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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A009 Simon Guiterrez M33 31:29
print AA693 Rob Gilbert M33 32:45
print AA332 Vanderlito Ribeiro M33 33:17
print A325 - Laubster M33 33:23
print A171 Mike McManus M33 33:25
print A206 Matthew Von Thun M33 34:22
print C838 Keith Lein M33 34:42
print AA170 Rusty D. Collins M33 34:49
print A220 Daniel Bisque M33 35:18
print AA145 R.L. Smith M33 36:39
print A116 Stephen Fether M33 36:41
print A128 Jim Franklin M33 37:17
print A035 James Casey COMMA Jr. M33 37:18
print A169 George Vontsolos M33 37:24
print A242 David Rand M33 37:32
print AA677 Rick Hessek M33 37:39
print A318 Brian Hunter M33 38:04
print A277 Mark Roberts M33 38:08
print A003 Michael Meyer M33 38:18
print GG061 Scott Wanck M33 38:21
print AA212 Alex Hill M33 38:41
print AA309 Kraig Koski M33 38:53
print AA686 Brian Johnson M33 38:56
print A150 Stuart Proffit M33 39:05
print A427 Scott Dailey M33 39:21
print B350 William Valencia M33 39:57
print AA378 Greg McClure M33 40:02
print AA841 Philip Biggs M33 40:27
print A437 Mitch Radella M33 40:27
print AA209 Jeff Deisch M33 40:31
print B298 Ted Harris M33 40:33
print AA108 Matt Bridenbaugh M33 40:46
print AA572 Don Sims M33 40:48
print AA247 Neil Forrest M33 41:15
print JJ029 Brian Klink M33 41:16
print B707 Pascual Terrero M33 41:35
print AA284 Peta Boes M33 41:37
print B157 Brad Atchison M33 41:41
print B633 Erik Steinberg M33 41:43
print AA529 Gerald Fincken M33 41:50
print C211 Rad Arner M33 41:52
print HH838 Anthony Hofmann M33 41:55
print AA538 Michael Carter M33 41:59
print BB514 Daniel Nagel M33 42:04
print AA564 Peter Mandell M33 42:05
print B865 Anthony Gardunio M33 42:07
print C782 Steve Breninger M33 42:15
print B173 Glen Delman M33 42:32
print B300 Francisco Rodriguez M33 42:37
print AA750 Shaun McDonough M33 42:38
print C518 Scott Caruso M33 42:41
print BB360 Bill Cooper M33 42:44
print AA217 Jim Irish M33 42:58
print C386 Johnston Christopher M33 43:05
print AA789 Michael VanDerBosch M33 43:06
print D668 John Sieker M33 43:07
print B147 Kyle Kolakowski M33 43:10
print B078 Paul Sommer M33 43:14
print BB762 Dave Kresl M33 43:35
print BB184 Marc Hoyle M33 43:54
print C554 David Kirk M33 44:13
print C396 Robert Hawkins M33 44:19
print HH878 Michael Blackburn M33 44:27
print EE896 Jeff Johnson M33 44:29
print S281 Doug Golliher M33 44:35
print FF120 Jeff Zallaps M33 44:45
print AA192 Paul Butterly M33 44:49
print C074 David Edwards M33 44:50
print BB597 Scott Smallwood M33 44:52
print C184 Mark Precious M33 44:57
print BB691 Dean Palmquist M33 44:59
print FF119 Dennis Nowak M33 45:00
print B242 Michael Snow M33 45:04
print H462 Lloyd Rupp M33 45:08
print CC388 Richard Tan M33 45:09
print C624 Scott Seeberger M33 45:12
print HH421 Robert Muthiah M33 45:24
print CC807 Earl Seeger M33 45:44
print AA624 Robert Klippel M33 45:45
print B597 Mark Roosma M33 45:46
print BB748 John Hamilton M33 45:49
print AA231 Tim Kibler M33 45:54
print CC542 Mark Schane M33 45:58
print BB479 J.B. Reyes M33 46:03
print C035 Rus Rehder M33 46:08
print C471 Kurt Kammerer M33 46:17
print C141 Jeffrey Angus M33 46:17
print CC806 Chris Duran M33 46:25
print C296 Tim Schultz M33 46:26
print EE061 Mike Devery M33 46:31
print CC515 Ryan Benine M33 46:33
print CC241 Albert Ioppolo M33 46:38
print BB340 gerald Kissinger M33 46:42
print DD413 Craig Davis M33 46:44
print B710 Peter Kingsley M33 46:49
print DD763 Peter Elliott M33 46:53
print B729 Drew Bolin M33 46:53
print CC391 Ray Churgovich M33 46:59
print C546 Robert Shapiro M33 46:59
print EE183 Joe Frisch M33 47:09
print GG101 Philip Briere M33 47:10
print B620 Derek Brouwer M33 47:11
print DD460 Jeff Lee M33 47:12
print C879 Christopher Herdic M33 47:13
print H882 Andrew Clapp M33 47:14
print FF062 Jeffrey Underhill M33 47:15
print E533 Frank Lambertus M33 47:15
print C152 Miller Schuck M33 47:17
print JJ608 Phil Trujillo M33 47:19
print BB203 Eric Hippe M33 47:24
print D488 Steve Stewart M33 47:29
print E853 Kelly Leid M33 47:34
print C537 Joe Dencker M33 47:40
print D854 Blake Bradshaw M33 47:41
print D381 Vince Doerr M33 47:41
print D715 Tyler Christensen M33 47:45
print F370 - ROBERTSON M33 47:46
print D604 Cat Libra M33 47:46
print J484 Greg Benz M33 47:55
print BB850 Marty Bauer M33 47:55
print F051 Rick Williams M33 47:57
print GG465 Michael Stevens M33 47:59
print BB672 Phil Robins M33 48:09
print HH800 Rich Packard M33 48:19
print D843 Bart Writer M33 48:24
print D538 David Graham M33 48:24
print C632 Glenn Zenner M33 48:24
print FF889 Rob Salcido M33 48:26
print F509 Paul Snyder M33 48:31
print G800 Russ Mitchell M33 48:32
print TT138 Craig Albuln M33 48:35
print CC122 Magnus Ronn M33 48:36
print K266 Kevin Mark M33 48:37
print F112 Scott Black M33 48:39
print N068 Kenny Wong M33 48:42
print C539 John Hatch M33 48:47
print CC243 Daniel Wade M33 48:48
print D135 Rob Tengler M33 48:50
print I070 Don Backstrom M33 48:52
print E480 Michael McNamara M33 48:54
print H020 Shad Storm M33 49:05
print NN775 BLZ Bob Latta M33 49:11
print F588 Tom Bartee M33 49:13
print QQ684 VINCENT MULVEY M33 49:16
print C238 Marcel Hunter M33 49:17
print BB400 Burton Stoner M33 49:21
print C506 Tomas Grover M33 49:22
print I608 Paul Bohnenkamp M33 49:25
print II859 Marty Loberg M33 49:26
print FF519 Anthony Napolitan M33 49:34
print F019 Lee Sands M33 49:36
print E485 Craig Wittenbrink M33 49:39
print M095 Joseph Keelon M33 49:42
print I554 Tim Levine M33 49:43
print E161 Jerry Weaver M33 49:44
print EE750 Jon Martinez M33 49:57
print DD402 Thomas Kearns M33 49:57
print E406 James Hartman M33 50:00
print DD590 Tim Hjellum M33 50:00
print E818 James Whelan M33 50:06
print L187 Eric Brummond M33 50:06
print M457 Michael Calabrese M33 50:09
print BB432 Darren Moffitt M33 50:12
print KK537 Steve Jones M33 50:13
print SS811 Sean Garrett M33 50:18
print G715 Andrew Davison M33 50:21
print HH023 Guy Childs M33 50:21
print HH226 DANIEL PFLIEGER M33 50:23
print I343 Mike Ordonez M33 50:26
print II686 Lee Conley M33 50:28
print SS421 Haze Deidrich M33 50:45
print F868 Gilbert Chew M33 50:46
print EE890 Clayton Dean M33 50:46
print E350 Matt Evans M33 50:52
print LL737 Brian Wallace M33 50:53
print E559 DAVID STRAUSS M33 50:55
print CC412 Todd Gathright M33 50:58
print I497 Nick Mazzoni M33 51:02
print HH390 Jim Riesenman M33 51:05
print FF183 Peter Konopelski M33 51:13
print JJ887 Jepson Fuller M33 51:14
print G476 Spencer Dietrich M33 51:15
print HH116 Simon Slessor M33 51:30
print PP144 Antone Baltz M33 51:32
print EE742 Robert Kelso M33 51:32
print PP031 Andrew MacCashland M33 51:33
print NN659 Ken Barkdoll M33 51:39
print P878 David Bokel M33 51:41
print E117 Michael Keefe M33 51:43
print H628 Jonathan Rogers-Peckham M33 51:55
print NN680 Brian Ahern M33 51:55
print F672 Sonny Dennery M33 51:56
print OO452 Brian Pratt M33 51:56
print KK655 Kevin Krum M33 51:59
print FF184 Jaime Lara M33 52:01
print F590 Matthew Rush M33 52:04
print TT616 Chris Thompson M33 52:10
print II846 Rod Nez M33 52:12
print H725 Tom Gallegos M33 52:17
print FF719 Frank Rivera M33 52:17

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