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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A490 Nelson Laux M24 31:18
print A426 David Bronfenbrenner M24 33:06
print A243 Mark Stenbeck M24 33:11
print A169 Michael L Brouillette M24 33:28
print A311 Josiah Middaugh M24 33:47
print A244 Mike Callor M24 34:44
print A264 Nathan Herschberger M24 35:39
print A220 sean michael larkin M24 35:50
print A262 Stephen Walker M24 36:03
print A470 Jonathan Peeters M24 36:19
print A031 Joshua Mietz M24 36:58
print A094 Jonathan Allen M24 37:17
print A051 Ryan Van Duzer M24 37:30
print A179 Josh Horsager M24 37:44
print A298 ryan marshall wess M24 38:11
print AA565 Matt Thomas Biviano M24 38:37
print AA344 Peter Zawadski M24 39:55
print AA368 Dustin Littrell M24 40:25
print AA525 Gary Ditsch M24 40:45
print AB534 Arie Opdahl M24 40:53
print AB265 Zachary Gergely M24 41:00
print AB498 Daniel Lopez M24 41:15
print JC084 Tom Wagner M24 41:20
print AB447 Fraser Douglas M24 41:32
print B236 Shawn Robert St. Sauveur M24 41:54
print AA035 Joshua Metzl M24 42:09
print BA465 Brian Travis Henneuse M24 42:12
print AA557 Erik Sandstrom M24 42:14
print AA542 Eric Garber M24 42:29
print BA018 Nathan Ellingwood M24 42:57
print MF050 Ryan Koehler M24 43:54
print B321 Joshua Fay M24 43:57
print FE134 Bradford John Williams M24 44:02
print GE595 Josiah Engblom M24 44:05
print CA447 Edwin Quintanilla M24 44:06
print BB343 Zachary Gault M24 44:08
print GB433 Michael Cicotello M24 44:12
print DA089 Nicholas Cain M24 44:28
print AB223 Sean Andersen-Vie M24 44:28
print BB214 Jason Arnold M24 44:30
print G589 Michael D. Heugh M24 44:30
print JB185 Garet Scranton M24 44:34
print M497 John Linn M24 44:38
print BA470 Eric Vance M24 44:40
print AB037 Linus Candelaria M24 44:48
print CA224 Patrick Reedy M24 45:13
print BA147 Joel Dice M24 45:30
print FD579 Ian Bates M24 45:32
print AB192 Colby Hansen M24 45:39
print D396 Benjamin G Hey M24 45:40
print HG545 Dan Carnahan M24 46:02
print GE594 Aaron Kipp M24 46:09
print KJ373 Will Wieder M24 46:20
print JJ178 kevin c keen M24 46:21
print FA474 Jonathan Faulkner M24 46:44
print MA502 Chris Schwandt M24 46:46
print MC048 Eamon Sullivan M24 46:56
print JC293 Gregory Laufer M24 47:00
print HH199 Thomas Patrick Henwood M24 47:02
print FB306 Bryan Mack M24 47:03
print DD557 Ryan Paterson M24 47:04
print D198 Joshua david ENGELBERT M24 47:20
print H578 Dustin Camping M24 47:24
print JD124 Willy Pell M24 47:24
print AB432 Aaron Monteer M24 47:28
print F449 Aaron Robert Reyes M24 47:34
print GD557 Karl Brown M24 47:36
print BB433 Nathaniel Johnson M24 47:49
print GE152 Jason Polk M24 47:51
print JM386 Nathan Schilling M24 47:56
print GD464 Robert Martindale M24 48:01
print CC345 James Watson M24 48:03
print D509 Mason Wiebe M24 48:12
print C526 Matthew Peters M24 48:19
print GD311 Tanner Seth Shultz M24 48:20
print JA583 Mark Thomas Gregory M24 48:27
print GA391 Mike Alonzo M24 48:38
print MD015 Jordan Betts M24 48:45
print CA328 Jeremy Geer M24 49:00
print HH182 John Sawyer M24 49:03
print KA552 Charles Mallo M24 49:34
print GD282 Joseph Buckwalter M24 49:34
print GC327 Brandon Prince M24 49:42
print CA384 Nicolas Meier M24 49:46
print D071 William James Schilling M24 49:50
print MD472 Matt Munoz M24 49:51
print GA368 Juan Leal M24 50:02
print ME261 Ryan Tuggle M24 50:02
print JB464 Eloy Lopez M24 50:10
print EA008 Josh Smith M24 50:11
print JC556 Brett Wolk M24 50:11
print DA294 Cody Holloway M24 50:12
print JJ433 Christopher Fernengel M24 50:15
print EA184 Keith Mug M24 50:22
print HE197 Seth Curtis Myer M24 50:29
print HE196 Jay Heinz M24 50:35
print EB259 Jonathan Hentzen M24 50:44
print KE571 Nick Mosehetti M24 50:47
print JG002 Kevin Flannery M24 50:56
print FC469 Todd Swift M24 51:04
print JA032 Justin Rauzon M24 51:07
print MH048 Jason Bell M24 51:11
print GC383 Karol Gasparik M24 51:13
print EB210 Nathan D Moffatt M24 51:18
print FC544 Steven Maxfield M24 51:21
print JC270 Wayne Jin M24 51:32
print J159 Douglas Becker M24 51:37
print GF330 Michael Moelter M24 51:43
print JG376 James Lalich M24 51:44
print K444 Lawrence David Harrison M24 51:46
print EE109 Bryan Carlin M24 51:49
print JJ478 Nate Clark M24 51:50
print JE123 Benjamin L. Crosland M24 52:06
print MF316 Lei Ding M24 52:14
print JD547 Chad Dwyer M24 52:27
print HE529 Brian Schaffer M24 52:27
print JD545 Nathan Shevlin M24 52:28
print GC086 Mateo R Martinez M24 52:34
print MA416 Joshua Phillip Ortiz M24 52:35
print FA366 Tully Blalock M24 52:36
print JD566 Tim O'Brien M24 52:37
print GD438 Michael Charles Spee M24 52:39
print F069 Shaun Martin M24 52:46
print HG124 Tom Whisinnand M24 53:11
print HG549 Robert Knisely M24 53:13
print GG632 Casey Douglas Hill M24 53:16
print GG655 Matt Reilly M24 53:16
print HH602 Brady Reeves M24 53:22
print F005 Michael Zugelder M24 53:22
print D324 Erich Woessner M24 53:27
print HH536 Joshua Schaeffer M24 53:32
print EE492 Gabe Glinsky M24 53:37
print KB611 Mark Harris M24 53:44
print JD491 Matthew Thomas Turner M24 53:46
print GE208 Michael Koditek M24 53:46
print HH095 Josh Schmidt M24 54:00
print JA069 Thomas Giomi M24 54:00
print JB294 Sim Wilkes M24 54:04
print JE486 Aaron Long M24 54:11
print JB571 Mark Repsher M24 54:14
print FC016 Neil Kulkarni M24 54:17
print HA427 Scott Mel Harris M24 54:22
print HH008 Bryan Mergen M24 54:24
print KB256 Omar Holl M24 54:26
print HF061 Ryan Brace M24 54:30
print JD129 Patrick McWhinnie M24 54:43
print GD317 Nick Taylor M24 54:50
print HA001 Kevin MacFarlane M24 54:56
print HG001 Robert Brevetta M24 55:12
print EA323 Geoff Hardin M24 55:17
print HC278 Benjamin LLoyd Witt M24 55:24
print MF303 Kurt Chronister M24 55:24
print JJ401 David Hodge M24 55:38
print JF520 Andrew Zuber M24 55:38
print GE001 Alex Gury M24 55:39
print GC377 Arthur Messal M24 55:43
print JG328 nathan ray romero M24 55:49
print EB349 Tom Fuller-Rowell M24 55:53
print JB411 Nicholas Bayne M24 56:00
print HD492 David Krell M24 56:01
print ND115 Kyle Burns M24 56:01
print HE008 JP Reinhard M24 56:02
print GD316 Ryan Lee M24 56:08
print EA304 Jeff Ruzas M24 56:11
print E130 Jon Kedrowski M24 56:13
print GD234 Erik Dayton Anderson M24 56:19
print KF175 Jonathan Tucker M24 56:20
print GC476 David Brantz M24 56:21
print JA372 Dylan Hoffman M24 56:24
print K292 Duke Spackman M24 56:24
print GB187 Kris Lasswell M24 56:30
print ED096 Steven Williams M24 56:30
print KF259 Mark Alan Babula M24 56:33
print EC513 Sean Kitners M24 56:39
print ND137 robert rodock M24 56:44
print FF276 SCOTT MATTHIAS M24 56:46
print FF277 Mark Edward Lubbers M24 56:49
print K426 Scot Mattson M24 56:55
print EC287 Patrick Bell M24 56:58
print MB519 Mike Bauer M24 57:16
print JC437 Jay Adams M24 57:21
print F327 Andrew Williams M24 57:22
print DD166 Mark Nuti M24 57:28
print J431 Cyrus Tuttle M24 57:29
print JC278 William Nee M24 57:31
print HH269 David Elliott M24 57:33
print HF556 Kyle Blue M24 57:50
print GD388 Mark Krewedl M24 57:56
print GG251 Kristofor R. Swanson M24 58:15
print FE466 Karthik Sundaresan M24 58:19
print JJ539 Joel Nyquist M24 58:19
print HD517 Shane Malloy M24 58:26
print JG259 Robert Bundy M24 58:32
print GD559 jason david willems M24 58:33
print J530 Reed Kenneth Gillis M24 58:34
print JJ677 Shinya Daigaku M24 58:58
print JF274 James Ford Booth M24 59:00
print JB172 Justin Early M24 59:06
print FE255 Daniel Adams M24 59:09
print FF273 Andrew Darr M24 59:09

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