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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print AA628 Laurie Alexander F40 42:20
print AA195 Polly Zimmerman F40 43:04
print B650 Martha Boon F40 43:19
print AA603 Robin Seymour F40 43:49
print C129 Robin Bailey F40 44:18
print AA259 Jenny Swanson F40 44:19
print B137 Suzanne Bertrand F40 44:34
print AA108 Tracey Bernett F40 44:59
print EE088 Susan Lancashire F40 45:46
print BB124 Geraldine Paxton F40 45:47
print BB086 Joanne Bloomberg F40 45:51
print BB113 Kim Olmsted F40 45:54
print AA152 Heidi Hadley F40 46:04
print CC672 Connie Weiser F40 46:57
print BB403 Mary Ann Yudez F40 47:39
print BB634 Sue O'Neil F40 47:44
print BB689 Sheri Williams F40 48:32
print CC789 Sylvia Chaney F40 48:33
print CC817 Susan L. Knight F40 48:57
print J675 Anne Brannon F40 49:03
print F099 S. Renee Jennings F40 49:07
print BB755 Cat Trujillo F40 49:15
print D580 Sally Thomsen F40 49:15
print C384 Susan Schulte F40 49:24
print CC034 Mary Eoff F40 49:35
print DD361 Kathy DeHaas F40 49:47
print F014 Brooke Cheney F40 49:50
print S381 Carrie Majors F40 49:53
print CC406 Cary Cohen F40 50:07
print CC380 Virginia Redmon F40 50:35
print E469 Janet Layne F40 50:39
print BB723 Marcie Segelke F40 50:45
print CC749 Jocelyn Sweeney F40 50:51
print H636 Virginia Ryan F40 50:52
print EE111 Robin Amadei F40 50:57
print BB685 Linda McCarthy F40 51:11
print I415 Karen Halgren F40 51:19
print BB884 Anita Podczaski F40 51:25
print EE254 Patricia Bellin F40 51:39
print G505 Nancy Kasynski F40 52:03
print F123 Arlene Cohen F40 52:16
print BB601 Pam Carothers F40 52:23
print DD307 Julie Anderson F40 52:24
print DD399 Lenora Rousseau F40 52:29
print EE803 Michelle Danmeier F40 52:30
print F022 Angela Jorgenson F40 52:31
print DD496 Marla Smith F40 52:36
print E717 Linda Bleeker F40 52:40
print FF383 Laurie Shoff F40 52:59
print R600 Susan Lasek F40 53:12
print F183 Vicki Wark F40 53:16
print E151 Anita Nebel F40 53:21
print H276 Teena Racheli F40 53:24
print CC422 Sue Haupt F40 53:34
print E338 Genelle Bonnel F40 53:35
print FF706 Lynne Parker F40 53:45
print DD231 Lou Ann C. Bishop F40 53:47
print E346 Catherine Gonzalez F40 53:51
print GG792 Neva Lesage F40 53:53
print CC001 Susan A. Wood F40 53:55
print EE279 Lynn Hedahl F40 53:59
print GG451 Sally Taylor F40 54:05
print CC533 Carol Plumlee F40 54:14
print GG591 Peggy Messimer F40 54:19
print EE618 Rae Lewis F40 54:23
print GG187 Jeanne Joubert F40 54:26
print DD270 Darlene Muffly F40 54:26
print M614 Elizabeth Garfield F40 54:28
print EE725 Karen Julian F40 54:38
print G365 Sandra Gurule F40 54:40
print G066 Joanne Wagoner F40 54:49
print CC107 Kathy Jones F40 54:51
print J622 Nancy Mayer F40 55:17
print F778 Becky McDaniel F40 55:20
print T721 Debbie Lewis F40 55:22
print EE176 Helen Trevino F40 55:29
print GG231 Rachel Billingsley F40 55:32
print E115 Jody Nagel F40 55:39
print J597 Ann Ervin F40 55:40
print NN625 Sheila Klaas F40 55:44
print E048 Anne Watts F40 55:44
print MM525 Randy Brooks F40 56:01
print H420 Kim Schilling F40 56:02
print I549 Becky Clark F40 56:06
print EE891 Elaine Jensen F40 56:08
print I150 Barb Cruikshank F40 56:18
print DD274 Stephanie McLaughlin F40 56:26
print Q867 Kathie Kuenzi F40 56:49
print JJ694 Carolyn Drews F40 57:04
print H665 Kathe Perez F40 57:06
print K770 Audrey Klein F40 57:08
print EE456 Pattie Paynter F40 57:14
print GG815 Susan Rhea F40 57:23
print EE614 Lois McDonald F40 57:24
print NN268 Nancy Breit F40 57:26
print F107 Verna Mitchell F40 57:39
print G745 Laurin Henry F40 57:41
print DD328 Lorraine Cannon F40 57:44
print HH742 Jennifer Thompson F40 57:46
print GG066 Sherry Buckner F40 57:57
print N224 Mitzi Burkitt F40 57:58
print HH134 Alice Lecinski F40 57:58
print GG774 Christine Chitwood F40 58:05
print F612 Diana Moose F40 58:11
print JJ392 Rebecca Greiner F40 58:14
print N637 Jody A. Rodine F40 58:18
print GG051 MarySue Huckabee F40 58:22
print J405 Celia Sinoway F40 58:24
print GG738 Deborah Cox F40 58:27
print E348 Julieanne Greene F40 58:31
print G438 Pam Panneck F40 58:40
print DD474 Lynn Hufnagel F40 58:42
print GG195 Anne Aronson F40 58:48
print G771 Paula Conley F40 58:51
print N738 Emily Reh F40 58:58
print I604 Sharon Yamamoto F40 59:05
print M375 Kathleen Robb F40 59:07
print MM167 Mary Rea F40 59:33
print E355 Kris Vodehnal F40 59:36
print GG189 Molly Goodsell F40 59:39
print M555 Alys Moubry F40 59:39
print F169 Mary K Martinez F40 59:42
print J432 Terri Root F40 59:45
print J855 Jane Michaels F40 59:58
print QQ629 Laurel Mahonee F40 1:00:04
print G705 Moira Byrne F40 1:00:09
print PP684 Patricia Schrum F40 1:00:15
print DD770 Linda Ramos F40 1:00:23
print J039 Karen Stangoni F40 1:00:29
print H029 Peggy Sullivan F40 1:00:31
print F131 Debra Simonson F40 1:00:37
print GG650 Leanne Larsen F40 1:00:39
print KK157 Peggy Mauro F40 1:00:40
print N100 Gail Heinzman F40 1:00:45
print EE468 Sharen Baldwin F40 1:00:47
print Q803 Lesley Lockwood F40 1:00:55
print K363 Lisa Swanson F40 1:00:58
print JJ809 Brenda Longacre F40 1:01:01
print JJ110 Roberta Cruz F40 1:01:20
print N781 Margaret Estabrooks F40 1:01:23
print L070 Cathe Read-Noblett F40 1:01:29
print L628 Hana Sotola F40 1:01:33
print K702 Mary Scheller F40 1:01:48
print F861 Marilyn Tabor F40 1:01:57
print JJ557 Wanda Madeiros F40 1:02:15
print JJ536 Deborah Hansen F40 1:02:16
print K648 Lisa Schneider F40 1:02:20
print E042 Leslie Hughes-Lind F40 1:02:28
print GG204 Marilyn Kaminski F40 1:02:36
print K020 Annette Abeyta F40 1:02:36
print H701 Lynn Anderst F40 1:02:58
print P535 Marie Mann F40 1:03:01
print LL500 Jill Utoft F40 1:03:08
print K620 Maureen Reininger F40 1:03:09
print E886 Luanne M. Dirks F40 1:03:11
print J722 Marianne Vick F40 1:03:15
print MM880 Phyl Cain F40 1:03:15
print J337 Cindy Gregory F40 1:03:31
print N054 Kathy Collins F40 1:03:40
print LL152 Kristie Vest F40 1:03:58
print L567 Maggie Hayes F40 1:04:01
print QQ686 Linda Bolmer F40 1:04:10
print M590 Debbie Cameron F40 1:04:11
print R685 Sherry Guidera F40 1:04:23
print H176 Chris King F40 1:04:37
print GG468 Cathy Madigan F40 1:04:43
print C555 Linda Portman F40 1:04:48
print F049 Lorinda Foster F40 1:04:57
print S474 Deborah Goad F40 1:04:58
print L884 Kandi Furphy F40 1:04:58
print E652 Patsy Lauezzari F40 1:05:15
print MM158 Gail Haygood F40 1:05:22
print N636 Judy Walker F40 1:05:31
print G537 Susan Slade F40 1:05:38
print LL809 Emily Wedel F40 1:05:44
print QQ802 Kathryn Totten F40 1:05:53
print DD260 Jeannie Tacker F40 1:05:56
print R716 Margie Mauldin F40 1:06:09
print N068 Elizabeth Taggart F40 1:06:10
print H729 Patti Snelleman F40 1:06:14
print LL472 Beth Patterson F40 1:06:15
print LL615 Mary Mesch F40 1:06:15
print QQ842 Patricia Rutledge F40 1:06:27
print PP802 Joanne Henritze F40 1:06:36
print MM491 Michelle Roper F40 1:06:42
print G674 Sally Sanchez F40 1:06:46
print KK827 Barbara Bronson F40 1:06:47
print S238 Sally Martinet F40 1:07:06
print KK049 Mary Audette F40 1:07:10
print MM428 Shelly Clark F40 1:07:13
print LL856 Lori Fernandez F40 1:07:24
print PP221 Mary Glenn F40 1:07:33
print QQ131 Valentina French F40 1:07:38
print N848 Katie Harberg F40 1:07:46
print SS788 Alexa Fezler F40 1:07:50
print HH515 Debbie Smith F40 1:08:03
print M089 Ricki Lindsay F40 1:08:36
print QQ484 Jill Widmar F40 1:08:44
print K896 Ann McWethy F40 1:08:45
print MM489 Fiona Hill F40 1:09:18

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