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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A209 Neal M Gassmann M36 33:41
print A133 Andrew Carlson M36 35:57
print A476 Todd Straka M36 36:21
print A237 Patrick Kolarik M36 36:28
print A135 Vince Calvo M36 37:45
print AA213 Merlyn Ballou M36 38:05
print AA534 Daniel Dolan M36 38:18
print A333 Lane Hornung M36 38:20
print AA308 Steven J Read M36 38:27
print AA197 Shawn A. Parsons M36 39:04
print C540 Michael Tyson Kelley M36 39:45
print AA380 Lanny D Grosse M36 40:01
print AB445 John J Megan M36 40:40
print AB354 Timothy Heiman M36 40:55
print AB548 Bill Ciancanelli M36 41:08
print AA234 John Hubert M36 41:08
print AB249 David Charles Carner M36 41:13
print AA054 Timothy Wayne Bowers M36 41:24
print AB231 Jason Rupe M36 41:29
print AB158 Chris Anderson M36 41:42
print BA428 Nick Gordon M36 42:05
print AB515 Mark Doner M36 42:10
print AB551 Steven Malecha M36 42:22
print AA355 Michael Copeland M36 42:24
print BA562 Mike Burelson M36 42:29
print AA436 Marc Goulet M36 42:35
print BB176 Larry Steller M36 42:46
print BB296 Jonathan M Nixon M36 42:48
print BB446 Francisco Manzo M36 42:49
print AA362 Steve Leland M36 43:14
print AB415 John Lilly M36 43:16
print AB522 Neil Sullivan M36 43:21
print BA374 Victor Becerra M36 43:22
print BB225 Michael Foster M36 43:46
print B541 Jonathan Warshaw M36 43:47
print BA199 John McCray M36 43:50
print AA334 Stephen Love M36 44:00
print AB387 Kevin Reinsch M36 44:06
print MB507 Randy Kottke M36 44:09
print C113 Matthew Paulsen M36 44:18
print B386 Andrew Harvey M36 44:18
print C509 Chris Pilgrim M36 44:34
print AB549 Stan Spillman II M36 44:43
print BB111 Jay Irwin M36 44:45
print AA331 Timothy Callahan M36 44:53
print B353 Joe Huey M36 44:55
print BA370 Leonard Levine M36 44:58
print B276 Cliff Fitch M36 45:06
print BA267 Todd Andrew Suko M36 45:18
print AB323 Todd Baxter M36 45:18
print C142 Michael S Tobler M36 45:20
print B441 Steven Lazarus M36 45:20
print BB181 chris sanning M36 45:26
print BB186 Anthony J Gonzales M36 45:27
print AB352 Derek Friday M36 45:38
print CC140 Jeffrey C Barela M36 45:39
print AA250 Chris Hedman M36 45:46
print BB502 Tomas Ryan M36 46:13
print C170 Burton Stoner M36 46:15
print EE213 Timothy Stankey M36 46:20
print BA385 Kent Nuzum M36 46:37
print CC188 Paul Yang M36 46:38
print FD256 scott ingram M36 46:39
print BB276 Kent Dickson M36 46:39
print CA421 Gustavo Garcia M36 46:40
print E174 Todd Richmond M36 46:42
print CC330 John Garcia M36 46:42
print BA387 Brad Rix M36 46:42
print CA276 William Lord M36 46:50
print BB524 Charles Pudak M36 46:52
print JB327 Scott Wright Wallace M36 47:01
print CA082 Larry Rayment III M36 47:05
print EC388 Matthew Martinez M36 47:06
print C523 Kevin Anthony M36 47:10
print D176 Eric Muniz M36 47:17
print CC216 Kevin Reid Dobson M36 47:28
print E168 Ron Olsen M36 47:30
print D244 Dave Gentry M36 47:30
print CA258 Todd Bradford Siegler M36 47:34
print CC029 Jeff Hoobler M36 47:37
print GA230 Patrick M. Walsh M36 47:40
print CA299 Peter Michel M36 47:42
print CA448 Greg Hall M36 47:43
print GA160 Mike Hipp M36 48:00
print E388 Trey Cowhig M36 48:00
print HF350 todd toussaint M36 48:11
print BA389 Noel Sagullo M36 48:11
print D390 Gregory DeLester Hunt M36 48:12
print CA444 Rick Staba M36 48:14
print GC266 Julian Lee M36 48:16
print D315 Ray Storey M36 48:18
print CA151 Eric Gustafson M36 48:21
print E187 Daniel J Aten M36 48:39
print GB106 Richard Rush M36 48:42
print C144 Eric David Gomez M36 48:45
print GG352 Dan Batten M36 48:46
print GA467 Sam R Brown M36 48:56
print D175 john Basso M36 48:58
print E476 Mark Christensen M36 49:00
print DA409 Eric McCabe M36 49:02
print CC185 Timothy Gensler M36 49:05
print HB292 Eric Bergman M36 49:07
print GA575 Jim Kirschbaum M36 49:15
print JJ194 John A. Deck M36 49:15
print EB332 Montgomery Moran M36 49:26
print JD493 David W Brockway M36 49:29
print DA108 Lindsay Whetton M36 49:34
print FC521 Joe Alois Kreikemeier M36 49:35
print DA343 Michael Shaw M36 49:37
print EB357 Joel Dodson M36 49:40
print GE136 Kipp Schoen M36 49:46
print FC015 Brian Brown M36 49:53
print ED095 Michael L. Littman M36 49:55
print EB316 Jeff Weltzin M36 50:01
print JD601 Michael Pruett M36 50:03
print D371 Victor Raposo M36 50:21
print GB520 Dale Lister M36 50:30
print HB077 Scot Colburn M36 50:32
print GC529 Val Leon Baughman M36 50:36
print EA195 Chad Gray M36 50:37
print FE154 Jeff Fithian M36 50:38
print EC050 Robert Koch M36 50:39
print E026 James Stelzer M36 50:45
print C413 Michael LaBonte M36 50:46
print ED399 Richard Russell M36 50:52
print DA539 Andy Williams M36 50:59
print K354 David Tedeschi M36 51:02
print E428 Alan Robinson M36 51:03
print GF133 Bruce Douglas McCollister M36 51:04
print JJ440 Todd Allin Morgan M36 51:04
print DD171 Robert Edwin Brooks M36 51:11
print D261 Tom Celano M36 51:16
print DA180 Karl Sorton M36 51:18
print DA589 David Hass M36 51:19
print EB285 David Allen M36 51:20
print FB139 Daniel Ellis M36 51:33
print EB367 Phil G. Weidner M36 51:41
print BB283 Patrick Green M36 51:42
print FC214 Mark Johnson M36 51:44
print JJ501 Johan Zaayman M36 51:48
print E332 Mike Schiavo M36 51:58
print E175 Thomas O'Keefe M36 52:07
print F299 Eric Love M36 52:11
print FE361 David Weaver M36 52:14
print EE440 Lynn Voss M36 52:17
print JG200 Reid Storch M36 52:28
print GA377 Scott Wesley Biggers M36 52:29
print GC241 David Hachigian M36 52:29
print E295 Troy Nedved M36 52:30
print MJ467 Michael Bowers M36 52:33
print EA126 Paul George Sakiewicz M36 52:33
print HH444 Jeff Johnson M36 52:34
print G649 James Hardman M36 52:36
print F094 Dennis Beard II M36 52:42
print EE510 Lawrence Gray M36 52:48
print DD335 Brian Welconish M36 52:49
print G331 Douglas Pojar M36 52:50
print JD503 Barry Simpson M36 52:50
print EE368 Dean Johnen M36 52:58
print JB315 Kevin Donovan M36 53:00
print HC111 Michael Kuhns M36 53:03
print FA417 John Guzman M36 53:05
print HD213 Rich P Ortiz M36 53:11
print KD400 Robert M. Hogg M36 53:11
print FC588 Robert Crespo M36 53:13
print GF382 James Lein M36 53:14
print HB148 Ed Bird M36 53:15
print EC130 Jeffrey R Cantrell M36 53:15
print G268 Michel Van Duym M36 53:19
print EA398 Gabriel Garcia M36 53:23
print J485 Trent Richards-Smith M36 53:36
print EE091 david f Cunningham M36 53:40
print FC295 Kevin Laves M36 53:40
print FC249 RUSSELL JAMES FOSTER M36 53:44
print GC468 Robert Forsyth M36 53:47
print JD508 Greg Dunnell M36 53:47
print FA228 Jeff Davis M36 53:49
print GA640 Jerry Haberkorn M36 53:50
print FA177 Bart Schichtel M36 54:01
print C217 Jeff Kenneth Reeser M36 54:03
print DD089 Dan Mathews M36 54:03
print HH101 David Jett M36 54:05
print GA240 Patrick Jeter M36 54:07
print JE277 Mike Stewart M36 54:09
print EE261 Robert X Tengler M36 54:19
print FB573 Howard Buchariane M36 54:21
print FE157 Richard Morgan M36 54:23
print JJ193 JOHN WILLIAM DONCHEZ M36 54:23
print EE245 Derek Stanely M36 54:25
print HE571 Nelson Rodriguez M36 54:26
print DA422 Tom Scott M36 54:36
print EC247 Claude J Pumilia M36 54:51
print EB254 Dale Pratt M36 54:51
print JA231 Matthew Rush M36 54:53
print GC303 Stephen Gandert Romero M36 54:53
print J415 Todd Laugen M36 54:57
print NC043 David Thistlewood M36 55:03
print EE025 Scott Benglen M36 55:18
print GD518 Vincent Redmond M36 55:21
print EE365 Kevin Sage M36 55:21

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