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Port to Fort Adventure Race
Overall Results Solo Adventure Race
Solo Adventure Race
1.195Levi Fewell37M1:35:30
2.169Mark Opper37M1:36:41
3.180Clay Turner43M1:45:38
4.176Michael Stevenson57M1:48:03
5.165Jamie Miller43F1:49:30
6.166Meghan Morgan37F1:51:43
7.171Martha Pierce46F1:54:21
8.164John McCoul62M1:57:25
9.172Jennifer Robertson43F1:59:35
10.155Mathew Burns44M2:01:30
11.182Zoe Wharton19F2:06:57
12.158Kayla Cole30F2:07:40
13.175Michael Shupert48M2:09:22
14.152Andrew Bennett51M2:09:45
15.196Jasmine Green30M2:10:22
16.151Matt Barnard38M2:15:46
17.181Crystal Wharton45F2:16:14
18.156Diann Burris45F2:20:10
19.157Keegan Burris45M2:20:11
20.174Meredith Schneider34F2:21:34
21.167John Murphy14M2:22:00
22.153Sharon Bennett50F2:24:49
23.168Jaime Murphy34F2:29:02
24.170Rebecca Owen27F2:34:13
25.162Alondra Jimenez24F2:34:13
26.173Libby Rogers47F2:55:02
27.183Amanda Winn39F2:55:02
28.160John Coward71M2:55:25
29.154Cindy Borrenkott48F3:01:49
30.161Crystal Garrett48F3:01:49
31.159Crystal Coleman42F3:03:27
32.177Crystal Stiltner52F3:03:28
33.163Aleicia Maness38F3:26:37
Number of records: 33