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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print AA460 Marc Shortess M25 33:35
print A167 John Fendel M25 33:42
print A134 Geraldo Silva M25 33:47
print A112 Ted Fitzpatrick M25 34:24
print A253 Andy Knorr M25 34:47
print AA503 Jason Smith M25 35:37
print A196 Ryan Cooper M25 35:41
print AA124 Luis Trias M25 36:49
print A125 Joey Keillor M25 37:05
print AA103 Luke Middleton M25 37:05
print A283 Erik Siewestsen M25 37:33
print A487 Terre Jefferson M25 37:49
print AA302 John Tebbe M25 38:08
print A411 Paul Meznariel M25 38:08
print A232 Eric D'Entremont M25 38:14
print B357 Nick Aliwell M25 38:16
print B344 Ryan Gerlach M25 38:26
print FF024 Jean-Paul Montreuil M25 38:34
print FF340 Ben Blaugrund M25 39:17
print AA855 Bradley Wakoff M25 39:17
print FF255 Chad Coley M25 39:33
print AA307 Brian Smith M25 39:45
print AA480 Damian McAnarney M25 40:24
print OO388 Blaine Olsen M25 40:47
print AA109 Bryan Huester M25 40:50
print A018 Keith Nicholson M25 40:57
print Q069 Del Yazzie M25 41:08
print BB146 Derek Huisjen M25 41:08
print AA371 Andrew Schlauch M25 41:17
print B782 Aaron Oesterle M25 41:22
print A464 Peter Hyland M25 41:27
print B079 David Blankinship M25 41:30
print A076 Travis Silvers M25 41:31
print CC456 Steve Gosselin M25 41:31
print B346 Jeff Garnett M25 41:48
print B135 Bryan Dayton M25 42:05
print AA110 Chuck Miller M25 42:05
print AA120 John Caughey M25 42:17
print AA727 Michael Cavaleri M25 42:18
print BB538 Christopher Korpela M25 42:30
print OO567 John Lloyd M25 42:32
print AA834 Rob Jacobus M25 42:43
print B280 Mark Roberts M25 42:54
print BB539 Nathan Baltz M25 43:06
print HH893 Jered Tucker M25 43:12
print B082 Mark Biddle M25 43:18
print L266 Mike Garritano M25 43:22
print C561 Kreighton Bieger M25 43:28
print B631 Kalev Freeman M25 43:35
print F083 Mike Miller M25 43:46
print AA674 Josh Gross M25 43:51
print N065 Jason Kassoff M25 43:59
print NN490 Josh Sheldon M25 44:00
print AA861 Kato Dee M25 44:00
print B148 Eric Hecpher M25 44:01
print C699 Mekuria Assefa M25 44:04
print BB859 Michael Younge M25 44:06
print J001 Daniel McMillen M25 44:13
print B180 Jay Hurley M25 44:15
print E001 Marco Alvarez M25 44:26
print BB346 Keith Demmon M25 44:42
print BB763 Brian Adamo M25 44:43
print BB167 James Murphy M25 44:52
print FF073 Jerod Blazovich M25 44:54
print BB067 Brent Halsey M25 44:54
print K763 Scott Endres M25 45:03
print CC215 Zachary Zoet M25 45:03
print CC792 Brian Hunsaker M25 45:05
print E306 Ted Noe M25 45:07
print I201 Fallon Ahearn M25 45:11
print K155 Joshua Ellison M25 45:13
print G177 Chuck Walton M25 45:14
print B505 Keith Baltus M25 45:17
print B795 Matthew Herbert M25 45:22
print GG208 Christopher Broussen M25 45:23
print D298 Christopher Moss M25 45:27
print B674 Chris Martin M25 45:29
print BB665 Steven Geerling M25 45:36
print EE005 Samuel Wardell M25 45:38
print D158 Andrew Haher M25 45:42
print C720 Albert Joseph M25 45:42
print E536 Maro Paz M25 45:43
print R140 Todd DiNobble M25 45:58
print BB398 Andy Niquette M25 46:03
print G643 Timothy Riddle M25 46:06
print S244 William Desportes M25 46:11
print E162 Matthew Burger M25 46:33
print G586 Geoffrey Lake M25 46:38
print F476 Chris Dondlinger M25 47:03
print EE525 Steve Annest M25 47:06
print Q262 Neil Duchane M25 47:08
print F054 Marc Sessler M25 47:29
print B162 Jim Candy M25 47:31
print JJ454 Adam Hobson M25 47:35
print C577 Mathew Hayes M25 47:36
print CC539 Sadler Merrill M25 47:47
print B641 Antonio Ruiz M25 47:50
print J017 William Licko M25 48:02
print DD436 Christian Nobis M25 48:07
print HH287 Michael Davis M25 48:09
print C129 Nathan Cropper M25 48:12
print F448 Drew Turner M25 48:16
print E828 Dave Ciccoricco M25 48:17
print GG678 Brian Perry M25 48:21
print OO059 Thomas Johnson M25 48:22
print SS729 Randy Morgan M25 48:23
print CC619 Thom LeDoux M25 48:24
print E621 Nick Martin M25 48:29
print JJ452 Jacob Pollock M25 48:32
print QQ159 Jason Beck M25 48:36
print F402 Christopher Bonny M25 48:47
print FF493 Zoltan Sternovsky M25 48:56
print SS732 Josh Hindson M25 48:58
print RR727 Jeff Jackson M25 49:03
print I679 William Stites M25 49:04
print CC349 Derek Harman M25 49:05
print DD382 John Reedy M25 49:12
print D802 Marc Diamant M25 49:17
print QQ670 Jeff Wicks M25 49:21
print EE877 Matthew Krumme M25 49:33
print CC613 Thomas Hardie M25 49:37
print M054 James Craig III M25 49:39
print MM807 Chris Limongelli M25 49:44
print F075 Mark Stukowski M25 49:50
print GG365 Steve Garvert M25 49:57
print J016 Adam Miller M25 50:01
print BB490 Todd Krier M25 50:06
print H672 Brian Galbraith M25 50:08
print DD146 Nader Khatib M25 50:09
print CC802 Kevin Kowalczyk M25 50:13
print B874 BILL MANGLE M25 50:14
print G778 Peter Genrich M25 50:15
print E765 Andrew Degnan M25 50:21
print L072 Mick Johnson M25 50:23
print D856 Zach Frison M25 50:25
print EE800 Clay Hyink M25 50:26
print S515 LANSING MADRY M25 50:43
print EE820 Matt Porta M25 50:51
print Q509 James Bouknight M25 50:51
print FF828 Garner Mabry M25 50:52
print L883 Jay Hartwell M25 50:56
print KK070 Michael Williams M25 50:58
print J015 Mike Perkins M25 51:00
print C688 John O'Dwyer M25 51:05
print FF377 Jerry Goertz M25 51:07
print L186 Deric Swanson M25 51:19
print SS420 Jason Hills M25 51:19
print H499 Marshall Jones M25 51:40
print EE821 Bram Janaitis M25 51:41
print PP060 Kevin Kerndt M25 51:44
print EE198 Matt Turney M25 51:45
print KK484 Tim Steiner M25 51:46
print FF511 Ethan Saunders M25 51:46
print LL337 BRAD COZAD M25 52:04
print E231 Timothy Fandrich M25 52:05
print J635 Christopher Boswell M25 52:06
print O892 Mark Risius M25 52:12
print NN858 Jeffrey Babe M25 52:18
print T234 Brian Pavlick M25 52:23
print FF900 Yeshi Zerchan M25 52:33
print KK432 William Kennedy M25 52:44
print EE035 Tim Wilbur M25 52:44
print M776 Shawn Collins M25 52:45
print II640 James Laferriere M25 52:46
print DD861 Jeff Brandberg M25 52:57
print H075 John Andrene M25 52:58
print G171 Matthew Hiser M25 53:00
print KK887 Nathan Stanek M25 53:05
print FF521 Dan Droy M25 53:06
print P016 Chris Voth M25 53:15
print E734 Ken Groth M25 53:19
print R818 Greg Theleu M25 53:24
print OO219 Vaughn McWilliams M25 53:39
print NN221 Sirish Bhojpure M25 53:54
print GG422 Ian Wolfe M25 54:09
print L885 Matthew Best M25 54:14
print LL060 Brian Eyster M25 54:16
print S002 Raghavender Gyambavantha M25 54:32
print KK558 Brian Paolillo M25 54:34
print G178 Joe Lindsey M25 54:35
print G134 Andrew Pittman M25 54:41
print EE050 Cathy McDavid M25 54:44
print II750 David Hulslander M25 54:46
print JJ089 Jamie Bucciarelli M25 54:55
print QQ092 Hector Marroquin M25 54:58
print M092 Sean McNamara M25 55:01
print P790 Richard Harvey M25 55:03
print JJ067 Raul Varela M25 55:05
print R815 Jason Wallace M25 55:14
print S765 Dan Wylie M25 55:27
print GG602 T. Lodice M25 55:28
print NN716 Michael Ehrenfeucht M25 55:42
print QQ525 David Silvey M25 55:48
print F572 Victor Bencomo M25 55:53
print N622 Andrew Pickering M25 55:58
print H701 Dayton Roller M25 56:00
print U170 Mark Hopkins M25 56:01
print O713 Dhruva Reddy M25 56:08
print LL483 Darren Brening M25 56:16
print I840 Matthew Trenner M25 56:39

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