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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A033 Stan Mavis M43 34:14
print A247 Steve Vigil M43 35:36
print A013 John Rebchook M43 36:00
print A253 Rod Brown M43 36:44
print A384 Bob Stoneman M43 37:04
print A140 Rick Terhune M43 37:22
print A363 Dan Rindfleisch M43 37:34
print A110 James Fuller M43 38:07
print AA290 Al DeLaRoche M43 38:36
print A299 Tim Gallegos M43 38:50
print AA875 Clarence Martinez M43 39:07
print AA655 David Pierce M43 39:24
print AA659 Bert Bond M43 39:55
print AA006 Bill Rael M43 40:06
print B665 John Turner M43 40:22
print B197 Gary King M43 40:38
print AA060 Mike Hamity M43 40:40
print AA615 Ray Rupel M43 40:47
print AA268 Pete Zellner M43 40:51
print A243 Paul Grosscup M43 40:52
print AA826 Jay Holloway M43 41:02
print AA162 William Callanan M43 41:19
print AA551 Thomas Olson M43 41:21
print B780 Robert Irving M43 41:40
print AA454 Jeffrey Kline M43 41:44
print B182 Marc DeWitt M43 41:57
print AA260 JB Bettencourt M43 42:00
print AA563 Greg Hostetler M43 42:15
print B771 Brian Frank M43 42:17
print I175 Richard Jones M43 42:26
print B280 Gary Rosen M43 42:41
print AA137 David Metzger M43 42:43
print B790 Jeffrey Barker M43 42:47
print AA200 Bob Caillouette M43 43:05
print AA251 Rick Bain M43 43:15
print AA422 Charles Sullivan M43 43:18
print C300 Robert Skold M43 43:32
print AA349 James Melson M43 43:45
print BB064 Richard Campbell M43 44:13
print BB859 Cory Don Sperry M43 44:18
print E635 Rick Hinman M43 44:19
print B001 James Helgoth M43 44:21
print BB039 Benton Ellis M43 44:27
print B373 Marty Wright M43 44:30
print BB833 Sam Radetsky M43 44:34
print BB321 JOHN HANSEN M43 44:34
print B719 Ed Gleason M43 44:34
print B265 Steve Selzer M43 44:38
print BB466 Brad Schultz M43 44:39
print B768 Terrence Manzo M43 44:45
print BB796 Terry Willis M43 44:54
print DD855 Tim Moser M43 44:56
print B765 Ken Snell M43 45:02
print C089 Jim Smith M43 45:14
print BB678 Michael Fabozzi M43 45:26
print CC672 Jon Hood M43 45:28
print BB526 Terry Parker M43 45:41
print C454 Louis Welt M43 45:51
print HH791 Jon Larson M43 45:57
print BB506 Tom Napp M43 46:05
print C639 Michael Loar M43 46:15
print H439 Daniel Houck M43 46:23
print B455 Mike Torrey M43 46:25
print D617 James Hughey M43 46:26
print BB452 David Bisbee M43 46:31
print D345 Lew Larson M43 46:34
print D052 Kevin Smith M43 46:48
print DD709 Steve Hoppe M43 46:49
print I140 John Nevins M43 46:58
print D330 Pablo Olmos M43 47:03
print C526 Ron Marko M43 47:16
print N777 Clarke Chambellan M43 47:16
print BB317 Gary Detweiler M43 47:19
print P255 Kevin Brown M43 47:26
print BB340 Johnnie Banda M43 47:28
print CC695 Michael McNew M43 47:28
print F083 Grant Peck M43 47:36
print DD249 Tim Carlson M43 47:36
print DD668 Phil Pritchett M43 47:49
print GG507 Samuel Anderson M43 47:49
print L743 Joseph Stepan M43 47:58
print CC255 James Woods M43 48:02
print EE480 Jaime Naranjo M43 48:05
print F523 Gerald Hayes M43 48:13
print CC636 Michael McConnell M43 48:14
print B098 John Gillespie M43 48:15
print CC514 Greg Womack M43 48:16
print CC782 Gary Flynn M43 48:23
print C289 Don Alcott M43 48:23
print E498 Burton Lee M43 48:26
print L689 Kenneth Slamon M43 48:32
print CC341 Tom Cramer M43 48:32
print B702 Dana Lockwood M43 48:34
print CC046 Thomas Neal M43 48:41
print AA003 Craig Masback M43 48:43
print H732 Richard Harrison COMMA Jr. M43 48:51
print CC630 THOMAS MACK M43 48:54
print BB623 Troy McKibbin M43 48:55
print K387 Ted Williams M43 49:02
print C528 Rick Dunn M43 49:07
print D798 Robert Rothfuss M43 49:10
print FF063 Geoff Clark M43 49:15
print D410 William Woody Salava M43 49:18
print C501 Keith Williams M43 49:21
print DD605 Tom Campbell M43 49:25
print EE770 Rob Carruth M43 49:27
print I494 J.P. Marchand M43 49:30
print N639 Colin Campbell M43 49:32
print EE218 Kenneth Strzepek M43 49:33
print DD411 Mark Kobylinski M43 49:33
print CC426 Dominique Gettliffe M43 49:35
print P014 Rick Albano M43 49:41
print Q538 David Brunel M43 49:41
print HH740 Mark Emery M43 49:49
print FF443 David Rudman M43 49:53
print CC849 Joseph Taydus M43 49:53
print G046 Barry Rigby M43 49:55
print CC311 Larry Borish M43 49:59
print I330 Rob Gaston M43 50:00
print CC527 James Bates M43 50:23
print FF888 Michael VanFlatern M43 50:24
print F445 Michael Brandemuehl M43 50:25
print G457 Daniel Knaak M43 50:28
print CC834 Matt Richard M43 50:39
print C768 Tim Dalton M43 50:48
print F794 Fred Navarro M43 50:52
print N424 Gerald Bennett M43 50:57
print MM744 Joe Capels M43 51:00
print Q614 Yann Morez M43 51:02
print BB713 Franklin Jones M43 51:03
print CC103 Patrick Wong M43 51:10
print QQ779 Michael Parks M43 51:19
print I120 Keith Maxey M43 51:22
print CC184 Scott Walker M43 51:24
print CC213 Peter Dame M43 51:24
print EE663 Richard Romeo M43 51:28
print PP548 Rocky Gahring M43 51:45
print KK298 Jack Smardo M43 51:48
print EE436 Benton Britt M43 51:50
print HH236 Dion Spencer M43 52:05
print LL728 Peter Makuta M43 52:13
print D595 Roger Ryan M43 52:27
print J817 David Scherrer M43 52:30
print FF219 John Turk M43 52:31
print GG862 Charles Cossentine M43 52:32
print FF646 Robert Weigel M43 52:46
print DD410 Michael McClellan M43 52:47
print F307 Henry Guerrero M43 52:47
print F577 John Carlson M43 52:49
print F755 William Jones M43 52:52
print C640 Carl Spence M43 52:53
print CC360 Robert Sancetta M43 53:06
print G543 Monte Moses M43 53:06
print EE353 Jerry Knight M43 53:15
print N014 Larry Smith M43 53:30
print NN059 Ron Jenkins M43 53:33
print MM632 Stephen Fifer M43 53:36
print E548 Claude Sullice M43 53:40
print EE862 Thomas R. Thomas M43 53:42
print EE805 Ross Sakaguchi M43 53:46
print F677 Michael Dambeck M43 53:49
print K083 Bill Wright M43 53:52
print KK711 James Bissonnette M43 53:52
print FF112 J Hundt M43 53:52
print HH487 Robert Kehr M43 54:34
print G080 Thomas McCoppin M43 54:36
print F046 Ronald Wiles M43 54:38
print R619 David Stevenson M43 54:40
print GG234 William Ireland M43 54:42
print RR484 Gregg Dethlefs M43 54:48
print I006 Paul Conrad M43 54:51
print FF587 Keith Rains M43 54:51
print EE537 Joe Ackah-Yensu M43 54:55
print FF649 Theodore Johnson M43 54:57
print V724 David Jaquez M43 54:59
print CC499 Glenn Brown M43 55:05
print K458 Tom Neven M43 55:06
print I098 Bill Enright M43 55:07
print G201 Jim Hall M43 55:11
print G585 Curt Schreiber M43 55:11
print GG252 Bob Letchworth M43 55:14
print M595 Joseph Kepler M43 55:17
print H268 Don Rettele M43 55:29
print J886 Christopher Torkildsen M43 55:30
print J048 Carlos Rivera M43 55:38
print I392 Jim Hudson M43 55:41
print M578 Henry Woodward M43 55:43
print OO223 Brad Grunewald M43 55:46
print R866 Dick Rochester M43 55:52
print H291 Tim Lane M43 55:57
print G725 Maurice Habenicht M43 56:17
print I081 Mike Dropinski M43 56:17
print JJ079 Ed Albright M43 56:31
print EE503 Steel Bluewater M43 56:34
print S376 Rod Bauer M43 56:38
print HH707 Dan Lindberg M43 56:44
print F658 Jeffrey Hart M43 56:47
print L878 Gary Spears M43 57:01
print JJ275 Carl Binford M43 57:05
print S236 Steve Heinecke M43 57:07

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