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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A136 Richard LeDoux M42 33:16
print A237 Timothy Dolen M42 34:53
print A344 John Delmez M42 35:54
print A261 Thom Vernon M42 36:09
print A208 Thaddeus Noll M42 37:00
print A040 Kevin Berg M42 37:21
print A067 Tom Carminati M42 37:23
print A228 Ernie Port M42 37:42
print A417 Tim Gallagher M42 37:53
print A281 Rudy Bellinger M42 38:10
print A348 Mike Messick M42 38:23
print A264 Russ Miller M42 38:23
print A025 Dan Davies M42 38:23
print A005 Scott Deitler M42 38:31
print AA187 Bob Brown M42 38:59
print A068 John D. Miller M42 39:08
print AA222 Ray Blum M42 39:28
print AA394 Mike Flores M42 39:44
print A213 Carlos Vera M42 40:01
print AA320 Dave Albo M42 40:03
print AA640 Craig Meadows M42 40:24
print B094 F. Joseph Glynn M42 40:40
print AA775 JONATHAN SKRIPKO M42 40:43
print A233 Jim Lawrence M42 41:01
print AA321 Peter Scanniello M42 41:07
print B403 Gregg Batchelder Adams M42 41:29
print AA150 Vance Sarbaugh M42 41:33
print AA807 Uldis Vitins M42 41:39
print AA487 David Coyne M42 42:00
print AA551 Ralph Wappel M42 42:01
print AA403 Jack Zuzack M42 42:12
print B336 Daniel Leaman M42 42:31
print AA051 Tom Revitte M42 42:35
print AA604 Michael Patton M42 42:36
print AA256 Larry Dreyer M42 42:42
print AA592 John Conrad M42 43:01
print B533 Linc Jackson M42 43:03
print AA153 Leslie Harris M42 43:07
print B095 James Gregorich M42 43:21
print BB616 Dale Stetina M42 43:30
print C104 Hardy Bramley M42 43:35
print AA747 Walter Peeples M42 43:44
print C525 Laruent Cote M42 43:52
print G159 Tom Geren M42 43:56
print B761 Tom Siller M42 44:06
print F336 David Withoff M42 44:24
print DD860 George Franklin M42 44:30
print C852 John Horak M42 44:30
print BB143 Charles Hart M42 44:31
print B576 David Duran M42 44:36
print BB397 Stuart Bray M42 44:38
print B386 Roger Hale M42 44:39
print GG079 John Polinko M42 44:40
print DD664 Frank Rivera M42 44:40
print C285 John Shea M42 44:42
print BB408 Joel Swisher M42 44:47
print B177 John Campbell M42 44:57
print BB290 Stan Dyer M42 45:04
print C617 Chris Sanders M42 45:11
print BB525 Doug Reed M42 45:12
print B613 Jordan Stoll M42 45:25
print HH444 Jim Hecker M42 45:27
print B326 John Porterfield M42 45:28
print BB101 Phil Scheick M42 45:33
print E831 Jeff Brines M42 45:50
print BB390 Dave Carlson M42 45:52
print BB233 Mark Rippe M42 45:52
print C146 Robert Gorman M42 45:56
print C860 John Vanginkel M42 45:59
print D592 Reuben Ybarra M42 46:01
print CC327 Fred Waugh M42 46:07
print BB534 Mark Newman M42 46:08
print F662 Gary Bank M42 46:36
print BB307 Brian Greffe M42 46:40
print C853 Watson Galleher M42 46:47
print BB487 Mick Will M42 46:57
print C078 Gerry Shioshita M42 47:02
print CC213 Jim Kauffman M42 47:09
print C598 Hank Thomas M42 47:21
print B284 Brad Pattison M42 47:25
print DD029 John Hill M42 47:29
print E582 Glenn Streeter M42 47:33
print BB636 William Reynolds M42 47:37
print DD353 Mike Osborn M42 47:40
print D855 A. William Ritter M42 47:41
print B614 Richard Welch M42 47:41
print FF170 Steve Berlin M42 47:43
print B333 Mike Summers M42 47:47
print BB581 Jim DiTallo M42 47:48
print EE759 Eric Roseme M42 47:49
print BB767 Jack Massie M42 47:52
print D528 John Jancik M42 48:03
print M896 Tim Fries M42 48:04
print BB069 Stephen Lakowske M42 48:05
print D602 Winston Barrett M42 48:10
print DD872 Herb Siegel M42 48:24
print EE614 Mitch Wicks M42 48:38
print C863 Rusty Rorie M42 48:39
print BB266 Jeff Fehrman M42 48:44
print D837 Doug Van Hofwegen M42 48:48
print CC836 Kevin Sweeney M42 48:50
print CC343 Greg Ditrinco M42 48:58
print HH786 Donald Dunn M42 49:08
print E464 Larry Sprouse M42 49:14
print CC627 Bob Perkins M42 49:23
print BB827 Rich Director M42 49:30
print OO306 Steve Roberts M42 49:31
print C049 Paul Packard M42 49:32
print C234 John Lee M42 49:40
print GG463 Zack Smith M42 49:44
print G875 Rich Bagley M42 49:44
print BB803 Pat Wiesneske M42 49:45
print K061 Curt Loomis M42 49:51
print FF261 Donald Crisp M42 49:54
print BB349 Scott Nakaucki-Hawn M42 49:57
print SS736 Jim Reitz M42 50:04
print F277 Scott Whitlock M42 50:05
print FF831 Scott Marion M42 50:09
print FF142 Ken Marchand M42 50:10
print EE187 Wendell Wilts M42 50:15
print JJ581 Sherman Brown M42 50:17
print CC507 Harold Stokes M42 50:18
print EE290 David Merrick M42 50:19
print D176 Jeff LaPlace M42 50:25
print C725 Gonzalo Godinez M42 50:32
print L843 Ed Otto M42 50:37
print DD219 Greg Geisen M42 50:37
print B328 Ken Larkin M42 50:38
print CC491 James McGUIRE M42 50:55
print CC606 Bill Miller M42 50:55
print II757 Matthew Watts M42 50:59
print SS525 Tom Strasburger M42 51:07
print FF655 Gil Hamilton M42 51:09
print I248 Don Howe M42 51:14
print Q366 Ted Barnes M42 51:14
print D108 Gary Bates M42 51:14
print EE520 John Mayer M42 51:17
print O717 Shaun Sullivan M42 51:29
print EE472 Burke Neuman M42 51:31
print D829 Craig Vaughn M42 51:45
print EE862 Ed Karr M42 51:47
print E601 Michael Hampton M42 51:48
print G620 Dusty Morgan M42 51:55
print FF379 Randy Rothlisberger M42 51:57
print N144 Dallas Everhart M42 52:00
print GG069 Doug Demmel M42 52:06
print E867 David Morris M42 52:06
print D326 BOB ROSENTHAL M42 52:13
print DD376 Sam Greco M42 52:16
print L573 Lindsey Lewis M42 52:18
print DD370 Scott Packer M42 52:19
print Q291 Eugene Ivanov M42 52:29
print MM654 Brad Lindquist M42 52:32
print GG843 Rocky Gahring M42 52:33
print DD682 Norton Ewart M42 52:35
print F784 Grant Kirksey M42 52:38
print G311 Clyde Waggoner M42 52:44
print F437 Glenn Murray M42 52:53
print F516 Tim O'Brien M42 52:55
print EE249 Bob Schmutz M42 52:55
print EE162 Paul Kuhlmeier M42 52:56
print FF723 Brian Larkowski M42 53:05
print J571 Terry Archuleta M42 53:06
print EE330 Robert Murphy M42 53:08
print GG260 Diethard Schmolzer M42 53:09
print EE729 Wayne Hykan M42 53:10
print GG778 Andrew M. Atkinson M42 53:12
print GG353 Ronald Kertzner M42 53:14
print C605 Henry Arboleda M42 53:15
print CC798 Mark Euwema M42 53:19
print PP835 Peter Roden M42 53:25
print H809 Brad Tank M42 53:31
print I011 Bruce Bard M42 53:32
print KK083 David Heim M42 53:42
print K654 Paul Austin M42 53:48
print EE283 Kelvin Moore M42 54:05
print JJ408 Tom McKinnon M42 54:06
print LL752 Chas Brecht M42 54:10
print F149 Tom Brunner M42 54:14
print G253 Erin Prenger M42 54:20
print E760 Tom Bradfield M42 54:20
print FF149 Sheldon Sands M42 54:23
print KK152 Kimball Bailey M42 54:29
print N803 Mark Lovelace M42 54:30
print FF668 Len Crane M42 54:41
print EE221 Tom Kremer M42 54:43
print EE317 David Hartman M42 54:53
print N477 Chris Medley M42 54:55
print O735 Bob Fink M42 54:57
print O734 John Cooke M42 54:58
print E114 Andrew Buttrell M42 55:03
print I180 William Northrop M42 55:04
print JJ340 John Gstalder M42 55:04
print PP268 David Bastien M42 55:06
print SS209 Mark Hogan M42 55:09
print H373 Douglas McKittrick M42 55:12
print KK119 Dale Stull M42 55:13
print D597 Douglas Watson M42 55:18
print NN438 Sean Sweet M42 55:19
print K555 David Peine M42 55:20

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