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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A338 Shannon Butler M34 31:40
print A381 Juan Herrera M34 33:44
print A080 Robert Boyd M34 34:40
print A475 Antonio Eppolito M34 35:10
print A001 Scott Fliegelman M34 37:29
print A394 Chuck Jernigan M34 37:42
print A319 Joseph Spalding M34 37:48
print A024 Stacy Priebe M34 38:06
print A299 Keith Hannon M34 38:27
print A396 Gerald Greenwald M34 38:33
print AA435 Steve Hoodmaker M34 38:44
print AA174 Joe Wolf M34 38:53
print AA491 Steven Fossel M34 39:01
print BA525 Jeffrey Ingram M34 39:28
print AA362 James Rothert M34 40:08
print AA650 Olan Young M34 40:19
print AA515 David Rapp M34 40:31
print B040 Todd Borth M34 40:54
print AA385 Robert Calzia M34 41:12
print AA578 Timothy Morrison M34 41:25
print BA385 Timothy McWilliams M34 41:46
print AA700 Anders Fridberg M34 41:51
print A140 Jeff Kalb M34 41:56
print C568 Kurt Hardester M34 42:18
print AA576 Craig Dever M34 42:28
print AA298 LANCE BERGESON M34 42:33
print B335 Peter Brey M34 42:36
print AA361 Patrick Doyle M34 42:59
print B485 Dylan Daley M34 43:04
print K394 Chris Bow M34 43:13
print BA270 Chuck Walsh M34 43:14
print C691 Anthony Sanders M34 43:24
print B466 John McCarthy M34 43:53
print BA620 Dale Nack M34 44:11
print BA468 Craig Cox M34 44:17
print C654 Craig Vanzonneveld M34 44:25
print C516 Scott Raber M34 44:38
print B550 C.B. Bechtel M34 44:40
print NA243 Philip Bufler M34 44:49
print BB500 Greg Kail M34 44:54
print CA170 Jeff Gloyd M34 45:06
print BA129 Herb Beaven III M34 45:22
print B631 Sam Mallouk M34 45:29
print BA596 Jon Ford M34 45:32
print C363 DREW BISSELL M34 45:35
print BB575 Mark Taylor M34 45:36
print CC425 Chris Kenry M34 45:43
print JJ052 Johnathan Lopez M34 45:50
print C309 Harry Harcrow M34 46:01
print C558 Matt Murphy M34 46:05
print BB233 Ross Sappenfield M34 46:28
print B368 Steve Baird M34 46:39
print BA345 Donald Mackey M34 46:41
print C244 Sean Grady M34 46:42
print GA115 Raymond Rodriguez M34 46:46
print D307 Paul Findley M34 46:48
print KA458 Kelly Keyes M34 46:53
print BA435 Murray Holland M34 47:00
print N023 Timothy Lim M34 47:11
print BB647 Tony Bernard M34 47:12
print DD438 Volker Meyer M34 47:26
print CC556 Alec Wynne M34 47:27
print BB662 Shane Bolling M34 47:28
print C660 Todd Watson M34 47:31
print BA578 Edward Victor M34 47:31
print BB358 Mark Banaszewski M34 47:32
print AA407 Dan Leonard M34 47:35
print DA167 Casey Winkel M34 47:36
print BB610 James Light M34 47:39
print BA462 Timothy Dolan M34 47:40
print GG637 Stefan Rosen M34 47:44
print LA375 Robert Tracy M34 47:45
print KA604 Chris Ford M34 47:45
print BB277 Todd Swanson M34 47:47
print FF120 Scott St John M34 47:47
print BB046 Marcel Bandera M34 47:49
print J502 Fernando Guanna M34 47:50
print CA449 Shawn Collins M34 47:56
print CA603 Michael Aragon M34 48:00
print C590 Michael Cronin M34 48:01
print GA372 Bruce Outka M34 48:02
print GA236 ROBERT ADAMS M34 48:04
print KA489 Eric Haynie M34 48:05
print KK095 Pedro Fernandez M34 48:07
print BB476 Peter Donohue M34 48:07
print BB084 William Irelan M34 48:10
print DA128 Raoul Alcala M34 48:22
print G288 Neil Grant M34 48:27
print PP772 William Levine M34 48:31
print CA091 Lyle Hippen M34 48:35
print BA608 Norm Houser M34 48:41
print DA120 Randy Pierce M34 48:41
print D189 John Basso M34 48:51
print E417 Bert Callicoatt M34 48:52
print C091 Frederick Dindinger M34 48:59
print GG479 James Hosford M34 49:04
print MM744 John Bole M34 49:06
print CA376 Rodney Scarpella M34 49:12
print DA427 Chris Alaimo M34 49:19
print B198 David Gryzick M34 49:22
print DD248 Glen Sieroslawski M34 49:23
print CC589 Anthony Kelker M34 49:24
print D097 Gregory Sawyer M34 49:27
print JA627 Dennis Johnson M34 49:28
print CC417 Clinton Pitman M34 49:42
print MM445 Jason Walker M34 49:42
print CC245 Shawn Thompson M34 49:47
print DA555 Shawn Vagher M34 50:05
print DA523 Richard Johnson M34 50:07
print E219 Mitchell Neff M34 50:08
print DD526 Ben Wasden M34 50:08
print DD585 Scott Roper M34 50:12
print F582 Mark Fischer M34 50:20
print EA448 Ritchie Steed M34 50:23
print HA739 Tom Loftus M34 50:23
print DD379 TIM WILDER M34 50:23
print NA656 Christopher Otterson M34 50:27
print EE231 John Hess M34 50:33
print G385 Jeff Moore M34 50:37
print CA168 David Lookner M34 50:38
print MM662 Bobby Jensen M34 50:39
print PA455 Chuck Martin M34 50:52
print DD510 Todd Demko M34 50:53
print DA289 Nick Lepetsos M34 50:55
print QA135 Charles Price M34 50:58
print BA505 Shawn Rodocker M34 50:58
print H336 Michael Dvorak M34 50:58
print CA190 Christopher Kennedy M34 51:05
print E445 Kirk Pelis M34 51:06
print F548 Michael Sanchez M34 51:06
print EA310 Kent Hutchison M34 51:12
print KA211 Dan Dockham M34 51:14
print GG157 Michael Battock M34 51:16
print P307 Troy Sheets M34 51:27
print K055 Zoltan Zeusz M34 51:31
print M445 Michael Babilot M34 51:37
print J075 James Kieger M34 51:41
print LL720 Dwayne Adams M34 51:42
print C366 Yi-Min Chee M34 51:44
print HH429 Bryan Mooney M34 51:46
print GA235 Troy Lundell M34 52:02
print GA221 Eric Friese M34 52:06
print E308 Dru Shockley M34 52:09
print CC055 Greg Johnson M34 52:09
print PP212 Alexi Miller M34 52:13
print GG693 John Demko M34 52:13
print FF022 Brett Kessler M34 52:16
print C487 Brian Ladyman M34 52:16
print M491 Lonny Garris M34 52:21
print NN084 Christopher Bradford M34 52:24
print F581 Mark Chun M34 52:27
print Q725 Erik Paulsrud M34 52:28
print FA118 David Cowles M34 52:36
print EE285 Todd Apple M34 52:38
print C099 Arthur Taylor M34 52:40
print LA624 Erik Fine M34 52:42
print G800 Daniel Teuton M34 52:46
print D345 Mark Gordon M34 52:47
print FA338 Scott Sweeney M34 52:52
print DD286 Ted Katramados M34 52:55
print K069 Chris Addison M34 52:57
print EA298 Jerry Colwell M34 53:00
print KA613 Christopher Bielinski M34 53:09
print L309 Darrin Buehler M34 53:14
print K766 James Sehi M34 53:16
print EA439 Bryan Hayman M34 53:18
print BA566 Jonathan Schoenberg M34 53:20
print DA057 Luis Portillo M34 53:23
print CC183 Neal Palles M34 53:24
print L543 Erik Heftye M34 53:25
print FA463 Richard Lane M34 53:35
print FA271 Thomas Marshall M34 53:36
print E589 Michael Melun M34 53:37
print GA368 William Harrison M34 53:40
print E526 Rico Kellogg M34 53:40
print E326 Joseph Mehsling M34 53:41
print MM474 Miguel Zavala-Allen M34 53:41
print KA603 Scott Mitchell M34 53:42
print G512 Daniel Polimino M34 53:42
print JA587 Chris Batson M34 53:43
print F247 Kevin Copeland M34 53:43
print E400 Bruce Bendell M34 53:46
print EA244 Shawn McIlnay M34 53:47
print P373 Scott Marten M34 53:47
print GA753 Garret Brandt M34 53:53
print GG563 Roger Walker M34 53:55
print DA618 Ted Tarasow M34 53:56
print D249 Terrell Dye M34 54:02
print PA651 Richard Brown M34 54:08
print PP296 Christopher Wirth M34 54:29
print JJ264 Thomas McDonald M34 54:29
print PP422 Arnie Sharp M34 54:31
print EA268 Christopher Miltenberger M34 54:39
print BA256 Scott Cardwell M34 54:39
print DD493 Jonathan Modine M34 54:41
print JA188 Paul Lemp M34 54:44
print E156 Kenneth Reber M34 54:44
print DA184 Michael Mills M34 54:54
print CA568 Mark Allison M34 54:59
print LA789 Brent Schneider M34 55:00

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