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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A057 Sam Ngatia M39 31:22
print A388 Don Janicki M39 33:54
print A062 Alan Lind M39 34:42
print A180 Dan King M39 35:16
print A230 Daniel Greer M39 35:34
print A252 Brad Little M39 36:21
print AA034 Tom McKernan M39 36:28
print AA391 Kevin Karst M39 37:27
print AA744 Jeffrey Potter M39 37:45
print A285 Hal Hansen M39 37:47
print A361 Charlie Hennessey M39 37:52
print AA814 Bob Cottrell M39 38:20
print A431 Mark Casteel M39 38:25
print AA132 T.C. Green M39 38:30
print AA205 Steve McDonald M39 38:33
print AA900 Adalberto Rodriguez M39 38:40
print AA102 Stuart Schwartz M39 39:01
print AA363 Blake Wilson M39 39:03
print AA188 Mike Roberts M39 39:04
print AA562 Liam Bierney M39 39:06
print AA806 John Martersteck M39 39:13
print A400 Brad Burton M39 39:37
print AA075 Stan Trier M39 39:38
print AA338 Manuel Barrientos M39 40:11
print C288 Paul Anderson M39 40:13
print H324 Jerry Schemmel M39 40:21
print AA377 Jim Gillman M39 40:26
print B704 JEFF SWANSTROM M39 40:41
print AA299 Nick Krull M39 40:49
print B083 Bob Volkmer M39 40:51
print AA583 Chuck Berghoefer M39 40:51
print GG733 Walid Keirouz M39 41:07
print AA269 Randy Wojno M39 41:07
print AA589 Joseph Ontiveros M39 41:14
print AA082 Ben Valdez M39 41:21
print B677 Steve Pollock M39 41:34
print AA655 David Selden M39 41:35
print B468 Bob Vandervliet M39 41:49
print BB651 Edward Garcia M39 42:07
print B166 Mike Cogdall M39 42:19
print BB499 Duncan Baker M39 42:23
print AA464 Mark Loeb M39 42:24
print FF322 Jim Berka M39 42:28
print F020 Henry Magdaleno M39 42:33
print O441 Mark Roech M39 42:48
print AA277 TJ Hart M39 42:53
print BB103 Brit Banks M39 42:54
print B126 Roger Cline M39 43:14
print B279 Jim Mechalke M39 43:22
print BB381 Bill Skamarock M39 43:29
print B302 Stuart Mann M39 43:29
print AA662 Bob Davis M39 43:34
print B153 Michael Doenlen M39 43:36
print FF268 Brad Fanestil M39 43:37
print B340 Carl Fabian M39 43:53
print C028 James Fung-A-Fat M39 44:00
print CC469 Gregory Jefferson M39 44:09
print BB210 David Leiker M39 44:15
print OO650 Jim Hertzog M39 44:23
print BB151 Richard Nicholson M39 44:23
print H469 David Reed M39 44:24
print B451 Milton Saffry M39 44:30
print B212 Timothy Raup M39 44:37
print BB799 Joe Cor M39 44:43
print B216 Dan Workman M39 44:43
print BB829 Kevin Lash M39 44:51
print BB726 James Kennedy M39 44:55
print BB134 Keith MacPhail M39 44:58
print LL745 Ronald Kennedy M39 44:59
print BB264 Mark Jaeger M39 45:07
print BB477 Gerald Bruce M39 45:10
print LL162 Richard Hewitt M39 45:16
print BB066 Bill Johnson M39 45:20
print CC276 Steve Larson M39 45:29
print B861 Ken Greenfield M39 45:29
print C345 JAMES LANE M39 45:31
print FF042 Brian Post M39 45:36
print BB644 Dan Shaw M39 45:36
print FF394 Greg Gravenites M39 45:43
print B358 John Kuehls M39 46:03
print C875 Gib Marchand M39 46:04
print B757 Jim Luethye M39 46:05
print H355 Pete Wei M39 46:11
print F362 Kevin Kester M39 46:13
print C257 Jerry Jackson M39 46:15
print BB520 Robert Gill M39 46:20
print CC641 Gerald Jefferis M39 46:26
print P788 Hank Price M39 46:30
print BB369 Chris Roach M39 46:31
print DD208 Kevin Coyne M39 46:39
print AA171 Scott Ryder M39 46:42
print FF030 Mike Carroll M39 46:43
print EE079 Kevin Dickerson M39 46:46
print BB411 Dan DeHaan M39 46:46
print E507 James Cortinaz M39 46:49
print BB225 Paul Urtz M39 46:49
print F297 John McHugh M39 46:53
print C555 Tony Cochrane M39 46:53
print BB350 Jim Ginley M39 46:54
print CC409 Jim Bailey M39 46:55
print BB337 Matt Forbes M39 46:55
print JJ638 Steve Packard M39 46:59
print BB258 Kyle Callahan M39 47:03
print BB728 Mark McAtee M39 47:06
print F619 Joe Wingerter M39 47:09
print EE177 Mark Wietbrock M39 47:10
print E475 MARK MARTIN M39 47:12
print O190 David Aramovich M39 47:13
print BB396 Tim Hughes M39 47:15
print H880 Joel Dawson M39 47:16
print D186 Tom Bockes M39 47:16
print D865 David Wroblewski M39 47:21
print C726 Antony Dyl M39 47:30
print C656 John Dixon M39 47:30
print DD138 Joseph Laurin M39 47:31
print GG669 Gregory Julian M39 47:32
print BB568 Scot Miller M39 47:32
print L574 jean Horano M39 47:33
print FF029 Frank Rutar M39 47:35
print DD129 Brian McCudder M39 47:35
print II572 Chip Reava M39 47:39
print H808 Michael Ortiz M39 47:39
print GG469 Joseph Evankovich M39 48:06
print CC529 Rod Schuster M39 48:15
print BB707 Lane Anderson M39 48:15
print BB635 Jay Farnham M39 48:15
print C599 Mark Wright M39 48:17
print CC125 John Hamm M39 48:18
print CC527 Tyler Moore M39 48:20
print JJ172 Brent Robbins M39 48:21
print FF346 George Raikas M39 48:22
print GG897 Bruno Harris-Quanquin M39 48:23
print DD685 Donavan Reeder M39 48:28
print CC381 Michael Ritter M39 48:29
print I297 Joseph Mikoni M39 48:35
print CC791 Duff Williams M39 48:37
print E463 Russ Gehling M39 48:40
print CC502 Steven Dugan M39 48:45
print HH536 Craig Halper M39 48:49
print OO566 Michael Tagtow M39 48:53
print F879 Phil Delamere M39 49:02
print BB559 Ken Kelly M39 49:03
print EE030 Craig Andrews M39 49:16
print EE668 Raymond Rocho M39 49:20
print C519 Bernard Condevaux M39 49:34
print F300 Neal Robbins M39 49:36
print DD108 David Bachrach M39 49:36
print EE404 Jeff Nelson M39 49:36
print GG240 Jeff Hartz M39 49:39
print CC591 Jeff Olson M39 49:40
print FF500 Dick Tappel M39 49:41
print DD434 david gale M39 49:44
print L316 Fred Dean M39 49:50
print E481 Leroy Howard M39 49:54
print CC634 Robert Muckle M39 49:54
print CC676 Thomas Stine M39 49:58
print DD531 Eric Besch M39 50:01
print QQ779 Gregory Miller M39 50:03
print E180 Nassim Usman M39 50:04
print D867 Dan Dwyer M39 50:04
print BB435 Gordon Koury M39 50:06
print F195 A. Lance Orne-Adams M39 50:14
print CC244 Don Anderson M39 50:14
print F584 Curtis Rose M39 50:16
print CC653 Joe Snyder M39 50:18
print BB533 Jon Ehrlich M39 50:29
print I195 Robert Miller M39 50:32
print I221 Brent Kieft M39 50:33
print LL715 Ed Wood M39 50:40
print CC646 John Finnegan M39 50:43
print GG302 Tim Berthold M39 50:46
print DD412 Carl Martinez M39 50:46
print EE864 Fred Munger M39 50:55
print C245 William Okubo M39 50:57
print EE793 William Rader M39 50:58
print HH618 Bill Cox M39 51:02
print HH442 Keith Schlaht M39 51:02
print F740 Greg Miller M39 51:05
print P822 Clyde James Riggins M39 51:10
print D588 Paul Dill M39 51:17
print H869 Mark Goodside M39 51:18
print DD540 Robert Weems M39 51:19
print HH039 Mike Moore M39 51:21
print DD435 Steve Brown M39 51:21
print CC815 Joe Brooker M39 51:21
print FF173 Chris Koerner M39 51:23
print FF019 Mike Kolesnik M39 51:30
print H009 Scott Jelsma M39 51:31
print H596 Ken Strine M39 51:32
print EE807 Chris Mihalik m39 51:36
print DD757 Jeff Kellam M39 51:36
print D847 Mark House M39 51:36
print F095 James Martin M39 51:40
print D608 Charles Emory M39 51:49
print NN658 Jim Bowey M39 51:51
print NN028 Tony Corona M39 51:52
print FF897 Michael Colucci M39 52:01
print E482 Thomas Lear M39 52:02
print BB312 Eldon Larson M39 52:10
print HH766 Steven Knopp M39 52:11

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