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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A024 Stephane Franke M34 31:33
print A154 Rob Welo M34 32:34
print A487 Monni Karim M34 35:12
print A283 Thom Santamaria M34 35:52
print A214 Jon Cowles M34 36:17
print A076 Brendan Hemp M34 36:19
print A259 Steve Kovisto M34 36:41
print A167 Henry Guzman M34 37:09
print A199 Terry Gillach M34 37:12
print A150 Brett Henley M34 37:18
print AA754 Jim Stewart M34 37:34
print AA352 Kent Lange M34 37:36
print AA270 Bob Utberg M34 37:43
print AA656 Jon Turner M34 37:59
print A242 Kevin Vanino M34 38:02
print A310 Doug Haller M34 38:22
print A426 Thomas Beal M34 38:23
print A452 Bob Cranny M34 38:24
print A002 Sean Fitzwilliam M34 38:29
print AA138 Harold Dunn M34 38:35
print AA590 John Martin M34 38:43
print AA091 Monte Henderson M34 39:16
print AA362 Anthony Antista M34 39:37
print AA239 Bo Towns M34 39:42
print AA423 Douglas Reznick M34 39:43
print AA087 Charlie Wanek M34 39:56
print AA293 Randy Gibb M34 40:08
print B570 John Daniels M34 40:13
print B409 Jeff Nuen M34 40:38
print AA236 Romualdo Lopez M34 40:41
print D154 Peter Rast M34 41:13
print B468 Jean Debroux M34 41:43
print B346 Mike Borgerding M34 41:54
print HH323 Adam Winter M34 41:56
print AA368 Jim Krist M34 42:02
print A437 Duffy Ellis M34 42:05
print AA075 Jon Gerber M34 42:15
print AA518 Michael McClure M34 42:27
print B207 Craig Nagel M34 42:47
print B358 Craig Slone M34 42:51
print B037 Pete Jarvis M34 43:01
print BB749 Raul Martinez M34 43:15
print B653 Joseph Metzmaker M34 43:16
print B776 Timothy Marquez M34 43:36
print B552 H. Keith Johnston M34 43:37
print F494 Rick Fox M34 43:48
print F125 Mark Perlinger M34 43:50
print BB288 Robert Schuham M34 43:54
print AA670 Kirk Dietz M34 44:06
print B156 Dave Marquardt M34 44:11
print B639 Terrance Ramirez M34 44:15
print B502 Rick Archer M34 44:15
print G587 Robert Majeski M34 44:18
print RR478 Doug Himmel M34 44:18
print EE024 Monty Meduna M34 44:20
print BB900 Bill Young M34 44:28
print L668 David Witte M34 44:29
print E848 David Hollar M34 44:30
print C285 Eric Black M34 44:39
print J166 John Rehl M34 44:41
print B626 Russell Ashenden M34 44:51
print G174 Bruce Sidell M34 44:56
print GG599 Darin Aagard M34 44:58
print DD667 Kevin Rice M34 45:03
print BB329 Steve Selenke M34 45:13
print D074 Dan Scheve M34 45:26
print PP558 Mark Bickford M34 45:28
print KK894 Thomas O'Lenic M34 45:34
print D418 Mark Gavach M34 45:40
print C127 Jeffrey Uhland M34 45:40
print CC334 Vern Stacey M34 46:00
print CC306 Jim Reagan M34 46:09
print CC492 David Aske M34 46:20
print C852 Robert Walsh M34 46:28
print G595 Dan Gulizio M34 46:31
print FF134 Greg Fischer M34 46:32
print F127 David King M34 46:36
print F115 Ted Deffenbaugh M34 46:43
print AA261 Joseph Bartling M34 46:45
print J625 Brad Averill M34 46:46
print BB508 Alexander Thome M34 46:50
print E501 Dan Nelson M34 46:50
print DD731 Eric Keim M34 46:59
print CC082 Cameron Kruger M34 46:59
print DD646 Kevin Warr M34 46:59
print BB892 Malcolm Green M34 47:00
print CC340 Brad Love M34 47:03
print BB835 Wayne Wooldridge M34 47:21
print D748 Jonathan Oldham M34 47:22
print CC071 Eric Feingold M34 47:29
print G731 Chet Cisek M34 47:32
print CC417 Len Wright M34 47:34
print BB455 Don Degnan M34 47:35
print D403 Art Zeile M34 47:36
print CC300 JD Hammond M34 47:38
print CC291 Mark Rehder M34 47:40
print D083 Jeffrey Junak M34 47:44
print N740 Matt Laird M34 47:47
print L741 Richard Trinkner M34 47:56
print R394 James Sturgell M34 47:56
print FF253 Tom Nofziger M34 48:00
print HH067 Jaime Philp M34 48:03
print AA497 Timothy Hughes M34 48:03
print J011 Phillip Moore M34 48:07
print HH491 Todd Dunning M34 48:09
print BB774 Thomas Hamill M34 48:09
print BB406 Stephanie Millen M34 48:11
print KK405 Scott Yum M34 48:14
print DD624 Roger Shafer M34 48:17
print RR438 James Runavich M34 48:17
print BB156 T. Putnam M34 48:21
print HH898 Raymond Turner M34 48:21
print C680 Chuck Beneck M34 48:23
print CC815 Ronald Wawrzynek M34 48:24
print D246 Jerry Goodwin M34 48:31
print N810 Joe Griego M34 48:31
print L629 Michael Marchando M34 48:32
print CC399 Chris Volta M34 48:33
print EE255 John Moore M34 48:34
print HH687 Kelly Lucy M34 48:35
print EE732 Scott Lachance M34 48:43
print NN365 David Lawrence M34 48:43
print D706 David Hutchings M34 48:48
print NN530 James Koman M34 48:50
print HH463 Steve Hagenbuckle M34 48:51
print K368 John Jardim M34 48:59
print BB423 Phil Nugent M34 49:02
print I307 Martin Richardson M34 49:12
print D676 Bruce Bennett M34 49:13
print E080 Andrew Dunning M34 49:15
print H506 David Ney M34 49:17
print D468 Jeffrey Perkins M34 49:20
print D759 Michael Talamantes M34 49:26
print F407 Travis Dyhrkopp M34 49:31
print CC804 Yahn Grabow M34 49:34
print N896 Fritz Dietrich M34 49:36
print SS004 Les Sowetch M34 49:37
print FF374 Brian Cronin M34 49:38
print EE470 William Moon M34 49:41
print G736 Rex Sherwood M34 49:46
print D040 Tom Cattany M34 49:47
print I377 Jack Phillips M34 49:49
print C663 James Seifert M34 49:50
print CC099 Marty Flanders M34 49:54
print GG452 Ron Wahler M34 49:54
print CC580 Mark Baldini M34 49:57
print H724 Todd Gander M34 50:01
print HH352 Michael Wood M34 50:02
print G772 Robert Kaufman M34 50:04
print SS816 Van Schoales M34 50:07
print P670 Joe Catalano M34 50:25
print EE615 Mark Eickhoff M34 50:28
print GG059 George White M34 50:29
print HH634 Greg Thibeault M34 50:36
print EE868 Warren Fitzsimmons M34 50:45
print OO532 Zeff Miller M34 50:45
print SS839 Loren Snyder M34 50:45
print OO765 Timothy Dinneen M34 50:48
print K842 Dave Gifford M34 50:50
print Q014 Todd Raabe M34 50:50
print LL255 Alan Palmer M34 50:51
print C717 Scott Pocsik M34 50:53
print JJ091 Charlie Parkinson M34 50:54
print KK845 Jeff Edwards M34 51:00
print K735 Jeff Guerra M34 51:03
print OO327 Tim Parkinson M34 51:06
print JJ596 Jim Hoyt M34 51:07
print F583 Joe Madrid M34 51:17
print EE084 Jon Bartley M34 51:21
print OO195 Michael McDonnell M34 51:27
print I481 Tom Bentson M34 51:29
print KK063 John Grove M34 51:36
print GG865 Mike Cassetty M34 51:38
print H065 Brad Bauer M34 51:43
print Q017 Eric Carolborg M34 51:55
print SS884 Samuel Jeffers M34 51:59
print K579 Scott Ostlund M34 52:09
print R021 Brian Donelson M34 52:10
print R016 Michael Otte M34 52:22
print F405 Billy Edwards M34 52:22
print KK809 Grant Schnese M34 52:22
print QQ265 Douglas Hunt M34 52:23
print F576 Jeff Craig M34 52:23
print GG510 Andrew Nauman M34 52:24
print M093 Shinji Takeuchi M34 52:24
print S529 Jim Clement M34 52:25
print I031 Paul Agostinelli M34 52:35
print K374 Allen Lampert M34 52:35
print EE358 Thomas Lockhart M34 52:38
print D766 Ted Johnson M34 52:39
print S610 Bass Gordon M34 52:40
print R175 Scott Griffith M34 52:52
print I815 Shane White M34 52:55
print K777 Stephen Gallant M34 52:55
print F327 Jon Tucker M34 53:00
print FF304 Jim Sides M34 53:01
print GG343 Tom Barlow M34 53:02
print G876 David Swavely M34 53:05
print G453 Gary Kunz M34 53:07
print FF344 Ted Smith M34 53:10

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