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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A459 Pedro Alvarez M34 32:01
print A399 James Johnson M34 33:54
print A340 Marc Long M34 35:53
print A404 Peter Valentyik M34 36:23
print A125 Scott Taylor M34 37:25
print A406 Edward Steinhauser M34 37:57
print A146 David Rothenburger M34 38:04
print A083 Stefan Tiefenbacher M34 38:34
print AA174 Mark Tameler M34 38:56
print AA442 Brian Glauque M34 39:05
print AA548 Mike Hakanson M34 39:06
print A107 Keith Shuflit M34 39:13
print AA407 Chris McDonald M34 39:27
print A032 Jeff Staron M34 39:32
print AB245 Adolph Guerrero M34 39:42
print AA381 Kevin Vasquez M34 39:51
print AA218 Matt Sankey M34 40:11
print A038 Michael Reoman M34 40:17
print AA571 Eric Pegors M34 40:20
print AA360 Olan Young M34 40:26
print AB324 Darren Berns M34 40:37
print AA510 Kent Bristol M34 40:37
print AB592 Ed Oliver M34 40:58
print AB552 Scott Fink M34 41:01
print AA389 Steve Becker M34 41:18
print AA298 Eric Christopher Windholz M34 41:21
print AB226 Ashley Beitz M34 41:23
print B032 Daniel Price M34 41:27
print A411 Hitoshi Kanazawa M34 41:33
print B494 David Bervig M34 42:12
print AA387 Larry McKeogh M34 42:17
print BB335 Matt Given M34 42:48
print AB455 Dale M Willard M34 42:56
print B307 Robert Berube M34 43:01
print AA598 Mark Ruscin M34 43:08
print BB347 Ricardo Gurmendi M34 43:14
print C191 Mark Drobilek M34 43:20
print AB237 Robert Claus M34 43:25
print AB193 Derek E. Haynie M34 43:26
print AB187 Patrick K Fogarty M34 43:39
print AB396 Peter Delamere M34 43:40
print BA274 David Hamburger M34 43:48
print BA490 Robert Stucky M34 43:50
print C299 Paul Boots M34 44:17
print CA335 David Cotton M34 44:56
print BB273 Jason Glenn M34 45:03
print AB302 john villapudua M34 45:11
print CA374 Jon Svare M34 45:17
print BA319 Robert Gunning M34 45:22
print BA218 Abel Pena Javier M34 45:24
print CA101 Timothy Dobbs M34 45:30
print DA247 Peter Singson M34 45:31
print BA379 Chip Beard M34 45:31
print GA390 Edward M Gardner M34 45:36
print EE252 Neil Kearney M34 45:39
print BB546 Gareth Jones M34 45:44
print HE225 Gerald Williams M34 45:46
print BA354 William Watts M34 45:49
print BA263 Eric Richard Everson M34 45:51
print BB431 Scott Asbury M34 45:55
print CA225 Tom A Lowman M34 46:00
print FF537 Nick Howell M34 46:05
print BB200 John Street M34 46:11
print BA521 Stewart Schesnack M34 46:14
print BB244 Rich A Lawson M34 46:15
print BB334 Lee Wareham M34 46:17
print C394 John Kitching M34 46:20
print AB251 Jonathan Block M34 46:27
print C156 Robert Whittemore M34 46:29
print GD263 Michael Hegstrom M34 46:38
print C222 Robert D Boselli M34 46:39
print C537 Christopher E. Price M34 46:40
print AB212 Adam Silvers M34 46:47
print JG053 Daniel Schorr M34 47:00
print BA316 Jon Upham M34 47:07
print BB443 David Barr M34 47:08
print JB382 Dave Shannon M34 47:13
print BA187 Mark Luna M34 47:13
print HD186 ren fast legs martyn M34 47:14
print CC393 joseph a endorf M34 47:22
print C550 James Brendan Butler M34 47:22
print CA175 Jeff White M34 47:27
print EC585 Jon Marinaro M34 47:32
print CC008 Kenneth Anderson M34 47:36
print JB438 Taku Shimizu M34 47:37
print E215 Lawrence Anthony Rincon M34 47:40
print ED439 Bryan Matthew Barrett M34 47:41
print HC085 Mark Feinsinger M34 47:45
print CA181 Justyn Davidson M34 47:45
print DA519 Jeff Kuehl M34 47:45
print ED421 Scott Briechle M34 47:52
print JM538 Kevin Castro M34 47:58
print D471 David Hansburg M34 48:02
print AA474 Sean Page M34 48:11
print EA181 Dale Ricker Hubbard M34 48:17
print D274 Eric Hiener M34 48:17
print FA172 todd norman torrey M34 48:18
print GA505 Robert Bremer M34 48:20
print BB488 James Jackman M34 48:21
print K307 Schuyler Van Zante M34 48:26
print BA151 Kevin Nestor M34 48:27
print C274 William Robles M34 48:33
print BB329 Glenn Scott Dooley M34 48:45
print GD484 Drew Lautrup M34 48:46
print DA455 Phil Astrachan M34 48:51
print CA395 Glenn Jellenik M34 48:57
print FE300 Greg Hayman M34 49:04
print AA010 John Keller M34 49:04
print CA317 Mike Link M34 49:05
print DA304 Michael Frey M34 49:06
print DA337 James Hendricks M34 49:07
print CA296 Francis Kelly M34 49:08
print DA511 Eric Kosser M34 49:09
print JJ473 Christian Ogden M34 49:18
print GB051 Eric Paul Elges M34 49:24
print JB262 Joe McBreen M34 49:29
print GG118 Bruce Dahm M34 49:30
print HC357 Brian Gamet M34 49:31
print D169 Angus MacFarlane M34 49:33
print JG435 Eric Shepherd M34 49:47
print FC358 Jeff Benner M34 49:57
print GA668 Eric Mott M34 50:00
print D323 Jon Snurka M34 50:09
print K220 John Gordon M34 50:10
print HD573 Jon James Boris M34 50:12
print EA243 David Patrick Reeve M34 50:13
print HE089 Mike Moreland M34 50:13
print C382 David Mayhew M34 50:14
print HA497 Terrence Batson M34 50:17
print FF317 Keith Vanderwarker M34 50:18
print EA186 Adam Jackaway M34 50:18
print D165 Gary VanMatre M34 50:18
print D516 TEMPY E BOWMAN M34 50:19
print GC148 Harry Waterman M34 50:20
print BB482 Christopher Gibbs M34 50:25
print ED352 Jeff Wayne M34 50:27
print GA547 Gregory Young M34 50:32
print ED318 Andy Beasley M34 50:33
print JB057 Brett Allen Freeman M34 50:43
print FA222 Guy Alexander Boland M34 50:45
print CC336 Kevin Hemphill M34 50:49
print E506 Terry Pickering M34 50:50
print DA482 John Burton M34 50:54
print A201 Tom Cosgrove M34 50:56
print DD220 Rich Law M34 51:00
print ED222 Greg Allen Hays M34 51:07
print JM570 Ricardo Pena M34 51:12
print GB413 Brian Hurst M34 51:19
print EA340 Philip Olsthoorn M34 51:20
print GB517 Brian Uzzle M34 51:33
print ED473 Tim Cameron M34 51:33
print D129 Brian Terry Vaughan M34 51:34
print GA107 Steve Savage M34 51:35
print EC236 Todd Grover M34 51:39
print GC339 Mike Wolfe M34 51:42
print JJ522 Andrew MacLeod M34 51:42
print EB362 Joe Sagrati M34 51:47
print GB196 Brad D. Forsyth M34 51:49
print EB441 Christian Markel M34 51:50
print HF398 Beau Stark M34 51:51
print FC422 Ted Johnson M34 51:55
print EC334 Dean Teuber M34 51:55
print EB502 Bret M Tonniges M34 51:55
print DD152 Peter Oxman Weinberg M34 51:55
print GB003 Jeff Swarts M34 51:59
print EA377 Jim Nora M34 52:00
print EC113 Jim Rosanbalm M34 52:08
print EC265 David Schmitz M34 52:09
print HF196 Chris Brown M34 52:13
print DD204 Rich Lundstrom M34 52:13
print KE072 Richard Shults M34 52:17
print DA268 Lain Adams M34 52:20
print ED535 Barton Howe M34 52:23
print E491 Andrew Drummond M34 52:24
print DA290 Jawad Mokhtar M34 52:25
print F030 Jason Cegielski M34 52:27
print EB346 Pablo Guerrero M34 52:29
print BB382 Sean Layfield M34 52:31
print GB371 Richard Cross M34 52:35
print EC486 Matthew Cutter M34 52:37
print FC244 Alan Switzer M34 52:40
print FD414 Eric Kaltenberger M34 52:43
print KE074 Walter Pratte M34 52:45
print E138 Scott Woelfel M34 52:46
print JF412 Alex V MAGANA M34 52:48
print KD390 Carl Thompson M34 52:49
print GD186 Mark T Holmes M34 52:56
print JA402 Jon Schumacher M34 52:59
print D256 Andy Schulz M34 53:00
print FC262 JAMES PLOUGHMAN M34 53:06
print EE449 Paul Krueger M34 53:10
print JG174 Arnaud Dumont M34 53:11
print GB117 Brian McIntosh M34 53:11
print GA196 Mark S Bailen M34 53:13
print KE511 Mike Lynch M34 53:18
print HH330 J Mike Ricks M34 53:21
print EB397 Kevin Darrah M34 53:23
print A414 Robert Quintana M34 53:29
print GD426 James C Baird M34 53:32
print JM486 Brett Allendorf M34 53:34

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