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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A001 Darren Wilson M30 30:42
print A057 Sam Ngatia M39 31:22
print A009 Simon Guiterrez M33 31:29
print A095 Makoto Shiraishi M21 31:36
print A168 Chris Fox M40 31:38
print A418 Scott Gall M24 31:40
print A121 Kurt Keiser M26 31:46
print A307 Peter Williams M38 31:49
print A143 Bill Bushnell M34 31:50
print A491 Hector Hernandez-Salazar M26 31:56
print A489 Gabino Toledo M29 32:02
print A098 Washington Tenorio M21 32:04
print A287 Timothy Jones M38 32:11
print A198 Sarel Ackermann M27 32:14
print A197 Anthony Anderson M23 32:20
print A176 Stev Richardo M32 32:22
print A002 Toby Tanser M29 32:35
print A126 Jason Minnick M26 32:41
print A186 Justin Freeman M22 32:44
print AA693 Rob Gilbert M33 32:45
print A275 Jason Robbie M22 32:46
print A248 Andy Ames M36 32:47
print A091 Jared Scott M16 32:51
print A319 Andrew Crook M40 32:52
print A004 Cristiah Putsea M22 32:53
print A200 Kyle Fredin M28 32:54
print A492 Cody Hill M26 32:58
print A161 Nathan Elston M24 32:58
print A445 Doug Bell M48 33:00
print A141 Ryan Canning M28 33:01
print A199 Charl Mattheus M34 33:01
print A395 Trent Briney M20 33:02
print A173 Eric Schwartz M28 33:06
print A493 Jeff Wooten M24 33:07
print A271 Trond Nystad M28 33:08
print A280 Mark Werner M27 33:09
print A273 Knut Nystad M28 33:10
print A127 Ryan Padilla M21 33:15
print A124 Greg Hexum M28 33:16
print A136 Richard LeDoux M42 33:16
print AA332 Vanderlito Ribeiro M33 33:17
print A265 Chester Kurtz M24 33:17
print A372 Roger Busch M24 33:18
print A300 Lance Denning M37 33:19
print A069 Jim Robbins M29 33:21
print A103 Terry Ramlo M35 33:21
print A190 Dan Skarda M40 33:22
print A325 - Laubster M33 33:23
print A453 Jason Porter M29 33:23
print A171 Mike McManus M33 33:25
print A439 Jim Johnson M30 33:26
print A494 Eric Peters M30 33:27
print A046 Caleb Richter M17 33:28
print A123 David Helm M28 33:29
print A402 Jerry Rief M34 33:30
print A145 Kris Lunn M22 33:32
print A456 Austin Vigil M17 33:34
print A315 Phil Chedsey M28 33:35
print AA460 Marc Shortess M25 33:35
print A382 Chris Parks M26 33:37
print AA022 John Riley M37 33:40
print A449 Aaron Carrizales M21 33:40
print A167 John Fendel M25 33:42
print A051 Erik Byrum M24 33:44
print AA191 Chris Broaddus M24 33:44
print A134 Geraldo Silva M25 33:47
print A351 Pete Heck M32 33:48
print A023 Brian McGee M28 33:50
print A088 Marcus Witter M21 33:51
print A388 Don Janicki M39 33:54
print A085 Joe Packard M20 33:58
print A137 David Howe M24 34:02
print A122 Gregg Robertson M29 34:07
print A073 Jason Hickman M27 34:08
print AA458 Adam Morgan M23 34:11
print A379 Richard Bishop M41 34:12
print A071 George Zack M29 34:13
print A471 Rob Welo M35 34:14
print A486 Chris Douville M27 34:15
print A377 Christopher Borton M23 34:16
print A308 Eli Boymel M21 34:18
print A184 peter Alden M30 34:19
print A206 Matthew Von Thun M33 34:22
print A112 Ted Fitzpatrick M25 34:24
print A179 Rick Bruess M40 34:26
print AA137 Bryan Dillon M16 34:26
print A312 Ken Masarie M40 34:28
print A475 Peter Hanke M26 34:31
print A286 Phil Ware M41 34:36
print A165 Jim Christoph M46 34:37
print A115 Rob Lotwis M26 34:38
print A484 Kevin Donoher M20 34:39
print A205 Thom Santa Maria M35 34:40
print A424 Gregory Cunningham M34 34:41
print A062 Alan Lind M39 34:42
print C838 Keith Lein M33 34:42
print A444 Gerald Romero M27 34:44
print A154 Christian Kaempfen M34 34:45
print A201 Peter Hopkins M36 34:45
print AA663 JOAO CARLOS ALMEIDA M21 34:46
print A290 Humberto Zelaya M24 34:46
print A262 Stann Vernon M43 34:46
print A253 Andy Knorr M25 34:47
print A481 Mark Power M34 34:47
print AA011 Len Sitko M30 34:47
print A396 Troy Pickett M36 34:48
print A339 Gordon Duff M37 34:48
print A033 T. Steffan Freeman M21 34:49
print A467 Lee Shawn Stringer M31 34:49
print AA170 Rusty D. Collins M33 34:49
print AA668 Rudy Martinez M21 34:50
print A305 Matt Schubert M29 34:50
print A269 Mark Stenbeck M20 34:50
print A094 Paul McNeely M19 34:51
print A370 Mark Kevan M22 34:51
print A428 Paul DiGrappa M18 34:51
print A374 Dan Day M17 34:52
print A289 Thomas Kehoe M37 34:52
print A237 Timothy Dolen M42 34:53
print A209 Brian Kates M27 34:57
print A311 Kurt MacDonald M24 34:58
print A258 Seth Hejny M18 35:00
print AA045 Kent Johnson M38 35:02
print A045 Matt Fontaine M31 35:03
print A306 Matt Kretchmar M29 35:04
print A332 Anthony Petraglia M18 35:05
print A408 Tony Tochtrop M35 35:07
print A405 Steve Kovisto M35 35:08
print A063 Brian Lucyk M24 35:10
print A093 Joseph Weiss M24 35:10
print A058 Craig Webb M34 35:12
print A077 Nate Kemp M21 35:13
print A245 Robert Macaria M17 35:14
print AA036 Brian Bergt M38 35:14
print A383 Rikki Hacker M21 35:15
print AA673 Oscar Contrelas M28 35:15
print A180 Dan King M39 35:16
print A066 Tarcisio Cruz M37 35:18
print A220 Daniel Bisque M33 35:18
print AA457 Scott Schneider M20 35:20
print A378 Matt Maske M29 35:20
print A224 Brad Dickerson M32 35:20
print A172 Chad Lynch M19 35:23
print A310 Roger Sayre M41 35:23
print A393 Raegan Robb M19 35:25
print A096 Tadayoki Hashimoto M32 35:29
print A406 Gerald Kubiak M24 35:30
print A429 Dylan Olchin M17 35:31
print A230 Daniel Greer M39 35:34
print AA503 Jason Smith M25 35:37
print A488 John Raveling M32 35:37
print A227 Bryan Taylor M22 35:37
print A302 Jon Cowles M35 35:38
print A313 Chris Richardson M26 35:38
print A178 James Faeder M29 35:39
print A160 Kevin Barnes M27 35:40
print A083 Sam Bruner M21 35:41
print A196 Ryan Cooper M25 35:41
print A013 Darren DeReuck M34 35:44
print A435 Sean Moran M18 35:44
print A353 Brian Lenz M35 35:46
print A365 Luke Garringer M16 35:47
print A236 Daniel Weiland M24 35:48
print A364 Ryan Black M17 35:49
print A317 Graeme Paterson M48 35:50
print A410 Brendan Hemp M35 35:50
print A225 Lee Schweninger M46 35:51
print AA035 Rick Davis M29 35:52
print A322 Geoff Cooper M44 35:52
print A243 Matthew Thayer M32 35:52
print A135 Steve Jones M43 35:53
print A129 Hans Funke M38 35:54
print A344 John Delmez M42 35:54
print A105 John Yedo M43 35:55
print A203 Travis Haines M27 35:55
print A356 Chris Rodriguez M30 35:56
print FF071 Andrew Moore M34 35:56
print A293 Jim Reynolds M50 35:57
print A028 Erik Watz M16 35:57
print AA239 David Ritsema M19 35:58
print A211 Tim Sandell M34 35:59
print A292 Dave Dooley M52 35:59
print A432 Stephen Camp M37 36:00
print AA712 Jason Donald M19 36:00
print BB170 Enrique Gutierrez M26 36:00
print A333 Steve Krebs M36 36:01
print A442 Brett Franz M17 36:01
print A294 Bill Gail M41 36:02
print A133 Robert Cranny M35 36:04
print AA174 Jesse Herrera M17 36:04
print A350 Shane Fanning M26 36:05
print AA175 Anthony Bejarano M18 36:06
print A240 Derek Johnston-Wilson M27 36:07
print A433 Christopher Eley M17 36:07
print AA044 Kris Spinden M19 36:07
print A261 Thom Vernon M42 36:09
print A065 Joseph Sheely M40 36:09
print A473 Michael Edwards M34 36:11
print A399 Dan Farley M26 36:12
print AA189 Glen Hardin M34 36:12

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