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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A200 Kyle Fredin M28 32:54
print A141 Ryan Canning M28 33:01
print A173 Eric Schwartz M28 33:06
print A271 Trond Nystad M28 33:08
print A273 Knut Nystad M28 33:10
print A124 Greg Hexum M28 33:16
print A123 David Helm M28 33:29
print A315 Phil Chedsey M28 33:35
print A023 Brian McGee M28 33:50
print AA673 Oscar Contrelas M28 35:15
print A061 Edgar Perez M28 36:22
print AA860 Bernard Doyon M28 36:42
print A291 Christopher Morris M28 36:58
print A056 Thelmar Wilson M28 37:25
print AA658 Brent McElhaney M28 37:28
print AA315 David Houdeshell M28 37:30
print AA695 Jeff Brandimarte M28 37:32
print AA704 Phil Everett M28 37:37
print K544 James Bateman M28 38:07
print AA331 Rocky Arroyo M28 38:12
print A463 Larry Smith M28 38:44
print A394 Bill Farrett M28 38:46
print B720 Dave Muscianisi M28 39:17
print AA498 Robert Peterson M28 39:17
print B627 DENNIS MEEKER M28 39:26
print AA134 Phil Booth M28 39:33
print AA651 Chris Clevenger M28 39:55
print B247 Russell Manning M28 39:59
print AA773 Wesley Cooper M28 40:07
print AA343 Micky Gilbert M28 40:12
print CC817 Alan Cook M28 40:15
print FF855 David Stokes M28 40:39
print AA620 Travis Arciniega M28 40:45
print AA830 Jeremy Brekke M28 40:51
print A381 JASON PEETE M28 40:58
print AA599 Robert Wand M28 41:05
print AA732 Richard Laverty M28 41:16
print BB645 Scott Barnett M28 41:25
print E517 Rich Gustafson M28 41:27
print B636 Eric Stevens M28 41:27
print B726 Jaxon Repp M28 41:30
print AA508 TROY PHILLIPS M28 41:34
print B626 Mark Beyer M28 41:58
print AA872 Matt Pillard M28 42:07
print B404 Dave Gardner M28 42:10
print B287 Todd Wulfert M28 42:16
print B735 Ian Saffer M28 42:23
print AA156 Ryan Root M28 42:38
print C181 David Learned M28 43:00
print M088 Adam Stevenson M28 43:15
print I150 Scott Semple M28 43:15
print C634 Kelly Buntin M28 43:27
print K314 Jason Wagner M28 43:37
print C252 Joseph Alonso M28 43:41
print C723 William White M28 43:47
print C026 Michael Perez M28 43:47
print I251 Dan Howley M28 43:52
print C575 Christian Malone M28 43:56
print AA845 Tyler Hutchens M28 43:57
print B855 MIKE CIAMPA M28 44:04
print FF321 Carey Cuprisin M28 44:05
print I500 Keith Watson M28 44:15
print LL863 Barry Bronk M28 44:16
print D791 Scott Hoftiezer M28 44:19
print B804 Brent Frakes M28 44:20
print F028 Kevin Trumbly M28 44:27
print C289 Jonathan Lathrop M28 44:31
print B544 Ka Chun Yu M28 44:31
print NN316 Shane Rosselle M28 44:44
print F884 Valentin Rodriguez M28 44:46
print BB410 Andrew Harrington M28 44:46
print D207 Dave Ross M28 44:51
print DD379 Patrick Hammond M28 44:53
print FF734 Joshua Visitacion M28 44:58
print DD429 Timothy Ranfranz M28 45:00
print L336 Greg Sandler M28 45:04
print M852 Michael Rainwater M28 45:10
print BB364 Frank Silvester M28 45:14
print C156 Matthew Jones M28 45:27
print C127 Jon Seymour M28 45:30
print C043 Mike Stone M28 45:30
print BB316 Adam Weaver M28 45:34
print N822 Robert Perales M28 45:49
print F168 Andrew Mirrington M28 45:50
print R811 Ben Diem M28 45:53
print E217 Joseph Arner M28 45:55
print BB107 John Young M28 45:56
print D506 Mark McAdams M28 45:57
print EE192 Scott Stefl M28 45:58
print C182 Wally Westlake M28 46:01
print E575 Jeffrey Nissley M28 46:02
print CC479 Aaron Norton M28 46:02
print B783 Steve Loewenkamp M28 46:02
print P545 Peter McEluaney M28 46:03
print C498 William Callender M28 46:14
print DD764 Barry Stone M28 46:21
print G152 John Carlton M28 46:28
print C858 Scott Olmer M28 46:39
print HH474 Mark Richards M28 46:40
print C732 James McGrath M28 46:40
print EE184 Todd Curtis M28 46:43
print C731 Robert Naeser M28 46:45
print K692 Brett Ponda M28 46:49
print DD214 Joe Linstedt M28 46:52
print PP370 Terence Horne M28 46:54
print EE178 Rakesh Brennig M28 46:57
print B699 Nelson Navanjo M28 46:58
print CC844 Harrison Reid M28 47:04
print E619 Bill Wilson M28 47:07
print KK579 Matt Porighi M28 47:09
print G056 John Gustafson M28 47:11
print PP634 THOMAS LORENO M28 47:12
print J290 Scott Blackburn M28 47:19
print M738 Todd Goldstein M28 47:45
print LL680 Michael Dunn M28 47:50
print HH181 Anson Fatland M28 47:52
print D832 Bradley Fuerst M28 47:59
print BB501 John Russell M28 48:00
print EE018 Andrew Szalag M28 48:01
print G080 Tim Dundon M28 48:02
print H290 Pete Mendez M28 48:15
print CC266 Kevin Jacquot M28 48:17
print BB750 Tony Anderson M28 48:18
print BB253 David Mornes M28 48:19
print FF512 David Browning M28 48:20
print FF411 Jason Podrabsky M28 48:23
print H123 Kurt Achtenhagen M28 48:25
print H666 Michael Oswald M28 48:32
print EE885 Peter Ferrard M28 48:32
print BB851 Preston Ford M28 48:35
print H831 Eric Lennert M28 48:45
print EE446 Steve Cape M28 48:46
print FF498 John Heckman M28 48:47
print GG621 Curtis Prokuski M28 48:47
print F266 Kevin Maher M28 48:47
print CC812 Lee Sterrett M28 48:50
print E715 Brian Porter M28 48:51
print H768 Gregory Reich M28 48:52
print FF857 Nathan Skillern M28 48:55
print I884 Andy Rowland M28 49:00
print HH170 Jason Moat M28 49:05
print D633 Ty Kearns M28 49:11
print FF645 Scott Rosanbalm M28 49:23
print FF284 Barry Cartwright M28 49:30
print DD454 Grant Kalbfleisch M28 49:32
print G765 Constantin Nickonov M28 49:38
print EE376 Derek Sweeney M28 49:38
print D828 Scott Claycomb M28 49:39
print II160 Gary Russell M28 49:40
print K507 Jeff Bond M28 49:48
print HH635 Lee Hipwell M28 49:51
print D519 Chris Piper M28 49:56
print T625 Roger Metz M28 50:02
print FF153 Alex Havas M28 50:05
print BB629 Robert Wettergren M28 50:07
print F182 Kyle McElroy M28 50:08
print I077 Daniel Riepler M28 50:11
print Q799 Matthew Peterson M28 50:22
print H055 Mike Mattis M28 50:29
print G100 Derek Uhler M28 50:29
print OO018 Kolby Lathrop M28 50:33
print CC818 Daniel Granot M28 50:36
print M016 Ryan Guarill M28 50:38
print QQ032 Todd Duplanty M28 50:40
print GG028 Paul Sica M28 50:41
print G214 Andre Van der Hoek M28 50:42
print CC522 Cameron Walker M28 50:43
print D159 Rich Norton M28 50:44
print F822 Andreas Chizzali M28 50:47
print DD280 Patrick Wascak M28 50:48
print E852 T.L. Oxley M28 50:49
print C728 Paul Bourret M28 50:55
print F348 Jason Berv M28 50:59
print OK728 Greg Shaw M28 51:02
print C742 Kenyon Waugh M28 51:05
print DD148 Thomas Mohr M28 51:07
print F180 Scott Letz M28 51:08
print G504 Marc Beck M28 51:11
print O860 Christopher Friedman M28 51:12
print CC268 Brian Seiber M28 51:12
print Q643 Michael Ames M28 51:14
print OO011 Daren Dickson M28 51:21
print F365 ALEXANDER NICHOLSON M28 51:26
print M035 John Dollison M28 51:30
print FF349 Dan McCullor M28 51:36
print SS405 Jeff Cook M28 51:38
print NN664 Manuel Salcido M28 51:38
print EE659 Clint Young M28 51:49
print D487 AARON BRONSON M28 51:53
print I318 Brit Pair M28 51:54
print G302 David Rodenberg M28 51:55
print FF462 Jeffrey DiPallo M28 51:56
print II097 Jeffrey Maldonado M28 51:57
print HH227 Russell Swain M28 52:01
print JJ496 Fred Noguez M28 52:01
print FF731 Chad Bowdre M28 52:05
print CC231 William Jacobs M28 52:07
print F538 Jim Noiles M28 52:08
print HH828 Timothy Kettelkamp M28 52:10

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