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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A143 Bill Bushnell M34 31:50
print A199 Charl Mattheus M34 33:01
print A402 Jerry Rief M34 33:30
print A424 Gregory Cunningham M34 34:41
print A154 Christian Kaempfen M34 34:45
print A481 Mark Power M34 34:47
print A058 Craig Webb M34 35:12
print A013 Darren DeReuck M34 35:44
print FF071 Andrew Moore M34 35:56
print A211 Tim Sandell M34 35:59
print A473 Michael Edwards M34 36:11
print AA189 Glen Hardin M34 36:12
print A017 Jeff Hildebrandt M34 36:31
print AA032 Steve Cathcart M34 36:49
print A263 Kevin Belden M34 36:55
print AA603 Dave McCone M34 37:05
print AA793 Gustavo Mendoza M34 37:11
print A274 John Simmerman M34 37:56
print AA623 Bob Englesman M34 38:20
print A153 Tom Foderaro M34 38:27
print A151 Steven Kobrine M34 38:36
print AA544 Rob Kaplan M34 38:53
print AA595 Dean Depaolo M34 38:54
print A323 Timothy Barnes M34 38:58
print A251 Paul Astorino M34 39:04
print A089 Jay French M34 39:19
print AA819 Rodger Wagner M34 39:41
print AA867 Brian Driscoll M34 39:42
print AA029 Sam Jilka M34 40:04
print B303 Tom Wyman M34 40:11
print CC848 Mark Fink M34 40:14
print AA652 Tim Reid M34 40:18
print AA383 Michael Rothwell M34 40:24
print AA484 Ashley Middleton-Davis M34 40:38
print BB443 Ben Kuster M34 40:43
print BB345 Monty Meduna M34 41:24
print B478 Chris Bowler M34 41:32
print E461 Jason Kiser M34 41:35
print AA042 Shawn Noble M34 41:38
print GG730 Mark Young M34 41:46
print AA626 Greg Woskow M34 42:03
print B777 Alan Fenn M34 42:03
print C228 Scott Hall M34 42:08
print B150 Michael Donohoe M34 42:50
print C047 John Howes M34 42:54
print BB833 Michael Traves M34 43:08
print BB194 Robert Dixon M34 43:11
print BB694 William Haft M34 43:16
print BB765 Andy Marckesano M34 43:21
print D190 Charles Nelson M34 43:24
print C287 Rob Hipwood M34 43:35
print B541 James Robinson M34 43:36
print B506 Russ McClung M34 43:44
print FF415 Bryan Yaffee M34 43:46
print AA379 Thomas Troy Duckels M34 43:53
print AA372 Rick Hough M34 43:59
print B531 Bud Doyle M34 44:01
print BB686 Kevin Jones M34 44:04
print FF397 Todd Huebsch M34 44:18
print FF786 Vince Bucci M34 44:22
print B619 Olaf Deroos M34 44:35
print B113 Peter Kalesz M34 44:43
print H235 Michael Nelson M34 44:45
print F023 Karl Tameler M34 44:54
print C556 Frank McGill M34 44:54
print AA241 Ken Sullivan M34 44:56
print B102 Jerry Goetsch M34 45:01
print BB749 Michael Goldstein M34 45:09
print BB063 Mike Paola M34 45:09
print CC670 Dennis Chavez M34 45:17
print QQ855 Matt Buerger M34 45:17
print M173 David Steitz M34 45:24
print AA076 Daniel Finanger M34 45:26
print D380 Kevin Medina M34 45:27
print BB515 Ron Bauer M34 45:41
print BB626 Michael Klein M34 45:46
print G780 Kelly Hornby M34 45:52
print BB823 Michael Miller M34 45:54
print D114 Paul Combest M34 45:58
print D839 Dave Krueger M34 46:01
print C086 John Ferguson M34 46:08
print CC254 Nathan Schneider M34 46:09
print CC263 Tijani Cole M34 46:10
print FF243 Ben O'Connor M34 46:15
print DD641 David Hand M34 46:22
print CC808 Ken Malcolm M34 46:23
print C378 Roger Beck M34 46:23
print E538 Andrew Miller M34 46:25
print CC335 Steve Baillie M34 46:27
print FF885 Glenn Penny M34 46:34
print EE420 Kevin Scorzafava M34 46:34
print C158 Thomas O'Brien M34 46:35
print BB119 Stephen Donnelly M34 46:36
print C272 Michael Cruz M34 46:38
print D805 Roger Ragan M34 46:40
print B745 James Strelow M34 46:40
print BB378 Stuart Trimbath M34 46:42
print BB065 Darrell Ansted M34 46:47
print D632 Michael Baird M34 46:54
print C660 Mark O'Connor M34 46:58
print D220 Glenn Tilton M34 46:59
print H372 Scott Schwenk M34 47:11
print CC811 Philip Atkinson M34 47:11
print E219 David Suppes M34 47:24
print FF725 Ted Santos M34 47:26
print H018 Fred Hampel M34 47:30
print D152 Nelson Maestas M34 47:33
print B552 Mike Steinbach M34 47:40
print BB273 Oscar Felix M34 47:41
print GG134 Neil Harris M34 47:46
print C380 Paul Johnson M34 47:51
print DD529 Scott Brownlee M34 47:57
print C194 Brad McKendry M34 48:02
print H477 Thomas Beckett M34 48:05
print K309 Jerry Hunter M34 48:10
print BB671 Steven Campbell M34 48:10
print M094 Lyle Arnold M34 48:23
print C737 Ove Lie M34 48:26
print M750 Rich Lishewski M34 48:28
print DD224 Jock Kallsen M34 48:29
print LL017 Wade Burley M34 48:30
print DD371 Chris Liaguno M34 48:43
print E730 Ted Sharpe M34 48:50
print FF156 Rob Winter M34 48:57
print C249 Andrew Chaney M34 49:02
print D741 Todd Dunning M34 49:09
print EE561 Kevin Rens M34 49:13
print H810 Steven Chavez M34 49:17
print D747 Eric Wagner M34 49:18
print GG201 Robert Stogner M34 49:19
print D580 Patrick Perugini M34 49:21
print C166 Timothy Donovan M34 49:23
print OO464 Steve Boselli M34 49:25
print Q401 Michael Bryan M34 49:25
print H645 Stephen Hamilton M34 49:30
print Q619 ERIC HAMIDI M34 49:36
print G611 Robert Moon M34 49:37
print NN391 Nolan Atkins M34 49:37
print H888 Terry Hinn M34 49:46
print RR755 Patrick Alexander M34 49:53
print C603 William Teasdale M34 49:58
print D654 Rob Rhatigan M34 49:59
print S488 Michael Marquez M34 50:00
print CC482 Brad Strong M34 50:01
print JJ889 Karl Mann M34 50:03
print HH503 Darin Bartles M34 50:06
print HH441 Ken Finn M34 50:10
print PP706 Jon Goldin-Dubois M34 50:10
print P491 Glen Mascarenas M34 50:12
print CC306 John Young M34 50:15
print D733 Ken Howard M34 50:22
print K825 Jay Leach M34 50:24
print O876 Sam Swartz M34 50:32
print LL502 Brian Field M34 50:34
print M720 Jimmy Barnhardt M34 50:36
print Q372 Jeff Long M34 50:36
print FF840 Chris Sarris M34 50:37
print HH132 Ebrahim Asadishao M34 50:41
print OO376 Barry McDonell M34 50:45
print DD766 James Ries M34 50:57
print N005 David Bobko M34 51:02
print D850 Philippe Lepercq M34 51:02
print OO485 Howard Susskind M34 51:07
print E598 Mark Sargent M34 51:14
print DD357 Ryan Martens M34 51:15
print K824 Chad Herd M34 51:17
print Q211 Reginald Jones M34 51:21
print H772 Scott White M34 51:25
print K263 Abed Hammoud M34 51:29
print EE242 Mike McDonnell M34 51:30
print I835 Martin Rubbiolo M34 51:35
print Q865 Robb Herring M34 51:37
print HH846 Cornelius Keohane M34 51:38
print KK722 Scott Koski M34 51:43
print G633 Daniel Steitz M34 51:44
print WW256 Jeffrey Sherard M34 51:45
print EE623 Dan Wegner M34 51:49
print HH057 David Owens M34 52:04
print EE382 John Sagerser M34 52:04
print CC831 Tim Higgins M34 52:06
print FF560 Kenneth Aikin M34 52:25
print HH169 Brian Eckelkamp M34 52:27
print F379 David Grosser M34 52:42
print JJ072 Joe Howard M34 52:49
print H182 Shane Ring M34 52:51
print E411 Derwin Allen M34 52:53
print J845 Jack Buffington M34 53:02
print R169 Greg Hamilton M34 53:03
print I515 Ari Carol M34 53:07
print FF182 Brock Myers M34 53:15
print KK197 Hans Neumann M34 53:18
print K419 Philip Brink M34 53:23
print O142 Michael Brown M34 53:25
print E208 Kevin Fincher M34 53:27
print I033 Doug Van Derzwaag M34 53:30
print OO293 Peter McClure M34 53:36
print G345 Bowen Ferre M34 53:39
print HH052 John Meier M34 53:48
print G409 Dan Reinhardt M34 53:56
print GG633 Hardy Lipscomb M34 53:57

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