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Lovin' Lincoln 5-K

Lovin' Lincoln 5-K

June 9, 2012 in Corvallis, OR

In its inaugural year, the Lovin’ Lincoln 5-k Race and Family Fun Run will take place in South Corvallis in conjunction with the Lincoln Carnival. Not only does this race showcase Lincoln Elementary’s strong commitment to fitness and student wellness, it also represents the diversity of the school, as the race is sure to draw runners of every age, race and ability.

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Number of Finishers:104
Number of Females:60
Number of Males:44
Average Time:37:25
Lovin' Lincoln 5-K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Nick Martin 17:22
2. Manuel Crisostomo 17:41
3. Coulter Rose 19:10
4. Julio Alvarado 20:47
5. Case Regan 21:17
Female Participants
1. Rebecca Badger 24:27
2. Greta Regan 27:01
3. Jessi Furlo 27:26
4. Jennifer Carlin 27:38
5. Kara Becerra 28:11