack Zuzack M41 40:12
print AA775 David Foote M41 40:22
print AA647 Jonathan Skripko M41 40:24
print AA073 F. Joseph Glynn M41 40:25
print AA303 Mike Flores M41 40:26
print AA486 John Conrad M41 40:41
print AA397 Steve Swenson M41 40:51
print AA121 Gregg Batchelder Adams M41 40:55
print AA012 Ed Somerville M41 41:00
print AA583 George Franklin M41 41:06
print BB159 Leslie Harris M41 41:09
print AA127 Bryan Helstad M41 41:17
print AA126 Ralph Wappel M41 41:22
print AA792 David Albo M41 41:28
print AA107 Tom Revitte M41 41:31
print AA131 Larry Dreyer M41 41:34
print AA600 Mark Adams M41 41:54
print AA682 Craig Meadows M41 42:01
print I829 Daniel Leaman M41 42:03
print AA030 Colin Chapman M41 42:29
print AA146 John Porterfield M41 42:33
print B375 Dave Yanchek M41 42:39
print A438 John Beech M41 42:43
print B583 David Duran M41 42:52
print AA478 Jordan Stoll M41 43:02
print BB056 Mike Osborn M41 43:06
print B187 Richard Welch M41 43:50
print B368 Walt Lee M41 43:50
print DD493 David Waldner M41 43:54
print BB168 Brad Pattison M41 43:59
print B091 Robert Stanley M41 44:09
print B049 Bob Fraley M41 44:11
print C368 John Horak M41 44:23
print DD635 Paul Barker M41 44:34
print B030 Mike Summers M41 44:41
print D554 Doug Reed M41 44:44
print B092 Walter Peeples III M41 45:01
print BB078 Philip Scheick M41 45:09
print BB240 John McLaughlin M41 45:09
print D774 Lyle Tucker M41 45:12
print BB565 Hank Thomas M41 45:13
print BB773 Phillip Lopez M41 45:14
print EE300 Terry Onsager M41 45:15
print BB784 Stanley Dyer M41 45:16
print B541 Len McIlvennan M41 45:19
print DD682 Jow Lowrey M41 45:22
print B233 Mark Rippe M41 45:28
print B215 George Vadakin M41 45:30
print B034 Karen Skelly M41 45:32
print BB786 Lowell Spackman M41 45:35
print BB090 Scott Nakauchi-Hawn M41 45:41
print CC396 Dale Stetina M41 45:47
print BB657 Michael Will M41 45:47
print C654 Rich Director M41 45:52
print AA296 Gary Segura M41 45:52
print BB190 Richard Griego M41 45:58
print CC887 Watson Galleher M41 46:01
print C751 Jeff Ross M41 46:02
print B545 Matthew Watts M41 46:04
print D772 Dan Chitwood M41 46:05
print C116 Laurent G Cote M41 46:11
print BB301 John Shea M41 46:35
print BB058 Roger Trudell M41 46:35
print BB795 Douglas Shepherd M41 46:36
print FF100 Stuart Bray M41 46:37
print H170 Gary Lake M41 46:44
print DD842 Brian Greffe M41 46:44
print AA163 Stephen Lakowske M41 46:45
print D681 Raymond Perez M41 46:48
print L326 Dan Smith M41 46:49
print R024 J Broz M41 46:55
print G175 William Reynolds M41 46:57
print BB809 David Carlson M41 46:59
print BB815 Chris Belting M41 46:59
print BB471 Dan Green M41 47:02
print CC174 Charles Hart M41 47:04
print B068 Paul Packard M41 47:04
print J252 Bill Hertneky M41 47:08
print CC385 Jim Kauffman M41 47:08
print CC281 Pat Wiesneske M41 47:16
print BB640 Jeff Fehrman M41 47:17
print BB598 Scott Paulson M41 47:20
print D443 Bob Perkins M41 48:01
print CC157 Jeff Wolny M41 48:03
print FF854 Doug VanHofwegen M41 48:06
print BB585 Norton Ewart M41 48:07
print QQ237 Steve Halladay M41 48:08
print CC238 Fred Waugh M41 48:08
print P215 Henry Arboleda M41 48:18
print D371 Harvey Hicks M41 48:20
print DD413 Greg Haywood M41 48:31
print FF642 William Bauman M41 48:32
print KK589 Jim Lynch M41 48:34
print BB607 Mark Miller M41 48:43
print CC595 Mark Euwema M41 48:46
print FF436 Greg Ditrinco M41 48:52
print BB400 Steve Finnern M41 48:52
print I773 Gordon Tewell M41 48:54
print B752 Reuben Ybarra M41 48:55
print D770 Gary Bates M41 49:00
print EE786 Bruce Jordahl M41 49:05
print D564 John Jancik M41 49:13
print GG682 Allen Weaver M41 49:13
print BB169 Brian Higgins M41 49:21
print D085 Jeff LaPlace M41 49:26
print CC747 Robert Gorman M41 49:28
print HH204 Mark Lovelace M41 49:29
print CC828 Scott Packer M41 49:35
print SS832 Rick Ferguson M41 49:35
print U657 Paul Roberts M41 49:36
print D456 Mark Brissenden M41 49:40
print EE899 Mario Madrigal M41 49:41
print D777 Robert Rosenthal M41 49:46
print C020 Kelly Grogan M41 49:47
print R634 David Buckley M41 49:53
print D232 Sam Black M41 49:57
print D669 Herb Siegel M41 50:02
print C351 John Hill M41 50:04
print LL142 Steven Berlin M41 50:05
print CC833 Craig Vaughn M41 50:09
print CC717 Greg Giesen M41 50:10
print CC694 Fred Boettcher M41 50:13
print CC779 Sam Greco M41 50:21
print I491 Ken Marchand M41 50:21
print EE575 Mark Limbach M41 50:23
print D050 Gerry Shioshita M41 50:25
print CC172 John Ellwood M41 50:27
print C530 John Cincci M41 50:34
print CC751 Grant Kirksey M41 50:40
print EE236 TOM KREMER M41 50:40
print QQ110 Martin Sweeney M41 50:41
print CC104 Joseph Falace M41 50:43
print FF281 Tom Volckhausen M41 50:46
print F482 Michael Hampton M41 50:54
print M756 James Vallejos M41 50:56
print J572 David Hufnagel M41 50:58
print GG145 Rick Guerrieri M41 51:06
print P286 Ron Ball M41 51:08
print EE724 Don Howe M41 51:09
print H099 William Rose M41 51:11
print E003 Rich Sachs M41 51:15
print G863 Michael Vance M41 51:31
print EE107 Bob Schmutz M41 51:37
print K819 Steve Hyland M41 51:38
print I320 Greg Saporta M41 51:41
print CC743 Wayne Hykan M41 51:43
print EE494 Robert Lusby M41 51:46
print G135 Richard Weingarten M41 51:49
print H576 Scott Loe M41 51:50
print I358 Robert Holmes M41 51:55
print E726 Walt Kordziel M41 51:58
print J623 Gil Hamilton M41 52:01
print SS574 Bill Ritter M41 52:01
print CC438 Bill Miller M41 52:09
print JJ669 John Gstalder M41 52:12
print EE741 Harry Morgan M41 52:14
print J204 Steve Herndon M41 52:18
print B654 Kevin Sweeney M41 52:18
print F694 Andrew Buttrell M41 52:25
print OO798 Curt Loomis M41 52:26
print R068 Michael Harmish M41 52:28
print EE745 Tim Saxe M41 52:41
print C311 Tom Stocker M41 52:42
print I162 Mike McGee M41 52:44
print GG108 David Hartman M41 52:49
print F549 David Morris M41 52:53
print EE244 John Nichols M41 52:53
print EE532 Glenn Murray M41 52:55
print EE307 Kelvin Moore M41 52:59
print G542 John Mager M41 53:03
print L081 Brad Lindquist M41 53:05

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