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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A011 Darren De Reuck M38 32:41
print A213 Forrest Newman M38 33:42
print A056 Jerry Rief M38 33:45
print A442 Gregory Cunningham M38 35:17
print A277 Roberto Porfirio M38 35:35
print A019 Charl Mattheus M38 35:37
print A130 Christian Kaempfen M38 36:48
print A074 Kenn Seibel M38 36:49
print AA572 Michael E Edwards M38 36:53
print A428 Tim Sandell M38 37:29
print A067 Andrew Horsfall M38 38:17
print A478 Kevin Belden M38 39:00
print AB477 Robert Kaplan M38 40:21
print AB320 Martin McCarter M38 40:22
print AA369 Jim Horne M38 40:35
print BA476 Raymond Campbell M38 41:10
print AB444 Bob Engelsman M38 41:28
print AA392 Torin Dewey M38 41:37
print AA547 Christian Griffith M38 41:43
print AA423 Gal Sachs M38 41:43
print AB239 Matt Radtke M38 41:48
print B281 Roy Lee Troutman M38 42:00
print AB553 Mark Fink M38 42:06
print BA266 Joaquin Pacheco M38 42:16
print AB136 Rick Hough M38 42:21
print AB467 David John Boylan M38 42:29
print B533 Greg Naber M38 42:36
print F139 David Loutzenhiser M38 42:43
print AB328 Alan Fenn M38 42:44
print C198 Jeff Sherard M38 42:49
print B407 Peter Kalesz M38 42:50
print B551 Don Walchshauser M38 42:50
print B361 Ian Davies M38 42:51
print AA505 Ash M-Davis M38 42:58
print B231 Chris Bader M38 43:11
print AB236 Olaf De Roos M38 43:14
print JF425 David Smith M38 43:16
print B207 Peter McClure M38 43:17
print B325 Jason Kiser M38 43:31
print CA430 Alan McKitrick M38 44:02
print BA533 Michael Donohoe M38 44:03
print B222 James Robinson M38 44:08
print B368 Bud Doyle M38 44:13
print B188 Brian Glenn Dwinnell M38 44:14
print GA473 Stephen Gartside M38 44:16
print BA152 Chris Forte M38 44:19
print BB545 David Trudell M38 44:21
print AB520 Ali Koob M38 44:21
print AA028 Anthony Vrdiales M38 44:29
print AA052 Reed C. Brinton M38 44:32
print JF518 Richard Montoya M38 44:39
print C441 Jeff Schaefer M38 44:52
print BA234 Peter J Moosbrugger M38 44:59
print HG085 Mark G Carlile M38 45:04
print BB326 John Matthew Armitage M38 45:13
print DA092 Brent Walter Auvermann M38 45:22
print GD074 John Urbana M38 45:34
print B209 Doug Hanna M38 45:40
print BB360 John Tayer M38 45:43
print BB178 Burl Amsbury M38 45:51
print BA219 Stephen Donnelly M38 45:51
print C519 David Green M38 45:52
print B374 Robert Hermann M38 45:53
print C211 Kevin Lee Rens M38 45:59
print B219 John Carlucci M38 46:02
print CA458 Douglas Denney M38 46:03
print B346 Douglas Biesecker M38 46:10
print HE081 Jim Jorgenson M38 46:14
print CC399 Jeff Suntken M38 46:18
print D350 Michael Mahoney M38 46:30
print GD335 mark wells M38 46:31
print BA540 Glen Mascarenas M38 46:31
print JJ556 Geoff Haskell M38 46:37
print GD264 Andrew Haskell M38 46:40
print EA410 Robert Burklund M38 46:44
print C333 Greg Fanning M38 46:50
print BA418 Brad Schildt M38 46:53
print BB525 Eric Patterson M38 46:55
print DD289 John Lane M38 46:55
print B412 Glen Kice M38 46:56
print C362 Howard Susskind M38 47:01
print DA398 David Koons M38 47:02
print DD226 Donald Dushane M38 47:07
print CC096 Steven Brogan M38 47:11
print DA591 Jerry Anderson M38 47:13
print CA208 Todd Eric Mitchell M38 47:14
print BB215 Daniel Gracey M38 47:16
print DA080 Kent Bussinger M38 47:17
print JG560 Michael Warshaw M38 47:41
print C311 Robert Ambriz M38 47:49
print D380 Clark Renfro M38 47:49
print GD605 Chris Schneider M38 48:01
print EB186 Curt Ollila M38 48:07
print D402 Mike Tolleson M38 48:11
print C133 James H. Keohane M38 48:12
print CC137 Jerry Beukelman M38 48:14
print C201 Kent Redding M38 48:17
print JF170 Thomas Andrew Pauls M38 48:17
print CC201 Stephen L. Hamilton M38 48:23
print E323 Kenneth Forman M38 48:23
print D545 Joe Joyce M38 48:26
print EB390 Kendrick Howard M38 48:27
print D544 Bob Holmes M38 48:29
print DD345 Steve Martinez M38 48:32
print CA127 Ted Hughes M38 48:34
print CC450 Oskar Pienkos M38 48:34
print E260 Rob Clark M38 48:37
print HG437 Thomas Greany M38 48:44
print F012 Tom Turley M38 48:46
print CC469 Jay Koenekamp M38 48:49
print FE502 Martin Slovacek M38 48:51
print HD522 gary cordray M38 48:59
print C407 Will Bryan M38 49:01
print E379 Toby Trujillo M38 49:02
print MB528 Jed Caven M38 49:05
print GE665 Joe Bartels M38 49:06
print C106 Dave Krueger M38 49:21
print DD130 Russ Jackson M38 49:23
print DA545 Keith Blaylock M38 49:24
print C520 Brian Ball M38 49:27
print C074 Jeffrey Thramann M38 49:34
print EB143 Peter BA Woldberg M38 49:36
print CA186 Paul E Johnson M38 49:36
print C506 Don Lyman M38 49:49
print HF380 Martin Espinoza M38 49:51
print JF285 Michael Marquez M38 49:58
print C193 Patrick Georges M38 50:05
print DD258 Peter Gagen M38 50:10
print D058 Richard Levine M38 50:11
print CA356 James Wallace M38 50:19
print E496 Simon Rowcliffe M38 50:24
print HC162 James Barnhardt M38 50:35
print KF353 Bill Epping M38 50:38
print DA280 Brad Strong M38 50:47
print G361 Don Breit M38 50:50
print GA008 Paul Dumond M38 50:51
print DA242 Stephen Fisher M38 51:05
print FF468 Dean Book M38 51:06
print D194 Warren Teissier M38 51:09
print FC192 John R Meier M38 51:15
print EE258 Mark Bishop M38 51:19
print EB163 Phil Brink M38 51:20
print JA607 Tom Stallings M38 51:20
print EE239 Sunil Nayak M38 51:23
print JA321 Manny Campo M38 51:25
print EB371 Michael Jay Richman M38 51:32
print BA509 Mitch Thomas M38 51:39
print KE088 Bud Kinch M38 51:42
print DD327 Steve Baron M38 51:44
print E136 Chad S Herd M38 51:49
print GB033 michael j magera M38 51:55
print JE399 Kevin Medina M38 51:57
print GA496 Robert Novick M38 51:58
print EC409 Edward Tabler M38 52:12
print E031 John Saiz M38 52:25
print GD131 Craig Alan Burden M38 52:25
print EC227 William Seward M38 52:25
print FF275 John V Metcalfe M38 52:27
print EA247 Russell Hornbeck M38 52:43
print FC500 John Koehler M38 52:45
print HB074 Felix Romero M38 52:46
print MG078 Steve Walden M38 52:52
print MA392 John Charles Karge M38 53:07
print E166 Martin Rubbiolo M38 53:07
print G037 Mark Leon Krowczyk M38 53:07
print JF107 Rod Simmons M38 53:10
print F145 Erik Levang M38 53:12
print JB302 Steve Charles Vorrias M38 53:13
print KF189 Michael Rogers Corbett M38 53:23
print JB319 Tim Riley M38 53:28
print CA275 Geremy Kornreich M38 53:29
print JD531 Mark Freiheit M38 53:33
print KE153 Paul Rundle M38 53:39
print JD349 Roger Ragan M38 53:44
print JE540 Ken Apple M38 53:48
print HD556 Rocco E. Verretta M38 53:51
print FB581 Ron W Constien M38 53:55
print JA025 Martin Ramirez M38 53:57
print FD573 felician muntean M38 54:00
print JB161 Todd Cross M38 54:00
print JJ620 James Ditzel M38 54:01
print GA416 Scott Brown M38 54:03
print HC174 Mark Hough M38 54:13
print FB244 Darrell E Ansted M38 54:19
print FA439 Nathan R Newbury M38 54:20
print JJ388 Michael Baird M38 54:24
print JC508 Steven Pierce M38 54:26
print HF261 Randall Haynes M38 54:27
print FB459 Glenn E Tilton M38 54:27
print ED224 maury otterstetter M38 54:27
print EA150 Mark Vijums M38 54:29
print F425 Matt Gorsuch M38 54:36
print FC375 Jerry Swimmer M38 54:36
print HF258 Brian Eckelkamp M38 54:38
print FC540 Dennis R Golden M38 54:41
print DA214 Darrin R Bivens M38 54:42
print GA501 Rick Maestas M38 54:44
print EC140 P Schei M38 54:46
print FD442 Ken Dier M38 54:47
print JJ552 Eric Lundy M38 54:55

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