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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A395 Tim Geldean M33 33:14
print A448 James Johnson M33 33:37
print A371 George Zack M33 34:29
print A439 Peter Valentyik M33 36:08
print A245 Scott Taylor M33 37:14
print A458 Aaron Romine M33 37:49
print AA402 Lane Lee M33 38:02
print A254 Greg Crosse M33 38:16
print B244 Chris McDonald M33 38:23
print A453 Mark Walters M33 39:04
print AA049 Philip Astrachan M33 39:44
print AA278 Mark Tameler M33 39:53
print AA459 Kent Bristol M33 39:56
print PA107 Hector Delgado M33 40:18
print B383 Daniel Price M33 40:25
print AA187 Matt Sankey M33 40:29
print AA575 Brian Giauque M33 40:37
print A454 Jeff Staron M33 40:40
print AA341 David Rothenburger M33 41:17
print AA531 Steve Becker M33 41:25
print AA613 David Johnson M33 41:36
print GA265 Doug Johnson M33 41:44
print BA239 Ashley Beitz M33 41:46
print AA097 Tim Harrington M33 41:47
print BA476 Michael Sullivan M33 41:54
print B382 Sal Silvester M33 41:59
print AA155 Dirk Walker M33 42:07
print BA125 John Villapudua M33 42:09
print AA601 Peter Delamere M33 42:18
print B602 Michael Check M33 42:25
print B183 Darren Berns M33 42:27
print B414 John Fasullo M33 42:29
print B184 Derek Haynie M33 42:30
print B120 Rich Lawson M33 42:43
print AA035 Eric Windholz M33 42:52
print C256 Mike Ryan M33 43:06
print AA589 Mark Ruscin M33 43:06
print AA289 Adolph Guerrero M33 43:12
print BA580 Brian Geraghty M33 43:22
print B404 Jarrod Weaton M33 43:22
print AA281 Doug Emmons M33 43:26
print B492 Larry McKeogh M33 43:45
print B325 Jason Glenn M33 43:48
print BB351 Mike Hanley M33 44:00
print BA397 James Graham M33 44:08
print BA615 Eric Everson M33 44:20
print B085 Jon Upham M33 44:22
print BA119 David Hamburger M33 44:50
print B585 Paul Cheng M33 44:53
print B026 Abel Javier Pena M33 44:58
print BB673 Mark Luna M33 45:07
print BA362 Mark Pipczynski M33 45:07
print BB195 Mark Anderson M33 45:18
print C604 Ricardo Gurmendi M33 45:25
print BB350 Guy Torres M33 45:27
print BB406 Scott Asbury M33 45:34
print BB213 Matthew Given M33 45:40
print DA280 James Jackman M33 45:54
print CA626 John Steichen M33 45:54
print C684 Lee Wareham M33 45:54
print BA324 Glenn Dooley M33 46:05
print BA223 Anthony Mandic M33 46:09
print C061 Robert Claus M33 46:19
print GG583 Mark Drobilek M33 46:20
print B610 Michael Schaffer M33 46:26
print BB055 Bob Boselli M33 46:32
print CA310 Frank Dumont M33 46:33
print RR243 Sean Layfield M33 46:40
print BB389 Joel Zarret M33 46:42
print B074 Jason Wood M33 46:49
print BB164 William Robles M33 46:51
print BB594 John Kitching M33 46:54
print NA114 Steve Suehrstedt M33 46:56
print BB185 Bart Crawford M33 47:01
print BA601 Markus Haitzer M33 47:02
print CA566 Justyn Davidson M33 47:17
print BB537 Bill Gray M33 47:17
print CA529 John Milanski M33 47:19
print KK204 Timothy Dobbs M33 47:21
print BA332 Tom Lowman M33 47:25
print BB208 Rex Johnson M33 47:29
print P682 Scott Rimmer M33 47:37
print BB284 Christopher Parent M33 47:40
print CC321 Robert Bremer M33 47:41
print CA337 Michael Link M33 47:43
print BA458 David Cotton M33 47:47
print GA576 Kirk Schmidt M33 47:51
print PP160 Christopher Ley M33 47:51
print CC077 David Kennedy M33 47:56
print C623 Robert Gunning M33 48:07
print AA674 Michael Rangel M33 48:21
print BB584 Joseph Endorf M33 48:22
print CA517 Paul Evans M33 48:31
print C646 Adam Silvers M33 48:33
print JJ767 Brad Hunt M33 48:39
print NN764 Marc McDonough M33 48:46
print PP211 Pete Young M33 48:50
print F316 Min Ding M33 48:58
print M132 Brian Vaughan M33 48:58
print CA225 David Hansburg M33 49:01
print FA558 Scott White M33 49:05
print CC354 Pablo A Guerrero M33 49:06
print BB127 Nicholas Sucan M33 49:11
print GA747 Ryan Delaney M33 49:11
print JA187 Jeffrey Folio M33 49:12
print D559 Matthew Sopcich M33 49:14
print DD569 Jonathan Snurka M33 49:24
print CC204 Christian Mueller M33 49:25
print C463 Andy Schulz M33 49:28
print G536 Eric Mott M33 49:31
print G275 James Hendricks M33 49:42
print CC320 Joe Hatala M33 49:43
print LA792 James Eifline M33 49:56
print BA518 Shane Pearson M33 49:56
print H506 Matt Stephens M33 50:00
print C470 Erik Kubec M33 50:01
print EE052 Dan Schmit M33 50:01
print GA755 Erik Nielsen M33 50:07
print C252 Jason Kroll M33 50:08
print G543 Greg Young M33 50:17
print CC324 Rob Bryant M33 50:21
print H334 Scott Pyle M33 50:31
print DD320 Charley Winkler M33 50:35
print GA790 Peter Weinberg M33 50:36
print B528 Jason Herrle M33 50:44
print D570 Ken Black M33 50:49
print C107 Jeff White M33 50:54
print P709 Jess Hogue M33 50:59
print MM437 Lawrence Rincon M33 51:02
print LL482 Samuel Bacon M33 51:05
print EA109 Troy Schneider M33 51:06
print LA652 Ed Doherty M33 51:08
print LA651 Fred Ingham M33 51:08
print WJ535 Matt Allen M33 51:08
print CA071 Douglas Freyberger M33 51:11
print DD350 Kenneth McRostie M33 51:18
print E233 Timothy Mills M33 51:28
print GA387 Robert Provencal M33 51:29
print JJ779 Jeff Benner M33 51:31
print J790 David Lipman M33 51:33
print D222 Dale Hubbard M33 51:41
print GG444 Steve LaClair M33 51:41
print C431 Jeffrey Goeller M33 51:43
print BB135 Lance Roberts M33 51:43
print LL741 Jonathan Rodger M33 51:43
print C255 David Schmitz M33 51:44
print E621 Eric Badiere M33 51:46
print BB184 Jim Nora M33 51:50
print BB624 Scott Karpiel M33 51:52
print LL352 Brian Childress M33 51:58
print C555 Ken Anderson M33 52:00
print EA492 Trent Gustafson M33 52:02
print P761 Sinjin Eberle M33 52:02
print E225 Scott Olsen M33 52:04
print GA167 Tom Gorman M33 52:07
print CA155 David Schafer M33 52:08
print SA027 Grant Brunner M33 52:08
print P724 Mike Dean M33 52:09
print E464 James Wyse M33 52:11
print CA336 Michael Magner M33 52:15
print EA438 Greg Hayman M33 52:15
print HH114 Wayne Johnson M33 52:16
print GG611 Phil Olsthoorn M33 52:21
print D365 Michael Malmquist M33 52:24
print E402 David Reeve M33 52:31
print DD172 kevin Darrah M33 52:39
print E565 Jon Howland M33 52:39
print HH606 Carl Thompson M33 52:45
print FF432 Donald Lemek M33 52:48
print CA194 Thomas Nun M33 52:50
print PA592 Andy Wilson M33 52:50
print F378 Joe Sagrati M33 53:00
print LL600 Gustavo Rivera M33 53:04
print MT584 Sean Olivar M33 53:15
print G360 David Burow M33 53:16
print EA443 Scott Hiller M33 53:16
print EE162 Andres Biff Valerio M33 53:17
print NN112 Travis Berry M33 53:18
print GG703 Kevin Marsman M33 53:25
print H754 Stephen Sutton M33 53:30
print DD488 Thomas De Jong M33 53:31
print M035 Matt Dickinson M33 53:33
print KA403 Erin Huffaker M33 53:33
print K678 Joseph Soruco M33 53:37
print E432 Matthew Cutter M33 53:43
print GG746 CHRIS BROWN M33 53:45
print J200 Greg Leonard M33 53:47
print EA576 Jim Rosanbalm M33 53:59
print MA485 Richard Shults M33 54:00
print GG102 Dirk Cockrum M33 54:00
print LL530 Hung Tran M33 54:01
print GG610 Robert Newhall M33 54:06
print HH228 Paul Jannatpour M33 54:06
print DD361 Jeff Lynn Wayne M33 54:08
print MM003 John Korah M33 54:09
print D399 Justin Shofler M33 54:13
print JA596 Gregory Hays M33 54:15
print HH726 Bryan Barrett M33 54:19
print BA367 Dean Teuber M33 54:24
print Q415 Peter Dumont M33 54:34

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